The Ultimate Golf Workout Routine to Improve Your Game

Take your game to the next level with these tips and tricks to get the most out of your golf workout routine

March 18, 2022

Hoping to improve your fitness in order to become the next Tiger Woods when you hit the golf course? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to improve your strokes or just improve your overall wellness, this guide is your one-stop-shop to getting those gains and becoming a better golf player. Here are just a few of the topics this guide will be touching on to help you upgrade your golf workout routine:

  • Strength exercises to integrate into your golf workout routine
  • Cardio exercises to improve aerobic fitness
  • Other tips and tricks to keep you healthy and agile on the course
Woman holding golf club
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Strength Training Golf Workout Routines

Every golfer needs some power behind their swing

Depending on your fitness goals and current fitness level, your strength training golf workout team can look quite different from a friend’s. Despite the variations between workout routines, there are a couple of exercises that are great for building muscle tone that can help you on the golf course.

Before you jump into a new workout routine, you should spend some time thinking about building a schedule for when and how you workout. Creating a training schedule that outlines your goals and plans for each workout is a great way to stay consistent with your training.

If you enjoy doing your strength training workouts at a gym, utilizing a set of dumbbells or completing sets on a barbell are highly effective ways to improve your muscles quickly. If you’re exercising with a set of dumbbells and have never used them before, start with a set that weighs between five and ten pounds and see how they feel. Some great exercises to try with dumbbells are lateral raises, bicep curls, overhead press, and tricep dips. If you’re using a barbell in your strength training routine, always have a spotter around to help you. Some great barbell exercises to build up your upper body muscles and improve your golf swing include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and bicep curls.

If you plan on training from home without equipment or weights, some great strength exercises to try out include push-ups, burpees, planks, squats, lunges, and step-ups. While these are just a few examples of exercises you can do without equipment, there’s many more that you can integrate into your routine over time. The most effective way to complete these weightless workouts is by completing a high number of reps and sets. This can help to push your muscles to their limits, causing muscle mass to increase.

It can be difficult to find motivation to go to the gym and work through your strength golf workout routine, but wearing something that makes you feel chic and comfortable is the perfect way to get your head in the game. If you’re looking for some lifting gym outfit inspiration, check out this guide to workout tank tops from Dona Jo.

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Cardio Training Golf Workout Routines

Sweat your way to a better golf game

You might be thinking to yourself – there’s no running in golf, why should I have to add cardio to my golf workout routine? While intense cardio isn’t typically characteristic of most rounds of golf, building up your cardiovascular endurance can greatly improve your performance and ability to stay on the course for a longer period of time.

The ideal way to train for golf is by completing cardio exercises that mimic that of your performance on the course. Completing workouts like long walks or jogs, hiking outdoors, or circuit training are some examples of exercises that utilize the same muscles as playing golf does and help to build up endurance over time.

Some other cardio exercises that you can integrate into your golf workout routine include running, cycling, using an elliptical, swimming, jumping rope, and rowing. Ultimately, when it comes to cardio, the best thing you can do for your fitness is listen to your body and push your limits within reason.

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Other Things to Consider About Your Workout Routine

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your golf workout routine

Before you begin developing your golf workout routine plan, it’s a good idea to get some baseline measures to assess where your fitness level is at. Taking your resting heart rate and your post-workout heart rate, seeing how much time it takes for you to run a mile, and taking body fat or muscle mass measurements can give you a sense of where you’re starting on your fitness journey and better inform your decisions about the type of exercises you integrate into your plan.

When you start developing your workout plan, make sure to set achievable goals that are hard enough that they push you towards making gains. The best way to go about this is to create a balanced weekly plan of cardio and strength training that integrates a variety of types of exercises of varying intensity. While it can be effective to workout consistently, make sure to build a break day into your schedule every once in a while and listen to your body as you workout.

Finally, eat a healthy, balanced diet and drink plenty of water when starting out your fitness journey. Being improperly nourished or dehydrated can drastically affect your performance on the golf course. So as you develop your workout schedule, make sure to think about the foods you eat and make sure they align with your overall fitness goal.

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Whether you’re looking to build up some arm muscle to get some extra power behind your golf swing, or if you’re hoping to improve your overall health so that you can keep playing golf well into late adulthood, developing a balanced workout routine is a great way to achieve your fitness goals. With the correct combination of cardio and strength training exercises, coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle choices, you’ll be well on your way to bettering your health and becoming a better golf player.

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