3 Activewear Trends Making a Comeback in 2023

From recurring trends to hot new looks, you’ll be looking cool and up to date with all the latest activewear trends in the gym in no time!

October 28, 2022

Whether you’re a woman who loves to go to the gym, enjoys a good game of volleyball with friends, or you simply envy the comfort of workout clothes, then it’s time you got a refresher on what’s hot and what's not in activewear for 2023. Like everything in the fashion world, activewear is constantly changing and evolving. So as much as you love that old pair of sweats you wear to the gym each week, we regret to inform you that they might not be as “in style” as you might think. When it comes to activewear, the  goal is for it to be functional. But whoever said functional had to mean out of style? Contrary to belief that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, there are functional and stylish activewear options out there. Trust us, it’s easier to find them than you might think. With these style tips on the upcoming activewear trends for 2023, you’ll be looking good while you put in the work for your hot girl summer at the gym in no time. 

Athleisure in 2023

Athleisure isn’t a foreign fashion trend, and you might be wondering why we’re talking about it as a trend for 2023 when it’s been around for a long time now. Well, this isn’t the trend of wearing leggings to work and calling it athleisure. We get it; leggings are comfortable and you look cute. But, the athleisure we’re talking about for 2023 is more about functionality in the gym and adding your own style to the trend. Gone are the days of copying Kendall Jenner’s athleisure look of a cropped hoodie and some stylish joggers. No, we’re talking about adding your own style to an already known activewear trend. In a world following a global pandemic,  fashion has changed significantly. Athletic wear styled as everyday clothing is even more popular now than ever before. With the growing popularity of wearing workout clothes on a daily basis also comes the opportunity to really make this style your own, especially in the gym or playing your favorite sport. The goal of this particular style is to stand out and look cute doing it.  And the best part? We’ve got the tips and tricks to help you do it. 

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure is a style up for interpretation.

Before we can get into the nitty gritty of how to style athleisure, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page of what exactly athleisure is. Athleisure is a style trend that refers to clothing that you can wear for both (as the name suggests) athletic purposes as well as leisure purposes. Athleisure first became popular around 2016 when the typical way of styling joggers for your grocery run or daytime errands really took off. However, over the years athleisure has changed a bit in style and continues to evolve as the years go on. Now, athleisure looks typically look more like cute workout dresses and tennis skorts styled with crop tops rather than sweats and a cropped hoodie. But what will athleisure look like next year? With the growing evolution of this particular style trend, the opportunities of styling it are endless. There are many ways to style athleisure, but we’re going to be talking about the top 3 athleisure style trends that we think are going to be the envy of everyone in 2023. 

1. Athletic Dresses and Skirts 

Who said athleticwear couldn’t be fun and flirty? Love this activewear dress? Find it here on Dona Jo’s site. 

As you’ve probably seen all over social media, athletic dresses are one of the most styled pieces this summer. While just now gaining popularity, the active dress is sure to be a coveted style in 2023. Active dresses are lightweight, have built in shorts, and just genuinely look cute—but are still functional for any occasion. The best part about an active dress (aside from being comfortable and functional) is that you can wear this anywhere. In true athleisure fashion, the active dress is a great outfit for working out, playing some tennis with friends, or heading to brunch on the weekend. If you’re looking for some athletic dresses that are great for any occasion, check out these dresses from Dona Jo

Similar to athletic dresses, skirts are also on the rise in the activewear fashion scene. Skirts are a great alternative to active dresses if you want something that you can really put your own flare on. There are so many athletic skirts on the market, so whether you’re into a more neutral color palette or you love a good design, there’s a skirt out there to fit your style. Like the athletic dress, active skirts also come with built in shorts so you know you’ll be covered during any activity. Skirts are a fun way to look girly or edgy (depending on your personal style) while staying active. Pair your skirt with a cute and breathable top and you not only have a fun workout set, but you also have an outfit perfect for running errands while looking fabulous. For tips on styling an athletic skirt, check out Dona Jo’s guide

2. Flared Yoga Pants

Flared yoga pants are making a comeback. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Made most popular in the early 2000’s, flared yoga pants are making a comeback. And for good reason! Not only are these pants comfortable but they are also stylish and trendy. Flared yoga pants are a fun outfit base for your next workout, sports game with friends, or your next coffee date. Flared yoga pants can be dressed up or down so there are a bunch of opportunities when it comes to styling them. But what makes them so special compared to normal leggings?  have definitely fluctuated from something you only wear at the gym, to something you wear to work, and then an outfit choice you wear at home. There's a certain aspect to flared yoga pants that make them a little more trendy when you’re styling an outfit with them as opposed to traditional leggings. But if you’re not ready to make the shift and give up your straight leggings just yet, then check out these leggings from Dona Jo

3. Mix and Match Your Styles 

Getting creative with your activewear is half the fun.

Perhaps one of the most fun interpretations of athleisure for 2023 is the way of styling this trend by mixing several styles together. One of the bigger trends happening on social media right now, and will surely continue to gain popularity in 2023, is the trend of incorporating sweet and elegant aspects into a more edgy look or vice versa to give a more dramatic flair. This is a fun style trend because it lets you play around with pieces in your wardrobe you already own. But what does this mean? One fun way to mix up your style would be to incorporate different patterns into your wardrobe. By mixing patterns you can add a fun twist to the typical neutral colors of the athleisure style. If you’re looking for fun color and print  inspiration, check out these options on Dona Jo

Another fun way of mixing up the traditional approach to athleisure is with layers. Layering on different styles of tops or bottoms is a good way to not only add your own personal style to the athleisure trend, but it is also very functional in an athletic setting. Using layers when playing a sport or heading to the gym is an easy way to get a good sweat in. And if the layers become too much, you can take them off as your workout progresses. Layers are also a good way of making your look seem more street appropriate. Adding layers allows you to build an outfit that you can both workout in and meet the girls for lunch afterwards. If you need some good layering pieces to add to your collection, head over to Dona Jo and check out these skirted leggings. . 

Make 2023’s active trends your own! 

No matter how you choose to style the athleisure trend, you’re sure to look great. Just remember athleisure is all about comfort, functionality, and style. There are so many ways to style the athleisure trend that it’s no wonder it’ll be the most coveted fashion trend to master in the activewear scene in 2023. Just remember to have fun with it and let your personal style shine through!

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