Golf Skorts for Women: Style Meets Function with Our Top Picks for 2023

All the best picks for clothing to wear on the course!

November 11, 2022

All the best picks for clothing to wear on the course!

Whether you play golf professionally on a regular basis or once in a while for fun, you’re going to want to invest in some clothes that fit the bill. 

Golf is just as much a physical sport as it is a mental one, but it’s more about precision than anything else, and you’ll likely break a sweat while you play. Still, why not look cute on the course?

You’ll want clothes that are both functional for playing golf and stylish, and luckily we have just the thing for you— skorts! To learn more about all the great golf skorts for women to choose from on our website, just keep reading.

Here are some of the particulars of golf clothing etiquette and what trends are in for golfing along with our top picks for golf skorts for women that will help you rock the course, such as our

  • Flirty Skirt/Skort
  • Ultimate Skirt/Skort
  • Shakira Skirt/Skort
  • JoJo Skirt/Skort

And more!

Golf Clothing Etiquette

Typical golf clothing rules for women require collared shirts paired with non-denim pants, shorts, or a skirt, but individual courses can have a lot of different rules and recommendations. 

Many courses, particularly those in private clubs, can have very strict dress codes. We’re talking length of skirts and shorts, and even the non-negotiable tucking in of a shirt. Rules are getting more progessive, but it’s still best to check prior to going to a course just in case!

Additionally, you should think carefully about what you choose to wear based on the terrain of the specific course you’re playing on and the current weather conditions. There’s no one-size-fits-all option for golf, unfortunately, but there are plenty of versatile pieces that will add a lot to your golf wardrobe.

Instagram user kelliirosee rocks our Flirty Skirt/Skort in White on the golf course! This skort is a perfect pick for the golf course due to its lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric. The pleated front panel is super stylish, and the deep side pockets on the interior compression shorts are super convenient!

More broadly, acceptable shirts are generally short sleeve shirts with or without a collar as well as sleeveless, collared shirts. For bottoms, women can wear pants, capris, shorts, skirts, skorts, and even dresses. Denim and cargo shorts are a no-go, and most typical athletic gear is frowned upon as well

If you go golfing on a colder day and want to layer up, jackets and sweaters are of course welcome, but you should most likely go with one that’s also acceptable business attire. A sure way to pick a good one is to buy something made by a golf company— plenty of their clothes are just as cute off of the golf course as on it, anyway!

Golf skirts with leggings are also a great way to make sure you stay warm!

Check out how stylist.whitney layers up in her Instagram post! She’s styled her Ultimate Skirt/Skort in White Lily with a long-sleeved black jacket so she can keep warm! This skirt is 17’ long, so it could be the perfect fit for the length requirements at some golf clubs! It’s also adorable!

Rain gear and winter hats are common golf attire for winter weather. Hats such as visors are encouraged in golf in summer weather, too, to block out the sun! For the other ways in which you accessorize or style a golf skirt, the choice is largely up to you!

Sneakers are acceptable footwear in addition to golf shoes. If you’re just trying the sport out for the first time, it’s of course understandable that you wouldn’t have your own personal pair of golf shoes just yet.

Golf Skorts for Women and Other Golf Clothing Trends

Now that you’ve learned the rules for golf attire, you’ll want to know what’s in and what’s out in golf— and we’re not talking about the game! Just as with any other style or sport, there are a lot of golf fashion trends for this year and going into the next that you might want to consider when shopping for the course.

Sun protection and comfort are both super important when playing golf, because it can definitely be a long game. You’ll want to avoid getting sunburnt when you’re outdoors for hours, and you’ll also want clothes you can be comfy in for that amount of time.

So, stretchy fabric is definitely a great idea, even if you can’t play golf in leggings and a sports bra. There are plenty of golf-appropriate clothes that allow for range of motion.

Matching sets have been a super popular trend in 2022, and that only seems to be continuing into 2023! Instagram user clairehogle has paired our Ace Tank 2.0 in White with a matching Shakira Skirt/Skort! You’d think she was walking the runway, not a golf course!

Dresses have also been growing in popularity in the world of women’s golf wear. They’re easy to pack in a bag, can be worn with biker shorts underneath, and are super versatile. At Dona Jo, we have plenty of dresses to choose from.

Here, Instagram user emricchini rocks the Dona Jo Eagle Dress in Black! It’s a super stylish look for the golf course or for a day out on the town. The sleek, polo style and breathable, loose fitting fabric make it perfectly suited for a game, though!

Dresses and matching sets aren’t the only article of clothing that sets trends in golf for women, lately, however!

In addition to golf skorts for women, consider:

  • Polo shirts to achieve the collared look
  • Vests and other outerwear to keep warm
  • Pants and skirts as opposed to shorts
  • And of course, accessories!

One specific thing that’s come out of the blue as a golf trend for women in 2022 is animal print as a pattern! Luckily for you, we have countless cute prints available on our site!

Instagram user katanastrong definitely has the right idea for styling prints! She’s rocking the Shakira Skirt/Skort in Artsy with a black long-sleeved shirt and matching visor! You can check out how to best style golf skorts on our website! 

And if you weren’t already convinced, this skort is another perfect pick for playing golf— it has an adjustable continuous drawstring in the waistband that ensures you’ll be comfortable for the whole game!

The main thing in all of this, however, is versatility: women who play golf want clothes that they can wear both on and off the course. In a lot of our top picks, you could play a game and then go out on the town, or even skip the golf altogether as a lot of golf wear is super cute all on its own! That way, you won’t just be shopping for the golf course.

Last but certainly not least, golfinglucy showcases both the JoJo Skirt in Black and the  Shakira Skirt/Skort in Wildblue in this Instagram post! Both are great picks for playing golf, and are super cute for off days, too!

When shopping for a game of golf, it’s important to consider not only what’s allowed, but also what will best fit the latest trends, and golf skorts for women are definitely in. Consider ringing in 2023 with some new wardrobe items that are equally perfect for a game of golf or a day out on the town! Whether you win the game or not, our skorts are definitely a hole in one.

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