Plus Size Summer Skirts That Look Cute on Every Body

Because nobody should have to change for a skirt.

June 10, 2022

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. This means it’s almost time to rip off the tights and sweats and unveil your bare legs to the world. For some, this clothing switch up is anticipated with excitement, while for others it is braced with dread. For us women with curves, who others consider to be “thick,” you may fall under the latter category. 

The onset of warmer weather marks the moment when you’re dislodged from the comfort of stretchy black pants which slim, conceal, and protect —the safety blanket of clothing — and forced to choose between two evils – shorts and skirts. This poses all kinds of problems related to chafing, riding up, frontal wedgies, and a mismatch in waist to bum ratio. It’s all so much to make you want to stay indoors the entire summer, or worse, provoke a negative self-image and unhealthy behaviors. 

Neither of these measures will solve your dilemma because they don’t target the heart of the problem: the skirt. If any of this resonates with you, we urge you to rethink the summer skirts in your wardrobe. There are plus size summer skirts out there that understand that you’re a real woman - with scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and loose skin - and as such, will provide comfort, style, and versatility. You just need to know where to look. That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ll go over:

  • Our favorite plus size summer skirts 
  • What to wear with your plus size summer skirt
  • Inspo from Dona Jo’s Instagram

No matter how out of shape you may be, feel comfortable and beautiful working towards your fitness goals in your Dona Jo skirt. 

Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt in Seabreeze

Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt in Seabreeze
The pattern and colors of this skirt scream summer. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

The Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt in Seabreeze has a fun, tribal-esque pattern for those sunny summer days when you want to wear something happy. All of the Ultimate-style skirts have a longer length (17 in.) A-line design which is not only simple and elegant, but solves the length issue associated with finding a plus size skirt that actually covers the bottom. Soft and stretchy built-in shorts offer your bottom double the protection, providing even more coverage and support. No one knows they’re even there – until you need them to. 

Another benefit of the built in shorts is that they prevent chafing, a huge pain (in the thigh) for many women during summer. But, the benefits don’t just end there. The shorts also come with pockets so you can carry your phone, keys, lip balm, etc. wherever the day may take you without having to worry about lugging around a purse. The waistband on this skirt is constricting enough to hold the skirt up, but not enough to dig into your skin, cause bulging, and leave red marks. You could say it’s the Goldilocks of plus size summer skirts – just right. 

Try pairing this Ultimate Skirt with the Dona Jo Sunshine Polo in Santorini for a sporty look or the Old Navy Rib Knit Tank Top in Black for an everyday casual look. 

Sizes: Size 1 (Small), Size 1.5 (Medium), Size 2 (Large), Size 3 (XL), Size 4 (XXL)

Price: $76

Free Shipping and Returns in the U.S. 

Dona Jo Glide Skirt in Fly

Dona Jo Glide Skirt in Fly
The design on this plus size summer skirt is a work of art. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

If you’re looking for a plus size summer skirt full of detail and charm, the Dona Jo Glide Skirt in Fly might be the one for you. With its asymmetrical ruffle, this skirt presents a unique spin on the classic tennis skirt. For those who find that their skirts tend to hike up throughout the day and threaten to expose their private lady parts, you will surely find relief in Dona Jo skirts that fit comfortably and are meant for movement. 

The glide skirt is longer than some of the other Dona Jo skirts so there’s wiggle room for the skirt to move around while still maintaining your decency.  Even if the skirt were to fully come up, the shorts found underneath all Dona Jo skirts serve as a safeguard for potential humiliation. Another key feature in this skirt is the medium rise waistband, which provides a similar effect to a tummy tucking pant to make you feel secure, comfortable, and confident – whether you're working out or going to class! Stretchy and buttery soft in texture, this skirt was built for every body type and every lifestyle. 

This skirt pairs well with the Dono Jo Urban Tank in Oceano for an active look and with the BP Everyday Crop Rib Cardigan for a chic and comfortable look

Sizes: Size 1 (Small), Size 1.5 (Medium), Size 2 (Large), Size 3 (XL)

Price: $76

Free Shipping and Returns in the U.S. 

Eleven Hummingbird Skirt in Rosetta

Eleven Hummingbird Set in Rosetta
Look pretty in pink in this little number! Image courtesy of Eleven by Venus Williams

Turn heads in this feminine, flirty skirt designed by none other than Venus Williams’ fashion line. A charmer on and off the court, this frilly tennis skirt features a double-tiered ruffle detail at the hem with built-in shortie and ball pockets at each side. For the sake of the environment, we especially appreciate the sustainable material that the skirt is made from. 

Not to mention, that the fabric provides four-way stretch, breathability, and is moisture-wicking. This skirt is so cute, you’ll want to wear it everywhere. For the full look, pair the Hummingbird Skirt with its other half – the Hummingbird Long Sleeve in Winter and the Hummingbird Tank in Summer! So, shake your tail feathers - or your ruffles - and take confidence in the fact that this looks stunning (in XS, S, M, L, XL, or XXL). 

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Price: $88

The Ultimate (Plus Size Summer) Skirt in Wildblue

The Ultimate Skirt in Wildblue
This skirt is cheetahlicious! Image courtesy of Dona Jo

Wear a skirt that has an attitude. Wear the Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt in Wildblue (aka blue leopard print). Every year, we love leopard print - it's so fun - but this Summer, we’re obsessed with blue. Here, we have the best of both worlds. Sure, you could stick to your trusty black skirt - yawn - or you could branch out and add some spice to your wardrobe! With these colors, this 17” length, the breathability, and versatility this skirt is just *chef’s kiss.* Everyone’s welcome to wear this skirt - big, little, tall, or small - for workouts, practices, workdays, dinners, and beach days this Summer. Just wear and enjoy. 

Sizes: Size 1 (Small), Size 1.5 (Medium), Size 2 (Large), Size 3 (XL)

Price: $76

Free Shipping and Returns in the U.S. 

This funky pattern comes in leggings too for those days when you want a little more coverage! Image courtesy of jamie_jetaime’s Instagram

Hopefully by now, you’ve realized that you don’t have to have the body of a catalog model to wear a skirt this summer! And, you can look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. We know right – crazy! So, this summer gravitate toward soft stretchy tennis skirts to make peeling away the layers of protective winter clothing and exposing your perfect imperfections much easier. 

However, if we still haven’t fully sold you on the skirt thing, and you want to stick to your biker shorts and capris, then check out the top athleisure trends this summer to find some ideas that revolve around your style. Whatever you wear this summer, feel beautiful! And if you happen to wear Dona Jo, be sure to snap a pic! We would love to see. 

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