Best Picks for Skorts with Pockets

Why you need skorts with pockets, and our top six choices to add to your wardrobe.

December 9, 2022

Why you need skorts with pockets, and our top six choices to add to your wardrobe.

Skorts are super versatile, so you definitely need one in your closet. They offer the cuteness of a skirt and the coverage of shorts, so you can be perfectly comfortable while working out in one!

One downside to some skirts and skorts, though— not all of them have pockets, and it can be irritating to have to hold anything while playing a sport or exercising. You need athleticwear that meets your needs, and pockets happen to be one of them!

Thankfully, skorts with pockets do exist, and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite picks from the Dona Jo site! Keep reading to discover all the cute skorts with pockets you could be wearing and the great hidden features in each one.

JoJo Skort

Instagram user thelenparentstyle is shown here rocking one of our favorite skorts at the beach— the JoJo Skirt/Skort in Esqueleto! This skirt is 14.5” in length and costs $76. It comes in sizes 1-3 and (Small through XL), as well as a variety of different patterns that you can choose from— much like the other skorts on this list!

The light, breathable, and stretchy material makes it the perfect skirt for comfort, and the two pleats on the front and back make it super stylish as well! There are also flat seams, and— of course —deep side pockets in the interior compression shorts so that you can bring whatever you want with you on your hike!

The skirt we named after our brand is a great fit and has great pockets, but you can of course choose from many other options on the site, too.

Shakira Skort

A favorite of our customers, the Shakira Skort— pictured here in Petit Rose by abmdkt on Instagram —also has our standard deep sidepockets on the interior shorts! They can even fit your smartphone. But that’s just one of the reasons to add this skort to your wardrobe!

The ruffled back gives this skirt a lot of character, and it’s super cute from the front, too! There’s also an adjustable continuous drawstring in the waistband so the skirt will never feel too tight. 

Whether you want a day out on the town or are heading to the tennis court, this skort will make you feel right at home.

Flirty Skort

Check out how Instagram user kelliirosee rocks her Flirty Skort in White on the golf course. The front-pleated panel on this skirt makes it super stylish, and the solid color options are super versatile— though of course you’re welcome to purchase one of these skirts in any number of cute prints as well.

In addition to the assets typical of most Dona Jo skorts— breathable yet form fitting fabric, flat seams, UVB protection, and deep side pockets on the interior compression shorts —the Flirty Skirt/Skort also has a small pocket at the back of the waistband. It’s the perfect size for storing some cash or your keys!

And, as you can see above, this skirt is perfect for a day out on the golf course. Check out these ideas for how to casually style a golf skirt, too, if you want to know how these skorts can become so much more than just athletic wear! Skorts are truly perfect for any scenario, and the pockets make them even more fitting.

Spin Skort

On the Dona Jo Instagram, you can always check in and see what’s on sale! Careful, though— they can sell out super quick. Our Spin Skort is not currently available in the above pattern, but you can shop by print on our site to find something else you like!

The diagonal front ruffle truly sets this skort apart in a super cute way, and it of course also has the deep side pockets on the interior compression shorts, like all of the above choices!

The model pictured above has paired the skort with an Endurance Top in Pitanga, which matches perfectly. If you want to stay warm, you can definitely check out our long sleeve tops, jackets, or even our skirted leggings and capris, many of which come with pockets as well!

Ultimate Skort

The Ultimate Skort, pictured here by Instagram user lizzieinlace in the pattern Flore, is a bit longer, at 17 inches. That isn’t all the coverage you get, though— there are still shorts on the inside, and they still have pockets!

As you can see, this skort is the perfect choice for a game of tennis, and Lizzie has styled it accordingly with the Vie Polo in White! Even her tennis racket and balls match the whole look, but you could certainly style this skort for a casual day out or even a more dressy occasion!

Even though summer may be over, it’s never too late to add some cute summer skorts to your wardrobe— especially since a lot of summer clothes will be on sale right now! Whether you want some tennis gear or just some cute clothes, these skorts are perfect for you.

Soar Skirt

Last but not least, Instagram user  maryam.ghafarinia shows off the Soar Skirt in Fly— a very appropriate pattern for this skirt, no? Though you’re of course always welcome to browse the other patterns, this is truly a match made in heaven for your wardrobe. 

The 2-tiered continuous ruffle makes this skirt super cute and super unique, even if the 2 deep side pockets on the shorts underneath are pretty standard for Dona Jo skorts. Still, this skirt would certainly be a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Here’s a recap of what we covered:

  • What makes Dona Jo’s skorts with pockets so special?
  • Made with light, 4-way stretch material
  • Lightweight, breathable, and form fitting fabric
  • Flat seams for comfort
  • UVB protection 50+
  • And a size guide so you’ll know exactly what length the skirt you’re purchasing is and how it will fit you!

Skirts are super cute, but some things are super important to have in our clothing items— pockets are one, and coverage is another. In these Dona Jo skorts detailed above, you won’t have to worry about wearing spandex underneath, and you also have plenty of room in the pockets to bring what you need with you!

So, you should definitely consider upgrading your wardrobe by adding one of these many fantastic skorts with pockets to the mix!

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