How to Casually Wear a Golf Skirt

A golf skirt does not need to be confined to the golf course.

August 16, 2021

A golf skirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn on or off the golf field. It can be worn plain or highly accessorized. While a golf skirt is often worn for playing golf, you can really wear one when playing any type of sport. There are so many sports you can get into. You can make golf skirts a regular part of your wardrobe even when you’re not playing sports! Wear a golf skirt to the store, to brunch, or to the beach! A golf skirt is an amazing companion for many different activities. 

Image courtesy of Golf.

Golf skirts are extremely functional, and still cute enough to wear in any circumstance. They are made perfectly for vigorous activity so they are extra comfortable. They can be on the longer or shorter side, and many models have shorts attached underneath. They are sometimes called “skorts” because of the skirt and shorts combo. This style of skirt makes movement easy and worry free. There is no need for you to fear your skirt rising up in unfortunate ways, you will have full command of your movements in a golf skirt. That movement can be done anywhere. And you can style it any way you’d like. Everything is more fun when you look good doing it!

What is a golf skirt?

It is a great outdoor companion. 

Play golf in this or go for a walk. Image courtesy of Trendy Golf.

Golf skirts were created for women to use on the golf course. They are most often straight in style and often come with “bike shorts” attached underneath. Many golf skirts happen to have small slits in the sides to help maintain moveability. Some are designed with pleats on the bottom and some are made with other styles. These are the perfect accessory to make you feel cute and comfortable while you play a sport of your choice, or while you simply go about your day. You have lots of options for how you can style your golf skirt!

Golf skirts are continuously being improved upon. Because of that, many of the options available to buy are really useful. Many golf skirts are made with pockets. They are made so you can hold small items like a phone or key. You can use those pockets for any small things you desire to have with you. Pockets are made to be in the interior so they are small and discreet. There are also different styles available. You can style them anyway you’d like. A golf skirt can be great for casual wear. 

What to Wear with a Golf skirt?

A golf skirt can look good with just about anything. 

This can be you in a great skirt. Image courtesy of Alibaba

A golf skirt can be worn with a variety of different tops. They are great when going for a casual look. T-shirts, tank tops, and even crop tops look great when paired with a simple golf skirt. It is a great canvas for any look you’d want to portray. Wear a golf skirt with a top that compliments it. Add sneakers to complete the look, or a pair of booties. Wear your golf with a pair of sandals. Wear them with a pair of flip flops for a really casual look. Add a cute cardigan if it happens to be chilly out. It will look great over a golf skirt with a tank top.

A golf skirt is meant to be breathable, so it is best to pair it with other lightweight fabrics. Wear a neutral colored golf skirt and pair it with a brightly colored top. Try a bright golf skirt with a more subdued top so that it stands out. Wearing contrasting neutrals would also make for a great look. Try a bright golf skirt with a contrasting top that is just as bright. There are so many options for how to style this skirt. You will feel very comfortable all throughout the summer when you make a golf skirt a regular part of your wardrobe. They will work for just about any activity. You can wear them to go shopping or go out to lunch. Wherever you go, they are sure to make a statement! 

Jojo Skirt (Black Polka Dot)

This makes for an awesome cute and casual look. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

The Jojo Skirt (Black Polka Dot) from Dona Jo will be a great part of a casual look. A white tank top or a polo will be great to pair with this skirt. A black tank top or t-shirt will also be a great match. White sneakers will also go well with this outfit, or you can give it a pop of color by wearing red shoes! Or even yellow! A long sleeved shirt would also be a great choice. Roll up your sleeves a bit for a more casual look, or wear it with a pair of black combat boots.

This would be a great skirt for a night out. Pair it with either a neutral or brightly colored blazer for a more classy casual look. You’ll look amazing in any of these outfit combinations!

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Flirty Skirt ECO (Surreal)

This is the perfect skirt or a casual daytime look. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

Get the Dona Jo Flirty Skirt ECO (Surreal) for a bright and exciting statement piece. You can tone it down with a white top, or play up the loud colors of the skirt by adding a pink or yellow top! Polish this look off with white sneakers or blue sandals. Add a white cardigan if it happens to be chilly out. It will fit well on top of all the vibrant colors. 

A bright blue crop top will pair great with this one. You can dress it up with a bright yellow cardigan. Strappy navy blue sandals would be a great way to complete the look. 

This skirt is $68 with free shipping!

Shakira Skirt (Esqueleto)

This skirt has a super cool and unique pattern. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

The Shakira Skirt (Esqueleto) from Dona Jo is great for a fun day out on the town. It would look great paired with various colors. A blue, pink, or yellow top would work great with this skirt. Black sneakers work very well with the overall look.

A long-sleeved coral top would add to the fun of this skirt. Wear it with black ballet flats for a cute and casual look. 

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Althea Match Point Skort

This skirt is soft and comfortable, but still looks classy. Image courtesy of Althea

This skirt from Althea is so comfortable, it will work great for all types of outings. The simple shape with the flair at the bottom gives it a sleek look. This skirt will work great with pretty much any color. You can choose a bright pink or yellow top, or go neutral with a white one. Black boots will work great with these, especially sleek boots with a bit of a heel. White sneakers would also be a great choice. 

A bright green tank top will look awesome paired with this skirt. Go with all neutral colors for a sophisticated vibe. 

Golf skirts are great to wear anywhere as long as you know how to style them. Go flaunt these awesome looks wherever you end up!

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