What's the Difference Between a Tennis Skirt and a Golf Skirt?

These skirt styles are similar, but there are a few key differences.

March 3, 2023

This season is the perfect time to take on a few fun hobbies. Since it’s warm out, it's a great idea to take advantage of that. You can choose to get into tennis, golfing, or even pickleball! There are many sports you can participate in to have some active fun in the sun. Even if you don’t participate in any sports, it is alway fun to look good. Sports like tennis and golf have special clothing options that are made to enhance your experience of the sport. A tennis skirt was made to wear on the tennis court, and a golf skirt was made to wear on a golf field, but that does not mean that you can’t wear them elsewhere! 

Woman Playing Tennis

Tennis skirts and golf skirts are functional enough on the field, and still cute enough to wear off the field. These skirts are made for you to be active in. They are often cute and stylish and have shorts underneath. They are sometimes known as “skorts” because of the skirt and shorts combo. These skirts will keep you comfortable while you play against your opponents. You don’t ever have to worry about your skirt rising up while you play. You’ll be able to move in any way that you would like. Each of these skirts have many uses. You can take them on a run or out to a restaurant. It’s all your choice what you do when you buy a tennis skirt or a golf skirt. 

What is a golf skirt?

Your comfort is guaranteed. 

Play golf in this or go for a walk. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Golf skirts are made for women to wear while they play. They usually come with “bike shorts” attached underneath. A golf skirt is most often straight. It can have small slits in the sides to maintain moveability. Some golf skirts have pleats at the very bottom of otherwise straight skirts. These skirts hug the frame of whomever is wearing it. You can find them in varying lengths. They are made to make your physical activities comfortable, while offering great style. 

A great thing about golf skirts is how much more useful they become year after year. Many of the newer models come with pockets meant to hold small pieces of equipment, like golf balls and gloves. You can just as easily use those pockets to store your phone or your keys. The pockets are usually hidden in the interior, so they don’t sacrifice any part of the style. Different styles of golf skirts have become more popular in recent years. You can always opt for the commonly worn straight styled skirt, or go for one of the more intricate ruffled or pleated styles.What is a tennis skirt?

Wear one and you’ll be stylish both on and off the court. 

This can be you in a great skirt. Image courtesy of Well and Good

A tennis skirt is a piece of clothing often worn by women while playing tennis. It is made for that purpose, but is often worn by women for other activities. It is also frequently worn for fashion. They offer a stylish look that many people enjoy. Tennis skirts can be plain or patterned. They can be straight or pleated. Shorts are often attached underneath. In a tennis skirt you’ll be able to run, crouch, jump and do many different things without any worries about showing off your underwear. They make moving around very comfortable. A skirt isn’t what many people would think of when they think of exercise apparel, but a tennis skirt is built for physical exertion. They are made for movement, and are very great for leisure. 

A good tennis skirt is lightweight and breathable. It should be easy to move in. Pleated tennis skirts are very popular because of their moveability. Many are made with stretchy fabric to increase their moveability. Most tennis skirts are made with elastic elastic waistbands. Some of them have a small zipper on the side. They are commonly worn on the tennis court or simply for fashion. They are so comfortable and stylish, many women use them for different purposes. Tennis skirts are perfect for any type of exercise and activity. They work perfectly to wear for a run and to go out to lunch with friends. 

What’s the Difference?

This is how they compare.

Tennis skirts and golf skirts happen to be very similar. They are usually on the shorter side and made with airy, comfortable fabric. They are made for physical activity and meant to keep an active person comfortable. But they happen to have a few major differences despite all those similarities. Tennis skirts provide more freedom to move. That is because there is a lot more movement involved in tennis. Golf skirts are a lot less flexible. Golfers do not have to do any wide movements on the field. That is why golf skirts are most often straight and tennis skirts are known for their pleated styles. 

Shakira Skirt (Pied)

This design is ethereal. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

Get the Shakira Skirt (Pied) from Dona Jo for some fun on the tennis court or anywhere else! This skirt will stand out during the day and at night. There is a fun pop of ruffles in the back more vibrant in color than the front of the skirt. You’ll feel great wearing these for sure!

There are deep interior shorts attached to hold any necessities. The fabric is lightweight and airy so anyone wearing these will still feel great even in high heat. This skirt supports all of your movements with its 5-way stretch material. You’ll want to get active when you have these!

Get it for $68 plus free shipping!

Donajo All capris

Flirty Skirt ECO (Surreal)

This skirt looks so exciting! Image courtesy of Dona Jo

The Dona Jo Flirty Skirt ECO (Surreal) is a very eye-catching garment. The surface is loaded with ultra bright colors. The ruffled detail at the bottom adds even more fun to this skirt. This is one you’ll definitely want to wear off the court!

This skirt is made with the first circular knitted fabric produced with biodegradable nylon. This fabric has been made to allow clothing to quickly decompose when placed in landfills. You’ll be cute and environmentally conscious in these! This skirt offers UVB protection and is completely free of toxins to human skin. You will feel as great as you look. 

This skirt costs $68 plus free shipping!

Jojo Skirt ECO (White)

This will have you looking sleek and elegant.  Image courtesy of Dona Jo

The Jojo Skirt ECO (White) from Dona Jo is really smooth and sleek. It gives you a preppy look that makes you look competent at whatever task you are taking on. The pleated bottom adds a great detail to this skirt’s overall look. This would work just as great for playing a sport as it would for having a lunch date or just running errands. 

This skirt is environmentally friendly. It is made with knitted fabric meant to dissolve quickly in landfills. It is very elastic so that movement is comfortable and it provides UV protection. 

Get this for $65 including free shipping!

Donajo All tops

Nike Bliss Luxe

This soft pink will make you feel pretty. Image courtesy of Nike

This skirt from Nike is soft and cute. The style is very straight and simple. You will look sleek and stylish in them. The shape of this skirt will accentuate your frame and mesh with your movements.

You’ll have no problem going straight from the golf course to a restaurant after. This skirt is made for ultimate versatility. 

Golf skirts and tennis skirts have similarities and differences, but they are still quite similar. Whichever one you choose depends on what you need. Whatever your choice, you’ll be sure to look awesome!

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