Why Does A Golf Skirt Bunch Up In The Back?

A quick guide to why a golf skirt bunches up in the back and how you can fix it.

August 12, 2021

When you’re out on the course, the last thing you need is your skirt riding up your back. We are here to help you out with a quick guide on how to avoid your golf skirt from riding up your back through useful tips and knowing what to wear underneath your golf skirt. Typically, golf skirts will need to be longer, so wearing something under shorter skirts will help. These tricks will help both your golf skirt and any other skirt that you have in your wardrobe.

Why Your Golf Skirt Might Be Riding Up

These are the reasons why your golf skirt might be riding up in places where they shouldn’t.

Considering that your skirt is one of your favorites, don’t allow it to ride up every time you play. Image courtesy of iStock.

Like any other normal type of skirt, a golf skirt will need to be longer when playing golf. Sometimes, without realizing, we purchase skirts that we like and it ends up not working out because of certain reasons. Here are a few of those reasons why your golf skirt might not fit right and be tight.

The Skirt is the Wrong Size

Are you concerned for your skirt that’s riding up your back as you walk to and from your course after a round? Your skirt might be the wrong size. It might fit the required length, but it doesn’t fit the size that you normally would wear. The way you move in it during a long day is an indicator that the skirt is the wrong size, and there’s no way for you to break in the skirt.

For next time, go a size up or wear the size you normally wear if you want to avoid your golf skirt riding up your back. Get to know the brand you’re purchasing from and what their size chart is, as not every store will be the same.

The Skirt isn’t Good for Your Body Shape

We aren’t saying this is a bad thing, everyone is welcome to wear what they like and how they want. However, we need to keep in mind our body shape when each skirt is styled. Will the skirt flush you out, help hide enough areas? If you’ve answered no to either of these questions, you’ll need to reconsider how you shop for your skirts and find better options that’ll fit the style of your body shape.

It’s Simply Too Short

And there is a way to fix that. Most of the time a skirt looks like it’s riding up in the back but it’s only because it’s shorter than other golf skirts that you have in your wardrobe. Consider wearing leggings underneath and buying golf skirts that are longer than what you have on hand already.

How to Feel Comfortable: Wearing the Right Skirt

This is the ultimate style guide to help you wear the right skirt when playing golf.

Don’t just update your wardrobe with new skirts, consider the ones listed below. Image courtesy of iStock.

Skirts are versatile and can be worn by anyone at any age. So, to find your best fit and style, you have to view the best options that are available to you in the best styles. Don’t wear short skirts unless you plan on wearing leggings as well, and don’t wear a longer skirt unless it’s fitted properly onto your body.

Jojo Skirt ECO by Dona Jo

You’ll want to skip the designs on a skirt and go with something simple to help make your skirt stand out.

This skirt is perfect for the golf course as it won’t ride up and will fit right onto your body. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

    Price: $65 | Free Shipping | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Find your way to the court in confidence with a skirt with a built-in protection from UV rays. Made with a knitted material with inseam short length of three to four inches, this skirt is ready to take on each match with you. The skirt comes with built in shorts so it won’t ride up, and it will move with you.

This skirt is made with a lightweight material that is breathable and will shape into your body’s form. The skirt comes in sizes one to three, which translate to Small to X-Large.

PUMA Women’s POWRSHAPE Tie Dye 16”-18” Golf Skirt by PUMA

Ramp up your wardrobe with eye-catching colors and designs.

Don’t miss your shot by not purchasing this gold skirt, only available at Dicks Sporting Goods.

    Price: $75 | Free Shipping: Over $50 | Sizes: XS-XXL

With a built-in short, this golf skirt is ready to take you from court to nightlife. The skirt is easy to pair with and is an easy fit when working on the golf course. The material built into the skirt will give you the desired shape you’re aiming for, and it even comes with a waistband that helps the skirt sit comfortably.

This skirt comes made with a comfortable flat material that moves when you do. The skirt comes in sizes X-Small to XX-Large.

Classic Skirt in Serene by Dona Jo

Don’t miss out on this classic from Dona Jo.

Find out why you need to have a desired fit over the desired look with this classic golf skirt, only available at Dona Jo.

    Price: $68 | Free Shipping | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Don’t worry about wearing your short skirts with leggings if you are able to wear timeless beauty like this one. With a modern design, this classic is upgraded to more than a simple fit. It has class and style packed into one. With built-in compression shorts, you won’t have to worry about the dress not sitting well.

The skirt is made with a lightweight material that is easy to style and forms nicely onto the body. Built in with UV ray protection from the sun, the skirt comes in a five to six inch seam and is available in sizes one to three, which translates to Small to X-Large.

Skirted Legging in Black by Dona Jo

Dona Jo provides the ultimate comfort and style with skirted leggings.

Skirted leggings are the next best thing compared to regular classic golf skirts, only available at Dona Jo.

    Price: $79 | Free Shipping | Sizes: 1 (S/M) - 3 (XL)

Skirted leggings, compared to regular skirts, are a more comfortable fit that will go with any body type. Many women have been seen wearing this type of skirt hybrid because it is  one of the most comfortable gifts that have ever crossed their wardrobes. The skirt is perfect for on and off the golf course.

The skirt is made with a five stretch material that moves with you and won’t ride up. The inseams are comfortable as well as the measured length. The skirt leggings come in sizes one to three, which translates to Small/Medium to X-Large.

Elation Two in One Capri by Athleta, A GAP Brand

A capri set that takes you from day to night in an instant.

Your golf skirts are meant to fit right. But if they were attached to leggings, they might become your new favorite. Only available at GAP Athleta.

    Price: $89 | Free Shipping: Over $50 | Sizes: XXS - 3X

A comfortable fit for every body type, the skirted leggings from Athleta - Gap comes with built-in pockets to help keep personal possessions hidden. The leggings are perfect for the golf course because of its material to help you stay comfortable.

The skirt is made with a mixed fabric of nylon and lycra. This material mix helps prevent sweat and allows you to breathe while moving around. The skirted leggings come in sizes X-Small to XXX-Large.

Skirted Capri Leggings in Black and White Polka Dots by Dona Jo

A leggings style that you won’t want to stop wearing.

Find your comfortable fit in a skirted legging capri that instantly takes you from night to day. Only available at Dona Jo.

    Price: $75 | Free Shipping | Sizes: 1 (S/M) - 3 (XL)

The skirted legging capri is perfect not only for winter months, but also for comfortability while on the golf course. Whether you’re looking for more coverage or to be comfortable, the skirt legging capri can do just that. The skirted legging capri comes with phone pockets that will come in handy when you need to store your phone and other items.

The skirt comes made with a stretchy material that moves with you and forms into your body shape. The skirt comes in sizes one to three, which translates to sizes Small/Medium to X-Large.

JoJo Capri Black Leggings by Dona Jo

Try on a style that’ll pair well underneath your skirt.

If you aren’t a fan of capri skirted leggings, try out regular leggings underneath a golf skirt. Only available at Dona Jo.

    Price: $72 | Free Shipping | Sizes: 1 (S/M) - 3 (XL)

If a skirted legging won’t do, try out a pair of leggings underneath your golf skirt. Wearing leggings underneath a skirt will give you the right amount of coverage you need and will help hold the skirt better so it doesn’t ride up. This skirt comes with hidden pockets to help conceal your items better.

The skirt is made with a breathable material that fits and molds onto the body. It comes paired with necessary pockets for easy storage and a waistband to help conceal and give the right amount of support. The leggings come in sizes one to three, which translates to Small/Medium to X-Large.

Saturation Stash Pocket Tights by Athleta, A GAP Brand

Tights and leggings go hand in hand -- they make sense and work well.

A pair of tights is just as good as leggings, and the fit is even better. Only available at Athleta - GAP.

    Price: $89 | Free Shipping: Over $50 | Sizes: XXS - 3X

The fitted tights come with a stretch material that is perfect for starting your morning at yoga and finishing up your day at the golf course. Luckily, your skirt won’t be riding up, so you’ll have extra comfort as you walk the golf course.

The tights are made with a mixed material of nylon and lycra. This material is lightweight and will have you feeling like you are constantly wrapped in a warm hug. It is also smooth and won’t feel tight on your body. Sizes available are XX-Small to XXX-Large.

How To Prevent Skirts From Riding Up As You Walk

Prevent Your Skirt From Riding Up With These Tips.

Some great tips on preventing your skirt from riding up as you walk. Image courtesy of iStock.

When it comes to wearing a skirt, the last thing you want it to do is ride up as you walk, especially when you’re playing golf. If this is a constant battle for you to endure, here are a few ways to help your skirt not ride up your backside.

Sew A Slip On

This is a traditional method for any type of skirt you wear, and especially works when you’re wearing a golf skirt. The material used is more slippery than normal golf skirt material. The good thing about this one is that it doesn’t cling as much. Make sure that the length doesn’t go beyond the hem of your skirt.

Sew Extra Pieces of Fabric

If there is more skin than you’d like to show, consider using a chain of extra fabric onto the hem of your golf skirt. This chain will add necessary weight to help prevent the skirt from riding up or even getting blown in the wind. Treat the extra fabric as an accessory to your outfit. Make it similar to a jewelry chain that makes your outfit standout.

Wear Leggings or Skirted Leggings

Another method to fight your golf skirt from riding up is to wear leggings or even skirted leggings. Wearing leggings or skirted leggings will give you the right amount of coverage in the case that your skirt rides up a little. The leggings and skirted leggings will sit comfortably and won’t get in the way as you walk. Also, try layering your outfits more.

Try Out Hairspray

It's a little strange, but it’s effective. Hairspray can be used to help keep your skirt from riding up. All you’ll need to do is spray a thin layer over your legs and the top of your thighs. Many gymnasts have proven this to work, so why not try it when playing golf?

Skirts are made of all types of material, but the right material -- such as heavier material -- won’t ride up as much because of its weight. Enjoy the freedom of a skirt and find the best match to help keep your golf skirt from riding up. Find the best styles and looks available to help tailor the desired coverage and skirt look you are trying to achieve.

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