Golf Offseason? Prepare for the Greens with These Workout Ideas for Golfers

Maintain peak fitness even during those chilly offseason golf months

April 15, 2022

The cold winter months are no reason to slack off on your golf game. Stay in shape and come back a better player than ever once spring rolls around and the greens reopen. With our guide to offseason golf workouts, you’ll become stronger while improving your overall fitness levels. Here are a few things we’ll be covering in this guide:

  • Constructing a fitness routine
  • Offseason golf workout ideas
  • Supplies to help you through your fitness journey
Woman walking with golf club bag
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The Key to a Well-Rounded Fitness Routine

Tips to making a balanced and effective workout schedule

Playing golf can be demanding. Depending on how often you play and whether you use a golf cart to get around the course, the sport can involve a hefty amount of walking and muscular effort. Getting in shape is essential for golf players who are looking to improve their performance on the greens during the offseason, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you create your offseason fitness plan.

The first thing to consider, regardless of your golf skill level, is what fitness goals you hope to reach before you set out to start working out and making lifestyle changes. You should consider what fitness level you’re beginning at, what goals you hope to accomplish by starting a fitness routine, and a timeline for how and when you plan to reach these goals. This step is vital for maintaining motivation throughout your journey, so don’t brush it off!

When you start to get down to the nitty gritty of your fitness plan – and the sorts of workouts you plan on incorporating – make sure to create a balance of muscular and cardiovascular exercises. Having a balance of exercises that build muscle mass in certain areas of the body, while also doing exercises that get your heart rate up and your blood flowing, is the key to a successful routine. Also, never forget to add in rest days when you construct your fitness plan – always listen to your body and give yourself some time to rest and recover as you implement these fitness and lifestyle changes into your routine.

Woman posing in front of mountain
Hiking is a great way to workout your leg muscles and build some endurance! Go take a hike in these Moto Leggings in Black by Dona Jo. Image courtesy of Nichurdle’s Instagram.

Offseason Golf Workout Ideas to Try Out

Examples of exercises to incorporate into an offseason workout routine

When crafting your offseason golf workout plans, always make sure to integrate a solid balance of cardio and strength training exercises. This will help you to build up and maintain endurance and the muscle mass needed to effectively play the sport.

For the strength training element of your workout plan, utilizing a set of dumbbells or completing sets on a barbell are highly effective ways to improve your muscles quickly. If you’re exercising with a set of dumbbells and have never used them before, start with a set that weighs between five and ten pounds and see how they feel. Some great exercises to try with dumbbells are lateral raises, bicep curls, overhead press, and tricep dips. If you’re using a barbell in your strength training routine, always have a spotter around to help you. Some great barbell exercises to build up your upper body muscles and improve your golf swing include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and bicep curls.

If you plan on training from home without equipment or weights, some great strength exercises to try out include push-ups, burpees, planks, squats, lunges, and step-ups. While these are just a few examples of exercises you can do without equipment, there’s many more that you can integrate into your routine over time. The most effective way to complete these weightless workouts is by completing a high number of reps and sets. This can help to push your muscles to their limits, causing muscle mass to increase.

For cardio, the ideal way to train for golf is by completing exercises that mimic that of your performance on the course. Completing workouts like long walks or jogs, hiking outdoors, or circuit training are some examples of exercises that utilize the same muscles as playing golf does and help to build up endurance over time. Some other great examples of cardio workouts that can help to add variety to your routine are swimming laps, HIIT training, and even dancing.

Of course, know your limits when it comes to these workouts and always make sure to avoid overstraining yourself. By setting your goals too high too early on, you can risk getting injured which can set you back on your fitness journey and potentially take you off the green for a period.

Woman flexing bicep in mirror selfie
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Break a Sweat with These Workout Supplies

Workout attire to add some spice to your offseason golf workouts

One of the most effective and exciting ways to stay motivated in your offseason golf workout routine is by wearing athleticwear that makes you feel confident.

For tops, doing strength training in tank tops is a comfortable and flattering option and is great for those colder months as a base layer. For a more in-depth dive into the best tank tops to break a sweat in, check out this guide from Dona Jo.

If you’re looking for a top with more coverage for cooler weather or a jog outside, there are plenty of fashionable options on the market. For a bold look with fabric that moves with you, check out the Dona Jo Warm Up Shirt in Magenta. This top, as well as each of the other colors in the collection, pair perfectly with any pair of leggings, golf skirt, or shorts.

For bottoms, you should always consider what sort of workout you’re doing and what type of weather you’ll be in before picking this part of your outfit. If you’re exercising in colder weather, potentially opt for a pair of Dona Jo leggings or capris to keep you warm and covered. If you’re weightlifting in the gym and plan on breaking an intense sweat, options like the Dona Jo biker shorts or running shorts might be more of what you’re looking for.

If you’re still at a loss for how to spice up your athleticwear wardrobe and make the most out of your gym look, check out this guide for how to drip in confidence during your offseason golf workouts.

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Offseason is the perfect time to take advantage of going to the gym or working out while the greens are closed. So get some athletic gear that makes you feel your best, develop a workout routine that works for you, and sweat your heart out.

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