The Best Travel Bags For Women This 2023

Having the right travel bag to suit your needs makes each trip fun and hassle-free. Choosing from these top picks will guarantee that you travel in style.

January 5, 2023

Picking the best bag is crucial when packing for travel. It keeps your items organized and makes your ventures more enjoyable and convenient. However, the wide range of choices can make shopping complicated. 

You must look for three things when shopping for the best travel bag: functionality, durability, and style. It should match your outfits while keeping your belongings safe and accessible. To help you find your perfect travel buddy, here are eight best travel bags for women to make 2023 your best adventure. 

1. Garment Bags 

Garment bags are essential when traveling for work or going to formal events. This bag has a compartment for a delicate outfit, protecting it from creases, moisture, and stain. Some even have more pockets for accessories and a pair of shoes. 

Grand Leather Garment Bag from Von Baer
  • Von Baer Grand Leather Garment Bag: The Grand Leather Garment Bag from Vonbaer.com is ideal for traveling with your suit to keep it from creasing during your travels. The built-in garment zipped compartment protects your clothing, and the bag zips up into a duffle style travel bag that's really useful. It's made from Italian full-grain leather, which is really high quality. Purchase at Von Baer
  • Minimalist Nylon Garment Bag: A minimalist nylon garment bag is perfect for carrying your elegant outfit separate from your daily essentials. Nylon fabric is also waterproof, so your clothes stay dry and protected. And one more advantage is that this type of garment bag is suitable for your regular trips to the gym. 

When looking for the best garment bag, prioritize waterproofing and structured designs. These factors determine how well the bag protects your clothing. 

2. Weekender Bags 

Weekender bags are suitable for quick travels. They can hold two to three days' worth of outfits, perfect for weekend getaways and short trips. Due to its size, a weekend or overnight bag is light and easy to carry. 

When shopping for a weekender bag, consider its overall functionality and style. If it's the only bag you'll be using for the whole trip, look for one with additional compartments for safekeeping valuables like your wallet and phone. Another fashion tip is choosing a neutral color like brown, black, or white to match any of your outfits easily. 

3. Backpacks 

Backpacks are classic travel bags for short and long-term trips. Plus, travel backpacks are incredibly spacious, functional, and durable, especially those made with premium leather and other high-quality materials. 

Aside from their comfort and function, backpacks are also known for their timeless style. It can match almost any travel outfit. They're also easy to carry around since you keep your hands free, which is perfect if you’re planning your next hiking trip or tennis match. 

4. Travel Totes 

Tote bags are an excellent go-to travel bag. They're straightforward, sleek, and easy to carry. You can use them to hold your essentials for easy access while keeping the rest of your belongings in a suitcase. 

Travel totes made of leather are perfect for a simple yet elegant look. However, you can also choose ones made of high-quality canvas if you're going for a boho-chic summer vibe. The only downside with tote bags is the lack of compartments, making it harder to keep everything organized. 

5. Duffel Bags 

Duffel bags are slightly larger than a typical overnight bag. These bags are spacious and can fit a week's worth of outfits, and even more with proper packing techniques. Duffels are also a perfect gym bag. 

Most duffel bags are made of soft yet durable fabric like canvas and nylon. Due to their flexible structure, you can maximize each space and fit all your travel essentials. Some duffel bags also have a designated compartment for your shoes at the bottom, to keep them separate from your clothing.

6. Spacious Satchels 

Satchels or messenger bags are wardrobe staples due to their classic design. And you can maximize your favorite satchel's functionality by using it as a secondary travel bag. 

A spacious satchel can hold more than the essentials. It's suitable for short and overnight trips, especially if you're a light traveler. Some designs also feature a laptop compartment, excellent for business travels. 

7. Bucket Bags 

Bucket bags provide a quick solution for carrying all your travel essentials. Its structure makes the interior surprisingly more spacious than it looks. Plus, they go in various styles to match your travel outfits. 

You can use a bucket bag to carry fragile items in a separate pack. This way, your belongings stay organized and accessible. You may also use it to hold toiletries and a first-aid kit for a quick solution during emergencies. 

8. Sling Bags 

A sling bag is another casual wardrobe staple you can utilize for your next adventure. Carrying everything in one large suitcase only works for some. An excellent option is using an additional bag to carry your wallet, phone, keys, IDs, and other valuable items.

Carrying a smaller sling bag is an effective way to keep your valuables always with you during trips and commute. This way, you can reduce the risk of theft and save yourself from misplacing your wallet, thus keeping your travels more convenient. 


Having the right travel bag to suit your needs makes each trip fun and hassle-free. Choosing from these top picks will guarantee that you travel in style.

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