Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits You'll Want to Add to Your Closet ASAP

Whether you’re looking to dress chic for the court or pose for some Instagram pics, these aesthetic tennis skirt outfits are sure to give you some fitspo for your next look!

November 18, 2021
9 min read

Tennis is one of the few sports where aesthetics are as compelling as the game. In country clubs, crisp matching outfits are essential to the culture. While watching the US Open, we love to see the outfit Serena Williams will wear in the wake of her next win. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from her, it’s that court fashion is versatile. There’s something to fit every age, style, and comfort level.

Woman posing in front of tennis court net

To add another element to the equation, tennis apparel is becoming one of this year’s most popular trends -- meaning your tennis skirt isn’t only relevant to the court. With so many possibilities, picking the right one can be daunting.

Not to worry--we’ve got you covered. If you’re in need of some tennis skirt outfit inspo, look no further. Here are a few of our favorite aesthetic tennis skirt outfit picks.

Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfits for Every Style

From sporty to streetwear, every style could use a good tennis skirt in the mix

The rise in popularity of the tennis skirt outfit has brought about a whole new level of versatility to the athletic piece. Whether you’re going for a sporty look to hit the court in or a casual outfit to wear while hitting the town, the tennis skirt outfit works. The first step in choosing how you want to style your tennis skirt is figuring out the type of look you’re going for -- sporty, monochromatic, streetwear, or something completely different. Regardless of what you’re going for, here are some examples of different styles of aesthetic tennis skirt outfits that anyone can take some inspiration from.

The Classic Look

When we think of tennis, this is what comes to mind. You can’t go wrong here--it’s classic, trim, and battle-ready. To try this Dona Jo look, shop the Jojo Skirt ECO in white and the Sunshine Polo in white. Image courtesy of FashionbyVicki’s Instagram.

Tennis court fashion has gone through quite the evolution since its arrival. Beginning with long skirts and covered shoulders, we’ve come a long way. But even so, it’s hard not to associate the sport with the matching white set. It’s been the hallmark look of the sport for decades, and yet, it still works.

A classic white polo and pleated skirt combo is sure to make anyone look put together and ready to win. If you’re looking to invest in any outfit, this is the way to go--it’ll be in style as long as you play the game.

The Printed Look

More and more, we’re beginning to see fun tennis sets on the market. We’re all for having more options! Shop these gorgeous Jojo Skirts in Water Life, Cheetah, and Waves. Image courtesy of Players World of Sports’ Instagram.

The pros aren’t the only ones who get to have fun with their tennis attire. If you’re playing your best, why not take your look to the next level?

A printed tennis skirt is not only different in that it’s not, well, plain. But these styles typically stray away from the classic pleat. Instead, you’ll find a slew of sleek silhouettes to pick from.

For those of us who just don’t feel like ourselves in an all-white, prep-centric outfit, these are perfect. Prints give us the opportunity to bring a bit of personality to the game, enabling us to bring confidence to the court while showing our opponents who they’re dealing with.

Wear your new favorite skirt with a coordinating tank top to tie it all together and feel like the powerful player you are.

The Game-Focused Look

Who said tennis skirts are just for playing tennis? If you’re looking to get your head in the game, regardless of the sport, a tennis skirt is almost always a perfect option. Get this look from RTaylor615’s Instagram on the Dona Jo website.

Sometimes we’re just not in the mood to fuss over our outfits. We’ve all been there at one time or another. But when we’re partial to a game that favors fashion, it’s hard not to get swept up in the pressure to look good.

If you find yourself in that bind, neutral, non-pleated skirts are the way to go. Since neutrals, mainly black, go with everything, there’s no need to buy more than a few. Looking for a go-to? Grab some sports bras and tops in identical colors. And when you’re feeling experimental, have some brightly colored accent socks and a couple of printed sports bras to elevate it all.

Follow these tips, and your outfit will look as effortless and put-together as your game.  

The Streetwear Look: The Tennis Skirt Aesthetic Outfit for Off the Court

Each year we come up with and revisit trends that have shown up in another context or decade. Lately, tennis skirts are that trend. If you want to have fun experimenting with your look, check out these ideas!

The Layered Look

Looking for a simple way to bring your tennis outfit from the court to the street? It’s as easy as grabbing a jacket or a sweater on your way out the door. Spice up your look like this member of the Dona Jo Tribe with the Dona Jo Jojo Skirt 2.0 in Pied. Image courtesy of NewLadyGolfer’s Instagram.

You’ve just finished a game and have to run to a lunch date with your BFF or S.O. If you don’t have time to change but also don’t feel comfortable wearing full tennis-garb outside the court, no stress. Taking your tennis skirt from athletic-wear to streetwear is really simple.

We have the athleisure trend to thank for that. Throw on your favorite sweatshirt and an accessory or two, and you’re all set to turn heads.

Layering isn’t only great for your aesthetic--it’s practical. After a long, sweaty game, your body temperature might drop a bit. When that happens, you’ll appreciate those layers that much more.

The Retro Prep Aesthetic Tennis Skirt Outfit

The pleated tennis skirt-sweater vest combo is the epitome of prep. Get this look with the Dona Jo Jojo Skirt Eco in white. Image courtesy of Queserasahra’s Instagram.

Remember Clueless? So do we. One of the most notable things about it was the costume design. Cher’s matching yellow-pleated matching skirt suit is still referenced in pop culture, as are many of the carefully curated looks. And while they certainly fall under the ‘preppy’ category, it’s hard to ignore how much of it all reminds us of tennis.

Most of us aren’t going to try to replicate the looks in our daily lives, but many are riffing off the idea and giving it new life. Tennis skirts are having a moment, so why not play with the trend’s genre?

The Sophisticated Monochrome Look

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the tennis skirt trend, this type of look is the perfect start. Get matchy-matchy with this Dona Jo Tribe member’s look with the Dona Jo Flirty Skirt in Hipster. Image courtesy of MariaAndrewKC’s Instagram.

Want to make your tennis wearable to school, work, or on a first date? Consider wearing your chic tennis skirt with a coordinated sweatshirt, turtleneck, bodysuit--you’ll give the same effect without being overdressed for the occasion.

This outfit is a great standby for when ‘you have nothing to wear’ or just feel blah. It’ll instantly elevate your look. Tennis skirts in these contexts are particularly useful in their ability to smooth and accentuate at the same time.

Could there be a better use of the tennis skirt? We think not.

The tennis skirt is one of the most versatile pieces that have popped up as of late. With it coming in prints, pleats, and neutrals, there is no shortage of routes to take when dressing with one. Though it’s just come out of our peripheral vision, we have a feeling it’ll be here to stay. What do you think?