Our Favorite Short Summer Skirts That Will Keep You Cool (& Cute!) All Season Long

Step aside long skirts, it's time to show a little skin.

June 24, 2022

Are you a skirt person? If the thought of slipping into a pair of rigid denim jeans or heat-trapping leggings in 80° weather sounds like a nightmare, then there’s your answer. This is good news because as far as summer outfits go, skirts are neck in neck with dresses for the Summer uniform. 

While we like a good sundress as much as the next gal, there are a lot more creative styling options with skirts. You could wear the same skirt multiple days in one week, and as long as you styled it differently every time, no one would know. By now, you’re probably thinking “enough already, show me the skirts” and we’re getting there. In this article, we will be covering:

  • Our favorite short summer skirts
  • Where to buy them
  • How to style them
  • Where you can wear them to

A Short Summer Skirt to Look Gorgeous and Groovy In 

jaymeelong’s Instagram

Embrace the hippie culture of the 60s by wearing the Jojo Skirt in Groovy. This skirt is perfect for those days that smell like sunscreen, sweat, fresh air, a sizzling barbeque, salt water, and ice cream. This exquisite skirt was crafted with style and comfort in mind. It pops against tanned summer skin and glowing porcelain skin. The short length gives spunk and attitude, while the high rise waistband flatters and forgives any waistline. 

This lightweight piece was designed with Light® 5-way stretch material, so you can keep moving all Summer long. The skirt’s deep pockets in the interior shorts are a great place to store a phone, car keys, hand sanitizer, or anything small you like to have on hand at all times. 

Price: $72.50

Free Shipping in the U.S.

Sizes: Size 1 (S), Size 1.5 (M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Styled for the Water

Image courtesy of Dona Jo, Target, Cotton On, Ray Ban, and Birkenstock.

You already saw how beautiful this skirt looks on the court, but it looks just as good for days spent suntanning, swimming, and cracking a cold one. Whether your Summers involve going to the lake, the lagoon, the pool, or the beach, this skirt will keep you cool and make you look cool. This is how we would pair the Groovy Jojo Skirt for a day filled with swimming and sunshine. But, we would love to see how you wear a skirt for a day on the water. So, snap a couple of Instagram pics in your vacay skirt, share them with us, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

A Flirty Floral Skirt To Keep You Cool and Cute

devamay’s Instagram

These lovely ladies pictured above are rocking the Dona Jo Jojo Skirt in Flore. If you’re feeling floral, then this is the skirt for you. There’s no doubt that this skirt is adorable, but it’s been updated since it originally came out, with you in mind. The new design features deep side pockets in the built-in shorts to make storing your essential items - headphones, tennis ball, lip balm, you name it - an absolute breeze. Not to mention, this skirt offers UVB protection to keep the outdoor runners and tennis players shielded from the sun’s harmful rays. It truly doesn’t get any better than a flirty floral , a light weight, breathable, form-fit, and a slimming, medium rise waistband. 

Price: $76 

Free Shipping in the U.S.

Sizes: Size 1 (S), Size 1.5 (M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Styled For Brunch

Elevate your skirt with a flirty summery look for brunch with the girls! Image courtesy of Dona Jo, Nordstrom, Altar’d State, and TJMaxx

This skirt looks great for working out or training, but it looks just as great at brunch with your friends and family! Style it as we suggest and no one will even know that you played tennis in the same skirt last week. However, there are many ways to style this skirt to look elegant, posh, and preppy. So, if you’re a fan of floral and want a skirt that’s flexible for different occasions, then this is the perfect skirt for you. We especially love the stretchy waistband for when you find yourself in a food coma from overdoing it on the french toast and eggs. 

A Little Floral Skirt for the Lady Who Lives in Black and Whites

airingmylaundry’s Instagram

If you’re a fan of florals, but less of a fan of colors then the Dona Jo Flirty Skirt in White Lily might just be the perfect skirt for you. It’s a sleek and chic spin on a stereotypical floral pattern which are usually colorful and vibrant. The flirty skirt is feminine and charming. It’s a great addition to any wardrobe, for both the sporty and non-sporty alike. 

Even if you find yourself sitting behind a desk more often than you find yourself in a gym or playing a game, worry not. This skirt is very versatile. It’s what you might call a sportswear skirt in disguise. Is it a skirt or is it activewear? Well, it’s both. Most skirts can’t do it all, but this one can. If black skirts are a little more up your alley in comparison to vivid colored skirts, then check out some of the other aesthetic black skirt options offered by Dona Jo

Price: $76 

Free Shipping in the U.S.

Sizes: Size 1 (S), Size 1.5 (M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Styled for a Formal Event

Take this look even further by accessorizing with white-gold jewelry. Images courtesy of Nordstrom, Dona Jo, J.Crew, and Target

Dona Jo’s white lily print, because of its simple black and white color scheme, can easily be elevated for a more sophisticated look. For an extremely formal event, stick to blacks and whites and modest coverage. However, if you don’t have a formal dress code where you are going, you can skip the tights and spice up the look with a pop of color in your accessories. Think of a red purse or a purple headband. 

Catch Eyes in An Electric Design

this_is_nicolehammond’s Instagram

This playful short summer skirt, also known as Dona Jo’s Jojo Skirt in Wildblue, is full of energy. It looks electric on all skin tones and is designed with comfort in mind. In your closet, you probably have clothing items that you tend to grab for more than others because they’re  just more comfortable, more flattering, and more functional. This is one of those items. With UVB protection, built-in shorts, light 5-way stretch material, deep side pockets, and an exquisite pattern, this skirt is every woman and athlete’s best friend. So for your next workout, stand out on the court and catch the eye of even the most extreme fashionistas. To find even more vibrant designs, check out our other lightweight summer skirts that are perfect for working out and running errands

Price: $76 

Free Shipping in the U.S.

Sizes: Size 1 (S), Size 1.5 (M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Styled for Running Errands

Swap out those heat-trapping leggings for a cooling short summer skirt. Images courtesy of Dona Jo, Nordstrom, Nike, and Verizon

After you’ve taken your cute new skirt to the court, you may have to run errands like trips to the grocery store, the pharmacy, to pick up your kids, or even a doctor's appointment. You may still want to be comfortable, look somewhat put together, and feel attractive. If this is the case, leave the skirt on, switch to some sneakers, and a comfortable top. Depending on the specific summer day, you may still be sweating a lot just from running errands and wearing a skirt that is lightweight and cooling is the perfect way to go! Pictured above is an example of how we would wear the skirt to run around town, but we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Summer is almost here, and the weather is going to be changing. Come the extreme heat and humidity, you’re going to not just want to wear less fabric, but intentionally choose clothing fabricated to keep you comfortable even when you’re sweating and moving. Any of the pieces on this list are great options for short summer skirts to keep you cool and cute all summer. So, soak up the oncoming summer in one of these skirts and have fun styling your outfit to represent you


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