Aesthetic Black Tennis Skirt Outfits You Can Wear on the Court, in Class, or at the Office

One skirt. Many outfits. Here's how to make one staple piece in your wardrobe fit every occasion.

April 29, 2022

From sporty to streetwear - and everything in between - there are so many ways to wear an aesthetic tennis skirt! Black tennis skirts in particular may as well be the new black legging. They’re comfortable, attractive, versatile, and a go-to clothing item for everyday. Don’t know what bottoms to wear today? Wear a black tennis skirt! Not playing tennis today? Still, wear a black tennis skirt. If you’ve been looking for a clothing item that you can wear on and off the court - a piece which fits your every need - then you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll show you just how capable an aesthetic black tennis skirt is of adapting to different functions and activities.

In this article, we’re going to cover: 

  • How to wear a black tennis skirt on the court
  • Aesthetically stylish black tennis skirt outfits for off the court
  • Our personal favorite black tennis skirts

Wearing an Aesthetic Black Tennis Skirt on the Court

Oh, you thought a black tennis skirt is boring? Think again. Black is timeless. Black is forgiving. Black matches everything. In fact, a safe rule of thumb is when in doubt, pair it with a black tennis skirt. It’s how you wear your black tennis skirt that makes or breaks your outfit. There are also so many different styles of black tennis skirts to choose from. Let’s show you what we mean: 

Dona Jo Instagram. Image courtesy of DonaJoBrand’s Instagram

When you’re on the tennis court, you want to wear something that is breathable. All you need is a black skirt and a sports bra to look cool and feel cool while you work up a sweat. To spice up plain black, you can opt for a black and gray camo skirt like the one pictured above. 

Opt for a black skirt that has leggings underneath for more comfort and coverage as you jump around on the court! Check out more ways to style your black skirted legging on the Dona Jo Instagram. Image courtesy of maddietoren’s Instagram

The Dona Jo Black skirted capri was specially designed so that you don’t have to retire the black skirt during the colder months. However, it doubles as an equally great piece in warmer weather, with its lightweight and breathable material and UVB protection. As a result, you get the cuteness and femininity of a skirt with the coverage you may deeply desire. For a pop of color, pair this skirted capri with a fun-colored tank, or even bright pink shoes as shown above for a look that is well-balanced and not too overwhelming on the eye. Plan on stopping by the grocery store after your tennis practice? Slide your phone and keys into the deep pockets offered by the capri. 

Price: $86

Free Shipping and returns in the U.S. 

Sizes: Size 1 (Small), Size 1.5 (Medium), Size 2 (Large), Size 3 (XL) 

Styling A Black Tennis Skirt for the Golf Course

This Dona Jo ambassador looks pretty in pink as she rocks the Dona Jo black skort. Dare we say her first hole in one was because of her lucky black skirt? Image courtesy of golfinglucy’s Instagram. 

You can take your black tennis skirt to the golf course by pairing it with a vibrant polo and a matching hat for the ultimate women’s golf outfit. Photographed above is the Dona Jo skort in black which features hidden deep pockets to store tees, ball markers, a glove, or whatever accessory you like to keep on standby as you play. Although the skirt hugs your figure a bit, the built in short aspect provides great freedom and the material is designed to be stretchy, breathable, and lightweight. So, what does that mean for you? You can look cute, feel comfy, and function optimally as you hit ‘em long and straight. 

Price: $76

Free Shipping and returns in the U.S. 

Sizes: Size 1 (Small), Size 1.5 (Medium), Size 2 (Large), Size 3 (XL)

The Black Skirt on A Casual Outing

Whether you’re going to yoga, taking a stroll, running errands, or hitting the books, a black skirt - especially the Dona Jo skirted legging - can be just the perfect bottom. Check out more classic black skirt outfits that you can wear anywhere on the Dana Jo Instagram. Image courtesy of adventureswithpollin’s Instagram

Whether you’re sporty or not, you need a black skirt in your life. Imagine hitting the local farmers market, but in a comfortable and stylish black skirt. Not a jean skirt that digs into your skin or black leggings which may be too hot by the peak of summer, but Dona Jo’s Ultimate Black Skirt. It’s ultimate for a reason. The skirt is built so that it looks great no matter where you are, it’s not exclusively a sports skirt nor is it definitely an everyday skirt. It’s both. 

Besides, there’s arguably nothing worse than sweating in a jean skirt, or better yet feeling restricted by a jean skirt. With summer on the horizon, black skirts can be the perfect match to a cropped top and a glowing tan as evident from the image above. While it’s still Spring and we’re blessed with a cooling breeze, kick your everyday legging look up a notch with the Dona Jo skirted legging for some fun, flirty flair. 

Price: $86

Free Shipping and returns in the U.S. 

Sizes: Size 1 (Small), Size 1.5 (Medium), Size 2 (Large), Size 3 (XL)

Black on black works no matter what occasion. Look cute, sporty, and sleek in a full black tennis skirt, crop-top duo – the dynamic duo! Image courtesy of curlylunna’s Instagram

This OFFLINE Pleated Aerie Black Tennis Skirt by Aerie should be a part of your Summer 2022 wardrobe, both for leisure and activity. The seriously soft nylon that it’s made out of and the built- in shorts mean you can let the breeze twirl the skirt, dance, sit criss-cross, or even sleep in because, well, it’s just that stinkin 'comfy. 

It pairs practically with anything, whether it be a polo, a tank, a cropped top, or a crewneck. Dress it up with some chunky gold hoops and an oversized sweatshirt. Make it sporty with a cropped polo tank. Or, wear it to run errands with your favorite kicks and a tank top. The options are endless! Once you put this skirt on, the hard part of coming up with an outfit is over and the rest is a piece of cake. 

Price: $54.95 (Sale Price may differ)

Free Shipping and returns in the U.S. on orders over $50 for rewards members

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Come Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall – you will be glad to have an aesthetic black tennis skirt in your closet. The black tennis skirt is a piece of clothing that can do no wrong. Anything you pair it with and anywhere you go, you are sure to feel your best and receive compliments. With all of the things you can pair the black skirt with, it’s as though you can wear it 365 days/year without anyone noticing that you were an outfit repeater. So, as captivating as bold patterns can be, don’t neglect your trusty black skirt – make the most of it! 

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