How to Make the Most of Your Summer Workouts This Year

Get fit and look fabulous doing so

July 12, 2022

Main image courtesy of Kyhenthorn’s Instagram.

If you’re looking to stay in shape this summer and make the most out of every workout you do, there are a few ways that you can effectively stay motivated to continue with your workout routine. You’re in the right place if these are some of the things that you’re looking to explore this summer:

  • How adding variety to your summer workouts can improve your fitness
  • Adapting your lifestyle choices to get the most of out the summer
  • Summer outfits that’ll keep you motivated all summer long
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Fitness is always ten times better with a friend. Get the look of the Dona Jo tribe member above with the Dona Jo Love Skirted Leggings in Nectar. Image courtesy of Get.that.polish’s Instagram.

The Basics: Fun and Unique Summer Workouts

Spice it up with these interesting workout ideas

Variety is the spice of life – and it’s also the spice of any workout routine. Adding a wide range of workouts that exercise different parts of your body is a great way to improve your overall fitness and have fun while doing so. Going to the gym day after day can become monotonous, so trying out some new ideas to get your sweat on might be exactly what you need to make the most out of your workout routine in the warmer months.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a consistent routine, there are ways to break out of it easily by integrating some new activities that are summer-related into your life. One way to make the most of the summer season is by doing more of your workouts outside, either by running or doing strength training outdoors. If you enjoy cardio exercise, there are typically a variety of different 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon races that you can sign up for depending on where you live.

Another great option to make the most of the warmer weather is by swimming laps in either an indoor or outdoor pool. Hiking is also the perfect option to admire the nature around you while working out your cardiovascular system. Hiking is versatile because, depending on the types of trails closest to you, you can choose a more strenuous or less strenuous route.

Another way to keep up your workout motivation throughout the summer is by bringing along a companion. If you’re going on a walk outdoors or on a run, a fitness friend or even a canine pal can be the perfect addition to your exercise.

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A matching set is the quickest way to a great day. Get this set with the Dona Jo Active Leggings and Adjustable Bra in Jungle. Image courtesy of Thenorthernprepster’s Instagram.

Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Summer Fitness Progress

Tips and tricks to help you achieve your maximum fitness levels

A workout is only as effective as the lifestyle choices that coincide with it, so adopting healthy and fit diets, health habits, and routines is essential to making the most out of your summer workouts. There are a few simple habits that can easily be added into any person’s daily routine and exercises that can make a world of difference this summer.

The number one mistake that people make in the summer if they’re working out is not hydrating enough. In those hot summer months, it can be easy to forget to maintain hydration, but this can be dangerous if you’re working out outdoors or in warmer gyms. This is especially essential if you plan on participating in any races or going on long hikes – you should always be hydrating as much as possible the day before, as well as the day-of, in order to ensure peak performance and avoid dehydration. On average, a person should drink between half an ounce to an ounce of water for every pound that you weigh, so drink up!

Another seemingly obvious but important thing to look out for when you work out is overexertion. This point goes hand-in-hand with making sure that you’re drinking enough water, but it also means that you should be giving yourself rest days and not constantly pushing your body to its limits. It’s easier to become overexerted in the summer due to warmer temperatures, but checking in on yourself and consistently making sure that your physical health is functioning normally can go a long distance.

One fantastic way to avoid overexertion is by making – and by making, we mean physically writing or typing out – a workout routine. Having a week-by-week plan of the mix of cardiovascular, strength training, and other exercises you’ll complete can help to keep you on the best track to improving your fitness. This gives you a sense of the level you’re starting off at and it can also be used as an effective means of setting goals that you can attempt to hit by the end of summer.

Finally, in addition to each point mentioned above, make sure that your body has time to repair with the right amount of sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep ensures that you’re well prepared for the next day and your next exercise, so catch some Z’s.

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Soak up that summer sun in this adorable Dona Jo Jojo Skirt in Flore. Image courtesy of Ibambrick’s Instagram.

Summer Workout Outfits to Help You Feel Your Best

Outfit pairings, pieces, and tricks to improve your summer workouts

The key to any great workout is feeling comfortable in yourself, your abilities, and your look while exercising. Starting off on the right foot requires an outfit that will make you feel both confident and comfortable, so it’s vital to make sure that you have pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel like you can dominate your workout.

Going for the more feminine look? Athletic skirts can be the perfect option if you’re looking to achieve a feminine silhouette but still want biker shorts incorporated into your outfit. These skirts can come in a variety of lengths, typically ranging from 13” in length to 17” depending on the amount of coverage you want.

What’s amazing about modern tennis skirts is their amount of pocket storage – all Dona Jo skirts come with deep pockets on either side of the shorts underneath to store tennis balls, car keys, or other small items you carry. If you’re looking for even more athletic skirt outfit inspiration, check out this guide from Dona Jo.

If you’re not one for the tennis skirt look, consider a matching set to help you feel effortlessly put together every time you workout this summer. Matching sets come in pairs of leggings and sports bras, biker shorts or tennis skirts and tops, and many more other combinations. The Dona Jo collection has a wide array of patterns for their matching sets, as well as a variety of different pieces to pair together if you fall in love with a particular fabric.

Ultimately, as long as you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your full potential with your summer workouts. For more summer workout outfit inspiration, check out this Dona Jo guide.

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Bright leggings are always a fun option in the warmer seasons. Get this look with the Dona Jo Active Leggings and Adjustable Bra in Luna. Image courtesy of therobelifeblog’s Instagram.

The key to making the most out of your summer workouts this upcoming season is by finding exercises, athleticwear, and lifestyle habits that help you to feel your healthiest and happiest. So, approach the summer with a game plan that will help you to put your best foot forward!

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