Get Ripped in These 9 Best-Selling Workout Tank Tops for Women

Need some new workout clothes? Get ready to sweat it out in these chic and sporty tank tops!

October 9, 2021

While we have moved out of the dog days of summer, most of us are still dealing with long and hot, sweltering days. Because of the steamy weather, it’s crucial to dress in breathable, high-quality tank tops for your workouts. The last thing you want is to get overheated in the middle of your outdoor yoga routine. But the right tank top can make a huge difference in your workout experience. So it’s important to take the time to do your research before shopping for some new tank tops.

Need help finding a great set of workout tank tops? We’ve got you covered. We assembled the 9 best workout tank tops for staying cool and looking stylish. Check them out now!

Our Top 9 Favorite Workout Tanks for Sweating it Out

Ready to shop until you drop? Check out these 9 tank tops that are perfect for any workout!

Don’t work out in just any old tank top. Check out these fun, stylish tops that we picked out just for you!

Ready to give your wardrobe a little upgrade? Add these fun and sporty tank tops to your shopping cart now. 

1. Dona Jo Lite Tank

Price: $42 + Shipping: FREE | Colors: Black, Plum, + More | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Ready to turn heads the second you walk into the gym? This stunning cerulean Lite Tank by Dona Jo is as practical as it is stylish. Designed to feel as light as a feather on your skin, this tank top will make it easier than ever to get your sweat on while you work out. Thanks to its UV 50+ protection, the Lite Tank is also great for outdoor workouts. 

Bonus: it’s also eco-friendly. Unlike traditional nylon tops, the Lite Tank is made from biodegradable nylon. This means that it will quickly decompose after it’s ready to be retired after years of use. 

2. Dona Jo Sunshine Polo

Price: $42 + Shipping: FREE | Colors: Black, Magenta, + More | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Heading out to the tennis courts? Suit up with the Sunshine Polo by Dona Jo. The crisp collar gives the shirt a posh edge while the light material makes it easy to move around. It also comes with UV 50+, making it the perfect top for a day out on the courts. To make your outfit really pop, we recommend adding a fun, patterned skirt like the one pictured above!

3. Dona Jo Smash Tank

Price: $34.50 + Shipping: FREE | Colors: Black, Deep Green, + More | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Get ready for the workout of a lifetime with the Smash Tank by Dona Jo. Made with light compression material, this tank top is prepared to handle the most intense workouts. Whether you’re getting ready for leg day or preparing for a long run, this “smashing” tank will get you focused and ready to go. 

4. Dona Jo Urban Tank

Price: $39 + Shipping: FREE | Colors: Pink Batom, White, + More | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Getting tired of sporting the same racerback tanks all the time? Change it up with a fun, new neckline! The Urban Tank by Dona Jo offers a sporty and chic twist to the classic workout tank. Designed with a scalloped edge on the back, this tank is flattering on any shape. It’s also easy to match it with different shorts and leggings. Don’t want just one tank? This fun tank comes in pink, black, ocean blue, navy, white, and teal!  

5. Athleta Vinyasa Support Top

Lean into cobra pose with the Vinyasa Support Top by Athleta. This stylish tank comes in seaweed green, black, and flora mauve. The intricate racerback design not only offers a chic touch to the top, but it also makes it easy to move around in different poses. Made from Powervita™ fabric, this lush tank top will feel like a soft hug. Comfort is key, especially during an intense yoga session. 

6. Athleta Ultimate 2-in-1 Support Top

Workouts can get intense. Enjoy full support with the Ultimate 2-in-1 Support Top by Athleta. The top comes in multiple colors, including rose, orange, navy, black, purple, and almond brown. Made from SuperSponic fabric, this chic top offers ultimate supportive compression. Its quick-drying fabric also wicks away sweat from the body, thereby allowing it to evaporate faster. Going outside? The top also has UPF 50+ protection, making it perfect for those long, outdoor workouts. 

7. Athleta Aurora Crop Rib Tank

Crop tops aren’t just for going out. The Aurora Crop Rib Tank by Athleta offers a close and snug fit perfect for working on your barre technique or practicing that challenging new yoga pose. Its chafe-free seamless fabric will stretch and move along with you as you transition into new positions. Yoga studios can get pretty hot, but this chic top will wick away the sweat from your body so it can evaporate faster.

Pro tip: pair your Aurora crop tank with your favorite pair of leggings to finish the look! 

8. Nike Air Women’s Asymmetrical Tank

Try something bold and different with the Nike Air Women’s Asymmetrical Tank. This asymmetrical tank comes in lime, red, black, and white. Designed to fit snugly to the body, this tank can follow you through the toughest of workouts. 

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