Cute Summer Skirts You'll Want to Add to Your Closet ASAP

Your guide to adorable summer skirts for the upcoming season

June 3, 2022

Looking to spice up your wardrobe for this summer? Going for a feminine, yet comfortable look? With our guide to cute summer skirts that are essential to this year’s summer wardrobe, you’ll be looking and feeling your best when the warmer weather comes. Here are just a few things we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Short, cute summer skirts to complete any look
  • Mid-length athletic skirts that are perfect for any body type
  • Skirted capris for cooler summer evenings

Shorter Summer Skirts to Look Sharp In

Cute summer skirts that match the seasonal vibe

The hotter the weather, the shorter the skirts. Catch a breeze with a shorter skirt this summer. Most athletic skirts average between 11 and 15 inches in length, which is the perfect amount of fabric to help you feel covered, comfortable, and cool. For even more outfit inspiration with cute summer skirts, check out this post from Dona Jo.Here are a few of our top picks for shorter skirts for the upcoming season.

Dona Jo Jojo Skirt ECO in White

Woman standing in front of staircase
Get the full Dona Jo set like the DJ tribe member above with the Jojo Skirt in white and the Sunshine Polo in white. Image courtesy of FashionByVicky’s Instagram.

When in doubt, the monochromatic outfit is always a tasteful and chic route to take with tennis skirts. The Jojo Skirt from Dona Jo is made from a comfortable and breathable nylon fabric, with built-in shorts and UV protection. The waistband is medium rise and is sure to give all wearers a flattering silhouette.

Pair this 14.5” skirt with a bright athletic t-shirt or tank top for the court, or pair it with a sweatshirt to hit the town in. The options are endless with this versatile tennis skirt!

Price: $76

Free Shipping in the US

Sizes: Size 1 (S), Size 1.5 (M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Dona Jo Soar Skirt in Groovy

Woman standing on pickle ball court with dog
Skirts are cute and all, but matching your furry friend to an outfit can take it to a whole new level. Get this look with the Dona Jo Soar Skirt and Love Bra in Groovy. Image courtesy of JaymeeLong’s Instagram.

Dona Jo’s Soar Skirt in Groovy will make you want to hit the dancefloor with its funky pattern and flowy cut. The super lightweight and stretchy fabric makes this piece versatile – wear it to the gym or out on the town. The medium rise waistband provides additional coverage and the deep pockets on either side of the shorts underneath the skirt are ideal for storing a phone, car keys, or any other small item.

The length of the skirt varies depending on size, and it ranges from 14.5” to 16.5” in length. Pair this piece with the Dona Jo Love Bra in Groovy for the matching set look.

Price: $72.50

Free Shipping in the US

Sizes: Size 1 (S), Size 1.5 (M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Mid-length Skirts and Skirted Capris to Stand Out in

Slightly longer skirts that’ll steal the show

If you’re looking for a little more coverage with your cute summer skirts this season, we’ve got you covered. These mid-length skirts typically range between 17” and 19”, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less stylish than the shorter ones. For some of our best outfit ideas with long tennis skirts, short tennis skirts, and skirted leggings and capris, check out this article from Dona Jo. Here are some of our picks for cute summer skirts that are slightly longer.

Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt in Black Polka Dot

Woman walking down sidewalk holding racket
Polka dot patterns are a perfect way to stand out with your cute summer skirt! Mix and match patterns with the Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt or keep it classic with a t-shirt like the Dona Jo tribe member above. Image courtesy of BodyDoubleDenwick’s Instagram.

The Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt in Black Polka Dot is a great option for tennis players and non-tennis players alike. This 17” skirt is an a-line design with compression shorts underneath and deep pockets. The soft material moves with you while you’re on the run or working out, and the medium rise waistband will be sure to make you feel covered and comfortable any time you wear it.

The bottoms pair well with the Dona Jo Luna T in White like above or any other white top.

Price: $76

Free Shipping in the U.S.

Sizes: Size 1 (S), Size 1.5 (M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Dona Jo Skirted Capri in Black

Woman jumping on pickle ball court
Jump into summer with the Dona Jo Skirted Capri in Black. Try out this look by pairing the skirted leggings with the Dona Jo Beauty Top in white. Image courtesy of MaddieToren’s Instagram.

The Dona Jo Skirted Capri in black has got it all – a cute tennis skirt, comfortable capris underneath, and a color that matches with just about anything! This is the ideal skirt if you’re looking for a wardrobe staple. This pair would also work well for cooler summer evenings or it could even be worn during the fall or the spring.

This pair of skirted capris has pockets on both sides of the capris and has a medium rise waistband. The cute A-line skirt is sure to flatter any body type. Depending on the size, the length of the skirt ranges from 13” to 15.”

Price: $86

Free Shipping in the U.S.

Sizes: Size 1 (S/M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Dona Jo Classic Skirt in Orenda

Explore the fun, flirty, and bold patterns and colors of the Dona Jo Classic Skirt on the Dona Jo Instagram. To get the look above, pair this skirt with the Dona Jo Breathe Tank in black.

This skort offers even more coverage thanks to long built-in compression shorts, the 19” skirt length, as well as a medium rise waist.

This skort is lightweight, breathable, and form-fitted. It’s made with Light® 5-way stretch material and flat seams for comfort. The cool abstract design is sure to cause some double-takes, and the design pairs well with single-toned tops like the one above.

As a bonus this skort has a hidden key pocket for storing essentials, as well as deep side pockets on the interior shorts. It also offers UVB protection to make sure you’re covered when you’re on the court or strolling in the sun.

Price: $76

Free Shipping and returns in the U.S.

Sizes: Size 1 (small), Size 1.5 (medium), Size 2 (large), Size 3 (extra-large)

Nothing screams summer more than this matching set from Dona Jo! To get this look, check out the Love Bra in Flore and the Soar Skirt in Flore. Image courtesy of Irosenav’s Instagram.

As the warmer weather approaches, you’ll want your wardrobe to be prepared. The Dona Jo skirt collection is a great place to start your cute summer skirt collection, and you can easily experiment with your style with the different patterns and designs offered. Go have fun in the sun with one of these gorgeous skirts!

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