Why You Need a Golf Skirt with Leggings in Your Closet (Plus, Our Top Recs)

Our ultimate guide to why you need a golf skirt with leggings for the course and how to style it

December 2, 2021

Golfing is a great way to spend your day. The luscious greens that spread as far as you can see, a glistening lake, tall trees lining the fairway all seen from the comfort of your golf cart as you hit ball after ball under par. It pictures itself to be the perfect afternoon.

Main image courtesy of AdventureswithPollin’s Instagram.

Golfing is also a great excuse to break out your tennis skirt and make your outing more than just about the sport, but about fashion as well.

That being said, golf has a firm dress code and calls for skirts to be longer than the average tennis skirt.

Never fear though! This does not mean you need to leave your favorite tennis skirt in your closet. Instead, we’re here to teach you how to style it in order for it to be a perfectly acceptable option for your next golf day. Here’s our guide to how you can effortlessly rock a golf skirt with leggings.

Patterned skirted leggings are a perfect way to make a statement on the golf course. Go bold with this pair of Dona Jo’s Love Skirted Leggings in Nectar. Check out more outfit inspo on Dona Jo’s Instagram.

How to Layer Your Golf Skirt with Leggings 

We all love our tennis skirts, but often courses require something a bit longer. Though courses do allow you to layer skirted leggings in order to be able to wear your favorite tennis skirt to your next golf game.

First, here are some great options for skirts.

  • The Dona Jo Birdie Skirt ECO
A woman models a black Dona Jo skirt.
The Dona Jo Birdie Skirt ECO comes in several colors: Pied, Navy, White, Surreal, and black (pictured above). You can find them all by clicking here.

Price: $68 | Free Shipping Within the US

This skirt is working towards the goal of more eco-friendly clothing. It is made with biodegradable nylon, a product pioneered by Brazilian technology. It will fully decompose in three years, but that is only after years and years of love and use by you!

The skirt is made to be lightweight, breathable, and form-fitting. It has a medium rise with a wide waistband for extra coverage.

A favorite of all, this skirt has an outside pocket that you can store a golf tee, your keys, or other essential items in.

There are also deep side pockets on the interior shorts.

These skirts vary in length from 17 inches to 19 inches depending on the size purchased.

  • The Dona Jo Skirted Legging
The black skirted legging is an essential for those cool days on the golf course. Try out Dona Jo’s best-selling skirted leggings in black, or explore other bold patterns and designs on the Dona Jo website. Image courtesy of kgolf_yoga_fit’s Instagram.

Price: $86 | Free Shipping Within the US

These leggings were born to give those who wanted to golf in the colder months. But they serve a dual purpose. Not only will you stay warm in the late fall and early spring, but you can now wear your favorite tennis skirt on the golf course without fear of being turned away due to dress code violation!

The leggings are lightweight, breathable, and form-fitting. This means that even if you wear them in the summer months, the breathability allows them to let air out, meaning you won’t heat up while wearing these longer leggings.

There is also a deep pocket to hold your phone or keys.

Dona Jo’s skirted leggings come in many colors and patterns that are perfect for the golf course. Some interesting options from the line include:

To check out all the options, click here.

  • The Dona Jo Skirted Capri

Who said athletic wear couldn’t be dressed up? Keep it classy on the course with this Dona Jo Skirted Capri in Black. Image courtesy of VedaDelRey’s Instagram.

Price: $75 | Free Shipping Within the US

Dona Jo’s skirted capris are here for you and all your golf dress code needs!

For those that prefer capri over full-length leggings, these are the bottoms for you.

These bottoms have all the same perks and benefits of the full length leggings (deep pockets, UVB protection, breathable fabric, and form-fitting), but are a little shorter and expose your calves.

This can be helpful on those extremely hot days when pants, no matter how breathable, are not an option.

The capris also come in a variety of colors and styles including:

To see all the style options, click here.

The classic monochromatic look never fails to wow on the golf course. Get this Dona Jo tribe member’s look with the Jojo Skirt in Black Polka Dot. Image courtesy of GabbyLC’s Instagram.

Following Course Dress Code in Golf Skirts with Leggings

Every course has their own dress code, though they share most of the same rules. However, the more exclusive courses tend to have the strictest dress codes. 

If you are used to playing on municipal courses make sure to check out the rules at the exclusive course you have a tee time at!

Municipal courses often have pretty lenient rules, and some don’t have codes at all! However, it is better to be safe than sorry so always check when going to a new course, both out of respect and so you do not get turned away.

Here are the general rules that most courses follow when it comes to dress code.

  • Tops for Golf Skirts with Leggings

The best practice for a top for golf is polo-style shirts. You can also try turtlenecks and crewneck tops. 

Now, what you should avoid when golfing includes things like t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, and styles similar to these.

You can’t beat the classic short sleeved polo when it comes to playing on the golf course, tennis court, or anywhere! Get these Dona Jo Polos, and explore more on the Dona Jo website. For more outfit inspo, browse the Dona Jo Instagram.

  • Bottoms

When it comes to bottoms, think slacks, skorts, skirts, or shorts. That being said, make sure the skorts, skirts, and shorts are all the correct length. Oftentimes, courses prefer that the shorter options reach your knee.

When it comes to bottoms to avoid, leave your leggings and sweatpants at home.

If you are questioning the length, air on the side of caution and go for something more conservative.

Another option if you think your skirt is too short is to layer underneath it with leggings like some of the options we shared above.

Can’t decide whether to go with a Dona Jo skirt or leggings? Try them both, or get the best of both worlds with the Skirted Legging Eco in Cheetah. Image courtesy of StyledJen’s Instagram.

Golf isn’t all about making that hole in one! It’s a time to create and build relationships. And it's time to show off your style with tennis skirts and skirted leggings. Sometimes being “held back” by rules and dress codes can help create the most unique and soon to be favorite looks!

Schedule your next golf match, call your crew, and bring those outfits to the green!

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