Essential Resources for Improving Your Next Pickleball Match

Sharpening your pickleball gameplay requires a combination of practice, strategic learning, and access to the right resources.

June 12, 2024
5 min read

Pickleball has exploded in popularity across the United States. What began as a niche pastime has now evolved into a mainstream phenomenon, with people of all ages flocking to courts to partake in the fast-paced, engaging game. According to the 2023 APP Tour's Pickleball Participation report, there are about 36.5 million pickleball players in the country. Nationwide, pickleball courts and entire facilities are being set up to meet the growing demand for the sport. Terri Graham, co-founder of the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships, the largest event for the sport, has even noted that player applications are up 30% over the past year.

As more enthusiasts hit the courts, many seek ways to refine their gameplay and stay competitive. Fortunately, there are a variety of resources available to help players enhance their skills and strategies. Below, we've compiled a list of the best resources to elevate your next pickleball match. 

PB Vision: AI software for enhanced performance

Professional athletes are known to record their matches so that they can get a better idea of how to improve their performance. Similarly, the AI tool PB Vision uses computer vision and machine learning to analyze video footage of pickleball matches. By setting up a stationary camera, players can upload their game recordings to PB Vision, which then provides insights into player movements, ball trajectory, serve accuracy, and more. This allows players to identify strengths and weaknesses, develop better tactics, and improve shot selection. The software is also able to analyze the opponent's gameplay, enabling players to adapt their strategy accordingly. Best of all, this resource is free to use and accessible to anyone looking to up their pickleball skills. 

Everand: Comprehensive ebooks for strategy

For novices and seasoned players alike, having a solid foundation of understanding the game's rules, techniques, and strategies is vital. This is where the wide range of ebooks on Everand can come in handy. Everand offers a range of comprehensive titles that cater to players of all skill levels, providing detailed explanations and visual aids to help players grasp the fundamentals of the game. One of Everand's standout features is its accessibility, allowing users to learn anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. A popular title on the platform is Dennis Hall's Pickleball Strategy Book. This in-depth guide covers everything from game basics to the best equipment, as well as game strategies and dinking techniques that will have you dominating the court in no time. 

PicklePlay: Connecting players and enhancing practice

As we discussed in our previous post , practice makes perfect when trying to hone your pickleball skills. The best way to get better is through repetition and matchplay experience. If you're having trouble looking for places to play pickleball and new people to play with, there are a number of apps you can try. One example is the PicklePlay app, which can locate courts and clubs near you and connect you with players who match your skillset. The app also allows users to create a profile detailing their skill level, location, and dates when they're available. This allows others to reach out to you for a meetup. Plus, it's a great way to make friends who are interested in pickleball!

Sharpening your pickleball gameplay requires a combination of practice, strategic learning, and access to the right resources. By utilizing the tools and platforms outlined above, you can accelerate your progress, gain deeper insights into the game, and enjoy a more fulfilling pickleball experience.