Swoon-Worthy Summer Workout Outfits for 2022

Shine in these outfits while breaking a sweat this summer

July 1, 2022

It can be difficult to find motivation to work out during the summer. It’s hot, it’s sticky, and it’s far easier to lay out in the sun all day rather than get your sweat on. If you’re looking for some motivation to get into your workout groove in the upcoming warmer months, then consider these workout outfits to help you feel your best and exercise to your maximum potential. Here are just a few things that we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Summer workout outfits with cute tennis skirts
  • Chic tennis dresses to hit the tennis court and town in
  • Matching sets that match the summer vibe
Woman and man pulling ropes
Summer is the perfect season to start out a new workout routine and try different exercise activities that interest you. Explore the rest of the Dona Jo Biker Short collection to get one step closer to starting that new fitness routine. Image courtesy of Mirandagram22’s Instagram.

Summer Workout Outfits with Adorable Tennis Skirts

There’s a whole world of tennis skirts out there to explore this summer

Tennis skirts are a great option for those looking to explore a more feminine style with their workout wardrobe this summer. Tennis skirts are a comfortable and breezy go-to for many because of their flattering silhouette and fun pattern options.

In recent years, more and more tennis skirts with long biker shorts underneath have appeared on the market, making these skirts – or skorts – the perfect option even for intense workouts like running or lifting. Additionally, tennis skirts tend to come in a variety of lengths, from about 13” to 19” depending on the amount of coverage you desire.

An added bonus of modern tennis skirts is their tendency to have deep pockets to store small items like your phone, tennis balls, or keys. The entire Dona Jo skirt collection contains skirts that have comfortable shorts underneath and deep pockets on either side of the shorts. What more could you need out of a tennis skirt?

The Dona Jo collection of tennis skirts contains a wide variety of patterns and cuts depending on the type of look you’re going for. The collection has bright and floral patterns, electric animal prints, or solid tones and straight cuts based on your preference. Tennis skirts, while originally only used on the court, are now a common part of mainstream street fashion. So, while a good tennis skirt might be an investment, they’re versatile and can be worn on and off of the tennis court.

For even more tennis skirt summer outfit inspiration, check out this guide from Dona Jo to some additional cute outfit options.

group of five women tennis players
What could possibly scream summer better than a skirt from the Dona Jo Flore collection? Find some friends to match your adorable look with like the Dona Jo tribe members above. Image courtesy of Devamay’s Instagram.

Tennis Dresses are All the Rave this Summer

This one piece outfit is perfectly comfortable and stylish

It doesn’t get much more comfortable than a tennis dress. Initially gaining popularity in the 1920’s amongst women tennis players, this tennis look has rapidly become a staple in many tennis players' (and non-tennis players’) wardrobes. Despite this piece being created as an outfit for tennis, it can also be worn for a variety of workouts.

The modern-day tennis dress typically consists of a spaghetti-strap or sleeveless tank top joined with a flattering tennis skirt. Most tennis dresses also include a pair of shorts under the tennis skirt, which is ideal if you plan on running or vigorously exercising in your tennis dress. While tennis garb was originally created out of soft cotton or linen, tennis dresses today are mostly fabricated with flexible nylon and sweat-wicking fabrics. That being said, a tennis dress is equally as breathable and mobile as its athleticwear counterparts.

Tennis dresses are also versatile in their ability to be dressed up or down. Pairing a tennis dress with a blouse or sweatshirt can transform the look into a more casual or formal look.

The Dona Jo tennis dress collection boasts a wide array of fun designs for the summer season. The collection also has a variety of cuts, with pieces like the one pictured below having thinner straps and an a-line cut to the skirt and other pieces in the collection having thicker straps and a hem at the bottom of the skirt.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to add a piece to your summer workout wardrobe that’s an all-in-one and doesn’t require any other pieces to be added, then a tennis dress may be what you’re looking for.

Woman posing with tennis racket
Tennis dresses are perfect for all kinds of body types and ages! Check out the full Dona Jo collection of tennis dresses on their website. For more tennis dress outfit inspiration, explore the Dona Jo Instagram.

Matching Sets to Make You Look Effortlessly Chic

Fun pairings that fit with the summer vibe

You can’t go wrong with a matching set – literally. Choosing a matching set guarantees that your outfit is perfectly coordinated and every part of the outfit pairs well together. Matching sets are a great option for anyone looking to expand their summer workout outfit wardrobe because of the versatility of a set. You can mix and match them endlessly with other pieces, or you can wear them together for a coordinated look.

Matching sets can mean a variety of pairings – tank tops with biker shorts, sports bras with leggings, or an athletic top with a tennis skirt. If you’re going for a more full-coverage look, pairing leggings with a matching short-sleeved top or tank top is the ideal pairing. For those hot summer days if you’re looking to show more skin to cool down more easily, a sports bra can look elevated when paired with a tennis skirt of the same pattern.

The Dona Jo collection hosts a wide array of fun and flirty summer designs, including their Flore design that comes in multiple skirt silhouettes and a sports bra. If your style is more monochromatic and muted, the Dona Jo White Lily collection might be a great place to start with its skirted leggings, skirts, and sports bras.

Matching sets are ideal for gym-goers who want to effortlessly throw something on and head out the door. They also look elegant on a golf course or tennis court, and they’re so versatile that you can wear them out on the town after your workout is over. For more matching set outfit inspiration, check out this Dona Jo post with tips and tricks on how to style the look.

Woman posing with tennis ball
Not the biggest fan of colorful matching sets? That’s no issue with the Dona Jo Jojo Skirt and Love Bra in White Lily. Image courtesy of Airingmylaundry’s Instagram.

The most swoon-worthy outfit for this summer is the one that will make you feel most confident in your look and your abilities when you workout. Regardless of the current trends, finding pieces that align well with you and your style are the ones that will consistently look the best on you. So, hopefully this guide is just a starting point to finding cute and fun pieces that fit your style and match your lifestyle.

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