Spicing Up Your Regular Activewear With Cute Accessories And Jewelry: A Useful Guide

A new breakthrough in psychological research has shown that the clothing we wear can significantly impact our cognitive system as well.

December 5, 2022

Magazines like Harper Bazaar can’t stop raving about how the perfect gym outfit can help prevent gym injuries, regulate body temperature, improve performance, and boost confidence. We all have that one friend who loves wearing activewear. 

Whether they're gym rats or an outdoor enthusiast, they can't help but look stylish while working out. But what about the rest of us? If you've ever tried to wear these outfits and felt like they didn't look right on your body type, don't worry. 

With a few simple tips and tricks, we'll show you how to spice up your regular workout gear with cute accessories and jewelry that are perfect for any day at the gym or outside. Let's get started.

Accessorizing Your Hair

The most obvious way to accessorize your hair is with accessories. Whether you're just doing a simple ponytail or putting in some twists, there are plenty of easy ways to add something extra. A hair clip can help keep your bangs out of your face while you're working out or offer a pretty pop of color when they're down. 

Headbands are great for keeping long hair out of the way while working up a sweat and holding back waves when they're down. Bobby pins are another useful tool for keeping stray hairs in place without giving them too much attention. Oh, and did I mention headscarves? These can be used as bohemian headbands or as full-on scarves depending on what look you want.

Using Gemstones

Gemstones add a flash of color and sparkle to your everyday outfit. They're perfect for making an outfit look pretty, but if you want to wear gemstones with your activewear, there are some things you should keep in mind.

First, know what kind of gemstone it is before you wear it. You will easily find over 2096 gemstone items while browsing different stores. Different kinds of stones have different meanings that are culturally significant or spiritual. For example, the birthstone for January is garnet, and garnets traditionally represent success and prosperity for people born under that month's sign.

Second, learn how best to use them, so they're not too heavy or bulky on top of whatever else you have on. A chunky necklace might be too much when combined with earrings or bracelets that already draw attention away from your neckline. Likewise, small studs may seem insignificant when paired with statement jewelry elsewhere on the body, like bracelets or necklaces. 

Finally, make sure whatever type of gemstones you choose is real. Synthetic stones are cheaper than natural ones, but they don't have the same value and can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Matching Bracelets and Watches

A good rule of thumb is to match the color of your watch to the bracelet. If you have a gray, black or white watch, try pairing it with a gold bracelet. For something more colorful and vibrant, silver or gold watches will look good paired with a blue or red bracelet.

When it comes to matching your watch and jewelry, there are no hard-and-fast rules as long as they complement each other well and fit in with your personal style preferences. You may want to go for something bold if you're wearing an all-black ensemble or something more muted if you're going for a more neutral outfit. Avoid clashing with any bold colors that may be in the piece. Complementing them can make them stand out even more.

Adding an Earring

The first step of adding an earring is to match it up with your outfit. If you're wearing a cute skort, for example, then you can try dressing the whole look up by pairing it with some sparkling hoops. Or if your hair has been colored recently and the color is bold, don't be afraid to show off and sparkle with a pair of dangling earrings. 

What's most important when picking out an accessory like this is that it matches what else you're wearing. Another tip is to make sure that any accessories complement each other as well as they do their respective outfits. For instance, if your outfit features lots of patterns and colors, then try matching some colorful statement earrings or even rings instead. Otherwise, they'll just clash unnecessarily with everything else in sight.

Match the Color of Your Accessories and Shoes

While it's important to wear accessories that match your style and personality, there are a few key things you should keep in mind when choosing them. First, the color of your accessories should always coordinate with the color of your shoes. 

If you're wearing bright red sneakers, make sure that at least one part of your outfit is also bright red so that they pop. You could also use this opportunity to include another color in the mix, as long as it coordinates with both pieces of clothing.

Wear Items That Fit in With Your Own Personal Style

If you're going to be wearing activewear, it's important that the pieces you choose fit your personal style. If they don't, they will just look out of place and may even make you uncomfortable. Accessories are for personal expression, so wear what makes you feel good and confident.

Accessories are a great way to express your personality without having to completely change into an entirely new outfit. They also help spice up any old outfit that might otherwise be boring or plain. The perfect pair of earrings can turn an average t-shirt into something more exciting.


A new breakthrough in psychological research has shown that the clothing we wear can significantly impact our cognitive system as well. A suitable and comfortable outfit can increase your confidence, and accessorizing your activewear can make a big difference. It can make you look more professional, stylish, and fashionable. 

We hope that you've found this article useful in your search for ways to spruce up your activewear. Whether it's by adding a new piece of jewelry, accessorizing with a watch or earring, or matching your bracelets and shoes together, there are plenty of ways to dress up without spending too much money.

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