5 Fashions for New Moms That Are Perfect for a Day at the Playground

Do you want to get more floral print leggings, but not sure how to style them? Have no fear, because we’re here to help you find the best ones around!

January 28, 2022
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The adorable coos, the priceless giggles, the endless snuggles … there are so many wonderful parts of motherhood that come naturally. Still, along with these priceless moments come some interesting challenges. For our fashion-loving moms out there, one of those struggles is maintaining your unique style while catering to your new mom responsibilities. 

Does motherhood mean abandoning your personal style and trading it for something more, well, frumpy? Absolutely not! You can rock motherhood just like you rock your favorite pair of skinny jeans, and we're here to tell you how. Let's dive into the world of mom fashion and uncover the best style solutions just for you!

1. Functional Essentials for New Moms

Before you were a mom, you probably had an idea of what your go-to wardrobe staples were. It’s not that you can’t still wear those pieces or that versatile basics aren’t important. Now that you have a little one in tow, it’s simply important to embrace a new set of basics, too: functional essentials that make it easier to be a new mom.

Picture this: You're on a day out at the playground. Your baby gets hungry. Now, what if you could feed your baby without having to wrestle with your clothes or sacrifice your style? With breastfeeding shirts, it’s no sweat.

Breastfeeding shirts have come a long way from their practical but plain predecessors. Thanks to the evolving fashion industry, they've evolved into trendy, stylish must-haves for every new mom's wardrobe.

And let's not forget their true charm: Blending style with ease, these shirts allow for discreet and comfortable feeding anywhere, anytime. In essence, they are a celebration of motherhood, an embodiment of a mom's strength, resilience, and style, all in one garment. 

High-waisted pants can be great for comfort around your postpartum belly, and we’re loving high-waisted cargo pants lately. They’re an early 2000s throwback that are perfectly in style, and the combination of a gut-holding rise and a multitude of functional pockets make them ideal for a day at the playground.

2. Bring On the Casual Chic

A day at the playground is the perfect time to embrace a casual chic vibe by pairing your favorite breastfeeding shirt with high-waisted jeans and comfortable sneakers. Bonus points if your sneakers are trendy and comfy, adding a bit of edge to your go-to mom uniform.

This look is not just stylish but also practical. High-waisted jeans offer the support postpartum bodies need, and a chic breastfeeding shirt allows for easy access during those essential feeding times. Plus, the sneakers? Perfect for chasing your little one around the playground.

3. Embrace Your Boho Side

Whether you were into the boho, hippy look before your pregnancy or not, postpartum is a great time to get in touch with your inner flower child. A flowy, lightweight top in a fun print is the perfect thing to throw on as you run out the door, and it leaves you free to play around with your little one once you get to the playground.

When paired with a comfortable maxi skirt and your favorite pair of sandals. This outfit screams boho chic and is incredibly comfortable for a day out at the park. The loose skirt allows plenty of movement while adding to the whole boho vibe and being super functional.

4. Sporty Spice Is a Mom, Too

Even Sporty Spice knows the challenge of looking good on the playground, so it’s time to embrace your inner Spice Girl and let your sporty side shine. Think athleisure, like a model off duty holding a newborn.

An athletic breastfeeding shirt paired with yoga pants and a comfortable pair of trainers spells comfort and style. Running shorts in a vibrant color looks great when paired with a nice hoodie and your favorite jean jacket. Meanwhile, a baseball cap is always stylish and perfect for covering up that “haven’t had time to shower in a week” look that your hair might be rocking.

5. Play Up Your Mommy Accessories

You probably need to carry more with you when you travel as a mom, even just to the playground. Thankfully, diaper bags don't need to be bulky and unattractive. Today, countless stylish options double as chic totes. 

Add a pair of trendy sunglasses for that glam factor, and why not consider baby-friendly jewelry? Teething necklaces can be a lifesaver when you're out and about with your baby.

Fashion Is Your Playground

As we wrap up our fashion journey, it's clear that becoming a new mom doesn't mean you have to give up on style. Finding the right balance between fashion and functionality is more than possible. It's all about discovering that sweet spot between what feels good and what looks good. 

Every mom's journey is unique. Embrace the opportunity to express your style and personality while comfortably caring for your baby’s needs. At the end of the day, nothing beats the josy of motherhood — especially when you can enjoy it in style!

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