Cool, Cute, and Comfy Fashion Tips for Staying Comfortable This Summer

Summer fashion is just a bonus of the season. Out come the cute flowy skirts, sundresses, and shorts. So do the sports for the active girls! Tennis, pickleball, and anything beachy are on the agenda.

January 19, 2023
8 min read

Summer is hotting up this June as the heat is creeping up on us. Think longer days, more hours out in the sun, and a great tan if you’re lucky. Summer fashion is just a bonus of the season. Out come the cute flowy skirts, sundresses, and shorts. So do the sports for the active girls! Tennis, pickleball, and anything beachy are on the agenda.

But as much as we love summer, we can’t help but think: it’s hard to find comfortable clothes for the heat! Especially for those who play sports. Sports players and athletes often need to wear specific kits and clothing to keep them safe during play. Tennis players will wear shirts that are breathable, men will wear shorts and women will opt for shorts or a tennis skirt with tennis shoes that allow them to move swiftly. These can be uncomfortable during play primarily because many huge tennis tournaments are held outside in the summer, so tennis stars are at risk of burning and sweating when they’re moving so much. 

This can be similar to American Football attire because their kits have padding everywhere! In summer, the kit would be uncomfortable for players because the fabric is so heavy and their airflow is restricted, meaning the heat stays confined, so they are likely to sweat more. Interestingly, discomfort in summer is not limited to traditional sporting events. Yes, their attire isn’t heavy like American football gear or sweaty like basketball jerseys, but when it comes to discomfort in poker, it’s all routed in fashion.

Poker, and the wider casino gaming industry, are known for their fashion, and players are known for their signature gimmicks and staples that form their image. Therefore, the best celebrity poker players have their game strategy and their fashion strategy on point, like Jennifer Tilly, who is known for her figure-hugging poker fashion. Tilly was an actress before turning to poker and is often immaculately turned out.

In hot summer tournaments, fashion discomfort can be rampant in poker. Phil Laak, who is known for his huge hoodies and once was an avid beanie wearer has got to get hot during summer poker tournaments! Not to mention Chris Ferguson, who is always dressed in dark clothes and large hats, undoubtedly making himself like a magnet to heat in the summer months, given many tournaments take place at this time. We can’t even imagine. But the reality is these things make poker players distinctive and stand out and they also are distracting to their opponents, so why would they stop wearing them?

In the same way, poker players are decked out in their fashions, we want to do the same with our summer style while staying cool. Whether we are out sporting it up in a friendly game, walking in the sun, or just trying to beat the heat, if we can do it we have hit the jackpot! Here are our top fab fashion tips to stay cool this summer.

1. Wear light and airy clothing 

Lighty and airy may sound like buzzwords, but honestly, for clothing, it’s the best-case scenario. Clothing that is light and not heavily layered allows you to stay cool in summer because they are breathable so sweat will roll right off them. Opting for clothes made of the most breathable fabrics like cotton and linen allows you many options for styling and comfort. After all, who can resist a linen shirt and shorts combo? 

Also, airy clothes are commonly loose so heat cannot be trapped in them. As for styling, loose-fitting clothes like baggy t-shirts, mom shorts, and wrap dresses are your best bet for summer wardrobe staples.

2. Embrace sandal season

We find this is more for fun than practicality, but who wants to wear restrictive shoes during the sizzling summer heat? It’s time to break out the sandals!

Open-toed shoes are the move for summer. You even get an excuse to show off your latest pedicure. But for real, sandals reduce sweating because your feet are exposed to the air and can breathe. Overall, you’ll have less discomfort from restrictive footwear and happy feet. That is if you make sure you have a good-quality pair!

3. Wear light-colored clothing

Light colors are all the rage in summer anyway because everything seems brighter, so we don’t have an excuse not to wear them. However, science backs it up because dark colors attract heat, and light colors repel it. Light-colored materials are reflective meaning that light from the sun doesn’t work to absorb heat in light-coloured fabrics, which enables you to stay cool. 

This summer, color might be out of what’s on-trend for summer, but all the latest spring/summer 2024 collections featured white dresses galore in many shades. For chic workwear, high-rise trousers are back in a range of muted light colors, perfect for summer commutes to the office.

4. Carry cool accessories

We love a good leather bag as much as the next person, but not in summer. If you’re out and about or a regular commuter, you need a strong bag for summer that is not leather. Leather accessories attract heat like pollen does bees, and it’s not worth it to ruin a perfectly good bag! 

Consider switching your leather rucksack for a tote bag. Totes are durable and often made of canvas or jute, which are lightweight and do not attract heat. Needing something more practical? We’d opt for a rucksack made of nylon or something equally as lightweight for your summer adventures.