The Only High-Waisted Workout Pants You'll Need in 2022

Find The Perfect Pair of High-Waisted Pants To Upgrade Your Workout This Year

January 21, 2022

While on the journey to better your workout experience this year, perhaps the most valuable action you can take is to finally find that perfect pair of high-waisted workout pants.

Whether your ideal workout method is running, lifting, yoga, etc., the quest to find a pair of workout pants that work with you, and not against you, is not always easy. After a few incidents of flashed underwear through thin fabrics, it is clear that not all workout attire is created equal. To spare you the battle between a pair of slipping leggings that just won't stay put, we’ve compiled a list of the most stylish and effective high-waisted pants that will have you eager to reach your workout goals all year long.

We’ve categorized these workout pants by style and color into:

  • The Classic Black, High-Waisted Legging
  • A Pop of Color: The Statement Piece Legging
  • The Hybrid, High-Waisted Legging

The Classic Black, High-Waisted Legging

These pairs of high-waisted workout pants are a perfect example of the classic legging look that is bound to end up a staple in your closet.

Dona Jo Ultimate Legging (Black)

The bottom half of a front-facing woman wearing Dona Jo’s Ultimate Leggings in black.
The Ultimate Leggings. A classic look that never goes out of style, now enhanced with an adjustable waistband. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

We are obsessed with these Dona Jo Ultimate Leggings! They check every box on the must-haves of a great pair of workout pants. Dona Jo created this design with a thicker fabric that guarantees you’ll be cozy for your outdoor workouts during the colder seasons. They also include UV protection from sunny days.

These high-waisted workout pants use a high-quality 5-way stretch fabric, which provides greater freedom in movement without feeling uncomfortable tightness on the legs or hips.

The drawstring waistband is easily adjustable and perfect for those who have thinner or wider waists. This makes for a form-fitted, yet breathable wearing experience. These leggings even come with side pockets that can easily accommodate your smartphone or other on-hand essentials! Their black, sleek look is guaranteed to flatter wearers of all shapes and sizes.

Price: $79.00 USD

Sizes: Size 1 (S/M), 2 (L), 3 (XL)

Dona Jo JoJo Legging in Black

The bottom half of a woman facing the opposite direction wearing Dona Jo’s JoJo leggings.
The JoJo Legging is a stylish, chic pair that comes in the classic black color. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Looking for high-waisted workout pants that can be styled with almost any top? Then you’ll love this Classic JoJo Legging by Dona Jo. This pair is designed from a breathable and stretchy fabric that enhances the comfort of any exercise.

Created with compression material, this legging has flat seams, UV protection, and quick-drying fabric. These unique characteristics make it the perfect pair for working out while maintaining the classic, familiar look.

Price: $75.00 USD

Sizes: Size 1(S/M), Size 2(L), Size 3(XL)

A Pop of Color: The Statement Piece Legging

Although the classic black workout pants are essential in any active wearer’s closet, these statement piece leggings are refreshing for when you want a pop of color in your day.

Dona Jo JoJo Legging 2.0 in Wildblue

A blonde woman is standing outside posing in Dona Jo’s bright blue colored high-waisted workout leggings. She is wearing a black shirt, pink shoes, and a pink and green fanny pack.
The JoJo Legging 2.0 in Wildblue is a gorgeous example of what happens when you mix animal print with just the right amount of color. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

The JoJo Legging 2.0 in Wildblue by Dona Jo is a stunning addition to any workout wardrobe. You are sure to stand out and feel great in this unique, bright blue leopard print. 

Like some of Dona Jo’s other leggings, these high-waisted workout pants are constructed from a 5-way stretch material that is sure to give you all the flexibility you need during your workouts. This pair also has UV protection, flat seams, and side pockets for your smartphone. You’ll feel unstoppable after working out in this chic, form-fitted piece this year.

Also, if you love this fit but would prefer a calmer color, it also comes in the classic black look!

Price: $79.00 USD

Sizes: Size 1 (S/M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Dona Jo Active Leggings in Luna

Blonde woman standing and taking a selfie using her smartphone in a long mirror showing off a colorful workout set she is wearing by Dona Jo.
Who said workout pants couldn't be stylish? This multicolored Active Legging pair by Dona Jo is so stunning, you won’t want to take it off even after the workout. Photo courtesy of Dona Jo.

Enjoy a vibrant splash of color in these gorgeous Dona Jo Active Leggings in Luna. This pair can bring life to any dull workout. It’s not only fashionable though--this high-waisted workout legging is created from a very soft, smooth fabric that will have you feeling as luxurious as you look. 

It is also made with a 4-way stretch material, large pockets, and a flat seam for added freedom of movement and comfort.  Although this pair will feel great during any workout, it is specifically designed to make you feel like a goddess during yoga because it has no front seam! 

You can style these leggings with the matching top from Dona Jo! It would also look fabulous with a solid top similar in color to the plethora of pinks, blues, greens, and oranges in these leggings. These truly unique workout pants will have you feeling beautiful and motivated all year long.

Price: $82.00 USD

Size: Size 1(S), Size 1.5(M), Size 2 (L), Size 3(XL)

The Hybrid High-Waisted Legging

Have you ever been tight on time and wished you could go workout directly from a get-together? These high-waisted workout pants can go from being exercise clothes to casually styled attire for lunch the next evening. They are the best option for a quick run or a workout you schedule between the events of a busy day. 

Dona Jo Moto Legging in Purple

A woman standing on a beach holding her hair up and showing us her outfit of a white top, purple high-waisted workout pants from Dona Jo, and white shoes.
Go from stylish to athletic in this beautiful pair of shiny purple leggings. Photo courtesy of Dona Jo.

We are in love with the Moto Legging in Purple by Dona Jo! This classy, yet athletic look is tasteful both at the gym and out and about during a usual day.

You can dress down this pair for a Pilates class and then dress it up for a lunch date the next day. Don’t let its voguish, elegant appearance fool you, though--these high-waisted leggings are designed with a soft and flexible fabric that can give you the most fulfilling workout. 

Price: $89.00 USD

Sizes: Size 1(0-8), Size 2(10-14), Size 3(16-20)

Dona Jo Power Legging (Geo Viena)

A woman standing up is wearing a red workout set from Dona Jo with matching white sneakers.
Get the athleisure look with this stunning, red workout set. Photo courtesy of Dona Jo.

One of our favorite pairs of workout leggings for this year is the Power Legging (Geo Viena) by Dona Jo. It comes in a beautiful red-violet color and is the perfect fit for active workouts and everyday use.

This high-waisted piece is made from a fabric that is easy to care for and is ideal for on-the-go runs. It has deep side pockets and flat seams for your ultimate comfort and flexibility. This pair is also made out of a quick-drying fabric that is ideal in rain and UV protection for brighter days. You can style these leggings with the matching top from Dona Jo or with lighter colors to complement their expensive, vibrant look.

Price: $69.00 USD (Sale)

Sizes: Size 1 (S/M), Size 2 (L), Size 3 (XL)

Workout leggings come in all different styles and patterns, but with this guide, you are sure to find the high-waisted workout pants that fit you and your exercise needs. There’s nothing like a new pair of comfortable, flattering leggings to encourage you to reach your workout goals this year.

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