Finding the Perfect Summer Workout Leggings is No Sweat!

Step into your summer routine with the perfect pair of athleisure wear!

August 5, 2022

There’s hardly a more iconic article of clothing (workout, athleisure, or otherwise) than the classic pair of leggings. They’re comfy, simple, and versatile! They can be cropped, high-waisted, flare, skirted, printed, solid, or really, whatever you could possibly want!

I know we here at DJ will be rockin’ a pair of leggings at least a couple dozen times this summer—and so should you! Especially when you’re hitting the gym or pounding the pavement in the sunshine! In this article, we’ll teach you all about the best pairs of leggings for YOUR summer workouts.

We’ll dive into things like:

  • Basic Types of Workout Leggings
  • What to Look for in a Summer Pair of Workout Leggings
  • Annoying Things to Avoid when Looking for a Pair of Leggings
  • Some of Our Fave Recommendations!

So let’s get into it!

Basic Types of Workout Leggings

Like we said, there are just so many different types of leggings, that it can be hard to decide which to choose for your next pair! Let’s break it down a bit first:

High Waisted Leggings

High-Waisted Leggings are, essentially, just any pair of leggings that features a higher than usual waistline. You have most likely seen them—they are a huge fan favorite in recent street fashion and athletic trends due to their flattering fit and versatility. 

Dona Jo high waisted leggings
The Power Legging in Geo Viena is an excellent high-waisted pick! Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Take Our Dona Jo Power Legging (Geo Viena) for example—this stunning pair of leggings is perfectly figure-flattering, moveable, and perfect for going out in style for after-the-gym activities! The ruby hues of this statement piece will take you from your cardio class right into shopping with the girls.

Crop & Capri Leggings

Cropped and capri-style leggings are any type of leggings that have a higher cropped ankle than regular pairs. These pairs can have LOTS of benefits, including less fabric to get in the way of your hustlin’ and movin’, and less to constrict and make you feel super sweaty.  As far as summer workout pieces go—a pair of cropped yoga pants are a must!

Skirted Leggings

You know what they say—two is always better than one!

Dona Jo skirted legging
Try our Love Skirted Capri in Petal to up your summer workout look! Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Skirted leggings are the perfect way to modify your summer workout leggings to fit your more modest but sweet and flirty athleisure ensemble. Plus, they are a two-in-one piece that instantly makes a pair of leggings a necessary part of your collection course attire. Try our Love Skirted Capri in Petal for your next athletic venture. So cute!

What to Look for in a Summer Pair of Workout Leggings

There are just so many different things you could be looking for in the ideal pair of workout leggings, but when it comes to summer workout leggings, there are a few key aspects to ensure you buy yourself a perfect pair. 

Woman in a pair of Dona Jo summer leggings
Image courtesy of therobelife.

Comfort & Stretch

Obviously, how comfortable and stretchy a pair of leggings is would be a determining factor in whether or not you would purchase them. This is extra vital in the summertime—the last thing you want is crazy constricting legwear cramping your outdoor exercises!

Durability & Moisture-Wicking

Let’s be honest, in order to get a proper workout in, you’re going to have to work up a decent sweat. That’s why you want durable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep your pair of leggings in place for even the most strenuous of workouts! Materials such as polyester are great moisture-wicking fabrics to look for. 

Sustainability Factor

The summer season is such a beautiful time of the year! The earth is at full capacity with good vibes, so why not honor it by ramping up your sustainability practices? Making sure your newest summer wardrobe essentials come from ethical companies with ethical practices is the most stylish decision you will make this season, trust us. 

Style & Trends

We’d like to think we know a thing (or two) about hot and functional athleisure here at Dona Jo, so we provided some of our favorite types of summer leggings and our best pairs. If you’re ever at a loss for what next pair of summer workout bottoms to purchase, try looking into what new styles and brands are trending online! 

This summer, it’s all about the colors. At its core, summer is all about fun in the sun! It’s all about nights by the pool, mornings in the gym, evenings at the grill, and is always the best time to get outside and be active.

Especially right now, hot, bright, vibrant tones are trending off the charts! What better way to celebrate it than with a pair of bright, colorful summer workout leggings? 

In terms of the fit and style trends, high-waisted-style leggings and flared-bottom-style leggings are all the rage. Take the trends a bit further and put your own spin on these trends by pairing your new favorite piece with some of your favorite workout sneakers. A cool pair of ‘kicks always takes an outfit to the next level. 

woman getting ready to work out in leggings
Cute shoes and workout accessories pair well with a stylish pair of leggings!

What to Avoid when Looking for a Pair of Summer Workout Leggings

Keep reading to see some of our best tips on what to look for when buying your next pair!

Leggings from Fast Fashion Brands

Sometimes it can be hard to resist the sheer temptation of massive amounts of on-trend styles produced by big fast fashion brands. So, when shopping for new clothes, it’s important to keep in mind the potential quality of your items. 

Remember, you want a pair that’ll last you a while and make you feel good when you buy it! Sustainable shopping is always a good look!

Flare Leggings

Okay, so remember how we said flare leggings are in vogue lately? Well, although they might have been super cute and stylish for the chillier months, but when you’re breaking a sweat in the middle of July, you’ll want a pair of good leggings that have less fabric and aren’t going to slow you down. 

Don’t be afraid to stick to regular, more form-fitting styles this summer.

Sheer Leggings

Sheer leggings can be unparalleled in terms of bold style, but they really just aren’t the best option for intense summer workouts. Plus, we’re pretty sure they’re not up to your course and court’s codes. That could make it a bit hard to get your head in the game!

people playing tennis in the summer
Picking the ideal summer workout attire will help you to dominate on the court! Image Courtesy of Matt Bigwood on Flickr.

Wrapping it Up

Working out can be a challenge in the heat, and even more of a challenge if you aren’t wearing pieces that work as hard as you do. Be sure to do your research, and invest in a pair or two (or ten!) of some nice summer workout leggings.

So go on, and shop until you drop! Just be sure to stay hydrated while you’re working out, and be sure to check out some of the recommendations in this post on our website. 

Dona Jo Skirted Capri (like the one in this post) are perfect 2-in-1 pieces for your cutest court ensemble! Image courtesy of Debbie Buckley on Instagram

There’s no need to end your summer shopping spree with just a pair of leggings. Try to mix and match some patterned (or solid) workout tops, too. Another great idea is to pick up some new, colorful, fun workout gear to match your new leggings! 

Which pair was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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