What to Bring to a Tennis Camp

Essential equipment, attire, and items to bring to tennis camp

April 1, 2022

Main image courtesy of Sunixoxo’s Instagram.

Whether you’re a beginner at the sport or are heading off for an advanced tennis camp, there are quite a few pieces of equipment, athletic clothes, and other items to pack for your stay away. This guide will cover what you should consider bringing along to tennis camp, including:

  • Athletic wear to pack
  • Essential tennis equipment to bring along
  • Additional items to help you play your best at tennis camp
Back of woman holding tennis gear
While pickleball and tennis are different in some of the equipment they use and the rules each game has, the athletic attire is essentially the same. Try out the Dona Jo Skirted Capri in Wildblue to get the look of the Dona Jo tribe member above. Image courtesy of Nancylessnick’s Instagram.

Tennis Attire to Pack for Camp

Essential pieces to include on your packing list

Going to a tennis camp can be daunting, especially if it’s an overnight camp that’s away from home. A great way to feel as prepared as possible before you head to camp, and to play your best while you’re on the court, is to prepare your outfits ahead of time. This can be as simple as laying them out, or even writing down a list of tops or bottoms that you want to wear so that you don’t forget them. If your tennis camp is still on the horizon, we’ve got some perfect suggestions for the ultimate tennis camp outfits.

Depending on the weather your tennis camp is being held in, one staple piece that any player should have in their closet is a classic tennis skirt. The Dona Jo Jojo Skirt in White is a chic and comfortable skirt for any level tennis player, and it pairs well with any athletic top. If you’re looking for a higher-coverage skirt with a similarly flattering look, try the Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt in White. This skirt measures 17 inches instead of the traditional 13 inches and has knit and stretchy shorts underneath. Both of these skirts are elegant options for any tennis camp-goer, but if you’re looking for even more tennis skirt outfit inspiration, check out this Dona Jo guide to tennis skirts.

If leggings are integral to your tennis look, or you love the tennis skirt look but want full-length leggings underneath, the Dona Jo Skirted Leggings collection and capri and leggings collections are the place to look. These high-quality pieces will keep you looking and feeling your best on and off the court, and are sure to turn some heads as you face opponents.

Your tennis camp outfits should feel just as comfortable and fashionable for your top as they do for your bottoms. Depending on the weather you’ll be playing in each day, if it’s chilly, windy, or rainy, you’ll want to bring some layers. A stylish jacket that pairs well with nearly every outfit is the Dona Jo UltraSoft Jacked in Black. This jacket is made from microfiber which gives it its super soft feel so that you can stay cozy on and off the court during camp.

Aside from a jacket for cooler moments during camp, consider bringing or wearing a tank top made from athletic, breathable material. The Dona Jo Tank Collection boasts a wide array of cuts, sizes, and patterns to help every tennis camper feel their best during play. If you’re looking for inspiration for how to pair these tanks or for some other tank top options, check out this Dona Jo guide to best-selling tank tops for women.

Woman jumping on tennis court with tennis racket in hand
Jump for joy at tennis camp! Get this look with the Dona Jo Shakira Skirt in Jovial. Image courtesy of City.peach’s Instagram.

Key Tennis Equipment to Bring to Tennis Camp

Rackets, tennis balls, tennis shoes, and more to pack for tennis camp

Now that we’ve covered some of the best outfits to bring and wear to tennis camp, next comes the tennis equipment that’s integral to the sport.

What’s a tennis player without their tennis racket? It’s important to find one that suits your stature. They come in different head sizes, including standard, midplus, oversize, and super oversize, and as a general rule of thumb, the larger the racket, the greater the power. It can be difficult to maneuver rackets that are larger in size, so always make sure to keep this in mind before purchasing your racket.

Tennis balls are another item to consider bringing along to tennis camp. While many tennis camps will provide ample tennis balls, you should consider bringing a pack or two along just in case you choose to practice independently or like using your own. Some great options for tennis balls are the Wilson set of three or the Penn Championship set.

Never show up to tennis camp in unsuitable shoes – any sort of boot, pair of flats, or lifestyle sneaker will not do. If you’re provided with information about the type of shoes you should wear, then find a pair that matches the information. If you haven’t received specific instructions about the type of shoe to wear to camp, then opt for tennis shoes or running shoes. Always make sure that your pair provides ample support when you run up and down the court. They should be flexible enough to move with you while also firm enough to provide bridge support.

Aside from clothing, consider other items you might need to pack like water bottles, sunglasses if your court’s in a sunny area, sunscreen, and a snack for either before or after you work out depending on whether your camp provides food. Before you leave your home, stop and consider all the things you might need in order to be successful at camp.

Woman posing in front of house with tennis racket
Nothing exudes confidence quite like a matching set like this Dona Jo Soar Skirt in Water Life and Court Tank in Magenta. Image courtesy of Bela_carreira’s Instagram.

Other Things to Bring to Tennis Camp

Some miscellaneous items to bring along for tennis camp

While it’s vital to bring along some items and athletic wear to help you feel and play your best at tennis camp, it’s also important to approach the experience with an enthusiastic attitude and willingness to learn. It can be nerve-wracking to go to a tennis camp, especially if you don’t have much experience with the sport, but going into it with a positive attitude can go a long way in making it a great experience.

If you’re anxious about going to your first tennis camp, find a friend to go into the experience with you. If you don’t have a tennis friend, then be open to introducing yourself to other campers and getting to know them. Having friends play alongside you can amplify the experience and keep you motivated to try your best throughout the entirety of the camp.

Side profile of woman throwing tennis ball in air
Soak up the sun on the court – but always be sure to protect your face with sunscreen or a visor like the Dona Jo tribe member above. Explore the Dona Jo Shakira Skirt and long-sleeved skirt collection to get the look above. Image courtesy of Etennisonline’s Instagram.

Packing for tennis camp can feel like a challenging task, but by preparing with our guide you’ll be well on your way to finding everything you need to do your best while you play. Aside from the physical items you bring, always be sure to approach tennis camp with an excited attitude and a willingness to work hard and break a sweat!

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