Want To Know How To Style Leopard Print Leggings?

Master Two Timeless Trends In One Fell Swoop

January 27, 2021
8 min read

Every season, fashion editors and self-proclaimed gurus alike ceremonially announce what is and is not “in.'' Some of us take their gospel to heart, while others turn up their noses at it. But even if you’re a part of the latter group, there is something to be said for what trend reporters foresee. 

Women wearing leopard legging

Don’t believe us? Think about the clothes you wore ten years ago--at least half of the styles from that wardrobe wouldn’t make the cut today. Certain items belong in a time capsule, while others evolve every few years. And while it’s not easy to predict which fashion innovations will stand the test of time, some have proven maintained their relevance in the fashion world--think basics, oversized anything, etc. 

Ultimately, anything we wear reflects the current cultural landscape. And for the past few years, wellness trends have taken over--especially in fashion. Because of a rise in activity level and boutique fitness, what we wear to those sweat sessions has become more important. And as a result, leggings have popped up everywhere. And guess what? They’re not going anywhere. The same goes for the print that’s lived on for decades: cheetah print. 

Want to know how to wear these two timeless trends? We’ll do you one better. Keep reading for more on how to build an outfit on leopard print leggings.

This is the current iteration of leggings in the fashion world--wearable editorial-style with mixed prints or to the gym. But how did we get here? Image courtesy of Styleoholic.

But First, More On The Evolution Of Leggings

Many of us millennials and Gen-Zers think of the early 2000s as the birth of leggings--but think again! This comfy piece of clothing has not only been around for decades but centuries. 

For fashion nerds, the history of different trends makes wearing them feel like continuing a sacred tradition. For the rest of us, it gives insight into where we’ve been, where we’re at, and most importantly, how to wear the dang thing! So without further adieu, a timeline of the world’s most comfortable trend--

Where It All Began

You’ll never guess when leggings first came on the scene--the 1400s. What we now think of as the quintessential workout pant was once used in combat for warmth and mobility. It started its life as two sock-like pieces but soon evolved into the workout garb we know and love--a noble start for a worthy piece!

From Combat To Movie Stars And Disco

Yes, it’s a bit of a strange transition, but who are we to argue with the fashion gods? The 60s and 70s were when we began to see something similar to what we wear now. Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn made us fall in love with the look, but disco queens took it a step further.  Metallics, leather, and leopard print were the way to go. And depending on your trendy leaning, it still is! 

But how do we wear them now? 

Leopard print has long been associated with femininity and power. What better place to take that energy than the gym? Image courtesy of Instagram.

Need an extra dose of power for your workout today? We’ve all been there. Whether you prefer running, lifting, pilates, or HIIT, the right outfit can take your motivation level from zero to a hundred. For days like these, go for something that’ll remind you of your physical and mental strength--some leopard leggings, to be exact. 

So how do you take this loud design and run with it (pun intended)? It’s easier than you’d think!

For Fashion Beginners

We love the leopard trend. Still, it can be intimidating to style! Not to worry, though--we’ve got you covered. For leopard print novices, go back to basics! Pair yours with a black top (any kind will work), and you’re good to go. Sound too good to be true? It’s not--the above picture is proof. 

For All The Wild Things Reading This

Love a fashion risk? This one’s for you. Even with a print as loud as this one, there are so many possibilities. For a fierce choice, pair your leopard leggings with a matching sports bra--you’ll feel put together and ready to sweat.

Want to get creative? Match yours with a different color. Add hot pink accents in the way of sports bras, socks, and sneaks. For a subtle look that’ll catch the eye, try it with a color that’s match-adjacent--a pastel yellow is perfect for this. 

It’s hard to deny the draw of this print. If you’re looking to command a room, this print is for you. And if you love to be comfortable while slaying the game, do it with a good pair of leggings! Image courtesy of Instagram.

Outfits For Everyday 

In the last decade, leggings have recently become acceptable to wear both in and out of the workout zone. When we think of these stretchy pieces in the everyday, it’s usually a plain black that comes to mind. But why not make things a bit more interesting? Here are some ideas for incorporating leopard print leggings into your OOTD--

Athleisure At Its Finest

If you’ve already taken your leopard print leggings to the gym, why not take them outside? Athleisure is the perfect transition when making your leggings work in any context.

Already have a loud matching set? Throw on an oversized denim jacket and some polished sneaks, and you’ve got the look.

Another classic studio to street look is the oversized tee. For something simple, a plain black will do the trick. But if you’re looking to channel your inner 90s child, go for something graphic, like your favorite band tee. 

For Casual Hangs

You can wear leopard print leggings anywhere if you know how to work it--brunch, school, and even work! All it takes is a little finesse. 

Going to a family gathering? Layer up! Pair yours with a tank and oversized cardigan to make for a fun spin on an outfit that always works. Another variation of this one is an oversized sweater. Chuck on a pair of over-the-knee boots, and you’ll be all set. 

For Looking Work Appropriate

Who said work attire had to be boring? If you’re tired of neutrals, you’re not alone. So why not add some animal print to your 9-5? All it takes is swapping out your khakis for leggings.

A good way to go about this is with your classic white button-down. Wear it oversized and untucked for an on-trend work outfit! Pair it with some flats or pumps to complete the look. Then, sit back and relax as the compliments come rolling in.

If you tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to your OOTD, it might be time to step out of your comfort zone. Leopard print is the perfect place to start--it’s been here forever, and we have a hunch it’ll stay that way. The same goes for leggings! These timeless styles are match made in heaven and we can’t get enough. Once you try the trend, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. So what are you waiting for?

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