Find The Perfect Leggings For Your Next Hiking Trip

Whether You’re A Newbie Or A Seasoned Hiker, Leggings Are The Perfect Attire

January 11, 2021
8 min read

Whether or not you’d consider yourself a fitness junkie, getting back into a movement practice has tons of benefits. The thing about exercise is that most of us associate it with gyms and running, but that’s not always the case! If you’re a city-dweller, get outside and walk instead of taking the subway. Sounds doable, right? 

Well, if you like that and want to take it a step further, or farther, step out of your natural habitat and head for the woods. Even if you don’t consider yourself the outdoorsy type, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with nature--we don’t mean that in a kumbaya sort of way. You’ll get some fresh air, vitamin D, and newly released endorphins. If you’re used to walking on a steep incline on your treadmill, why not do it with a beautiful view?

But like any form of movement, hiking requires some gear. Instead of pumping iron at the gym, you’ll carry a water bottle and a backpack and trade in your running shoes for hiking boots. Luckily, there’s one item of clothing that works in the studio, the gym, and the trail: leggings. 

Not sure which pair to wear on your hike? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for what to look for to prepare for your next excursion!

For Your Next Nature Walk

If you’re going on a casual stroll, why not have some fun with your hiking leggings! Don’t be afraid to take some risks with your look. Image courtesy of Who What Wear.

Level one hikers, this is for you. If you’re the type who likes to go on the occasional stroll on a sunny day, there’s no need to invest in any terrain-specific gear. If you’d wear it to the studio or the gym, it’ll be perfect for your next nature walk. Even if you’re an avid running or gym-goer, slowing down a bit is crucial for preventing workout burnout. We all love to take a nice walk and enjoy the scenery once in a while. So while you’re at it, why not become part of the view?

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your look! If you’re looking for that insta perfect look to match your walk, grab yourself a pair of printed leggings and snap away. 

Pair them with a neutral color for a simple OOTD or, if your walk isn’t enough of an adventure, go with a sports bra that’s equally as loud. Your new outfit may just motivate you to get out more. It’s a win-win! 

For A Chilly Terrain

Preparing for your chosen climate is essential, but so is feeling good about yourself. Get yourself a pair of leggings that can do both. Image courtesy of The Intrepid Guide.

If you’re upping your hiking game and going for more challenging terrains, like a snowy mountain with a high altitude, what you decide to put on in the morning is extremely important. In this case, leggings may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but rest assured, they’ll do just the trick. 

For hiking, even in frigid climates, light layers are the way to go. Of course, leg insulation is essential, but so adjusting your body temperature. 

With that said, your standard wear-at-home leggings won’t cut it here. To keep yourself safe from a chill-related illness, wear a pair of fleece-lined or heat tech leggings. For a more put-together look, go for a classic black pair, and don’t be afraid of chic cold-weather accessories. In this case, your hat, gloves, and scarf will pull the whole look together.

For When You’re Hiking In The Hot Sun

There’s nothing quite like looking down from a high-point of a challenging hike! Let’s make sure you have the right pair of leggings to help you get there. Image courtesy of Practical Wanderlust.

Generally speaking, leggings can make us feel empowered. They keep things tight while enabling us to be agile in our movement. And let’s face it, they work in just about any situation. But during a hot day, they may not be our first choice. Still, when hiking, they’re probably the best decision when it comes to your outfit pick. When making your way through the forest, leggings will protect you a lot more from scrapes and bites more than a pair of shorts might. 

Still, having extra layers on while you’re getting sticky and sweaty may make the journey to the high point of your hike a tad cumbersome, putting a damper on the view. With that, make sure you steer clear of any material that’s meant to keep you toasty--that means no heat tech and no fleece. 

But not to worry, companies haven’t only come up with cold-weather solutions. For those who tend to hike under the rays of the hot sun, there’s technology for that too. 

For hikers venturing out into the wilderness, go for a pair of leggings with sweat-wicking technology. Wear them with your favorite short sleeve tee or trusty tank so you can keep cool and continue on.  

For Shorter Trails

Leggings on their own? Cool. Leggings with different hues? Great. Leggings with prints? Even better. Leggings with pockets? It’s a YES from us! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

If your trail is close enough to get to by car and short enough to complete within a few hours, carrying a backpack filled with wilderness survival materials may seem like a bit much. But of course, if you want to bring one to heighten your hiking gains, go off! 

Still, even those who hike more for the view than the workout have necessities to bring along-- phone, keys, bottles of water, a protein bottle. And whether or not you’re looking to get a workout in, you’ll have to work for the view at the end of the trail. 

Why not make the journey more enjoyable? More and more, we’re seeing leggings with pockets become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Women’s clothes, both for working out or stepping out, tend to lack function. Now, even on our hikes, our leggings can eliminate the need for extra weight on our backs, leaving us free to be present and enjoy our surroundings. The best part? There are so many options available, fitting every size, style, and preference. Once you use a pair while hiking, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever had to take a bag with you on the trail, or anywhere for that matter. 
Whether you go hiking every weekend or once a season, you probably come away from it with a sense of wonder and calm. Or, if you like a challenge, exhausted. No matter your skill level, having the right equipment and clothing is crucial for maximum protection and ultimate enjoyment. Leggings happen to be great for both. If you’re looking for some new hiking attire, don’t sleep on these! They’re so versatile. Wear them as an under layer or on their own. Style them for on the trail or the street and your set. We’ll certainly take a pair. What are you waiting for?