Find Your Best Fit With the Top Athletic Dresses and Skirts to Look Your Best In

Thinking about ditching the leggings for an athletic dress or skirt? Here are some of our favorites to choose from!

April 23, 2021
8 min read

Athletic dresses and skirts are in and leggings are out! Just kidding, but many women prefer to wear them during the summer time. Not only do they allow you freedom, but they also allow you to experience a whole new fashion sense that you could definitely pull off. Athletic dresses and skirts are 100% what you need no matter how you exercise.

No matter if you run, play tennis, golf, or even if you lift weights, athletic dresses and skirts work for any exercise occasion. Thinking about getting into wearing skirts while working out, but not sure what brand to get, or why you should? No worries, check out some of our favorite ones that you should purchase and wear today!

Fashionable Skirts Are Exactly What You Need to Make a Statement

There are a lot of different athletic dresses and skirts that have lots of patterns and colors to them. If you want to wear a skirt that is athletic, comfortable, colorful, and has a beautiful pattern, then you need to look at these amazing dresses and skirts that are just life changing!

Dona Jo’s Black Polka Dot Shakira Skirt

The Shakira Skirt Collection | $62 | Free Shipping within US

Want to wear a chic skirt that is perfect to wear when you’re working out, or not? Make sure to check out Dona Jo’s Black Polka Dot Shakira Skirt! Image courtesy of Dona Jo. 

Fashionable athletic skirts are in and we think that you need to get Dona Jo’s Black Polka Dot Shakira Skirt as soon as you can! This ruffle skirt is a must-have because of the flattering and feminine look that it has.

This black polka dot skirt with the adorable ruffles is great for running, playing sports, and even doing everyday chores, like grocery shopping, and more. This skirt can go with anything to give it a sporty, yet chic look to be a new unique you. Why not get Dona Jo’s Black Polka Dot Shakira Skirt!

Dona Jo’s Wildblue Ultimate Skirt

The Ultimate Skirt Collection | $68 | Free Shipping Within US

Do you like cheetah print? Why not grab Dona Jo’s Wildblue Ultimate Skirt for a beautiful and comfortable athletic look! Image courtesy of Dona Jo. 

Are you looking for a cheetah print athletic skirt that is great to wear for any form of exercise, running, or just for everyday wear? Why not check out Dona Jo’s Wildblue Ultimate Skirt that is comfortable and super pretty with the light blue color and cheetah pattern! 

This lightweight and breathable skirt is very form-fitting to give you a flattering figure no matter how you decide to wear it. It has a medium rise waistband to provide the ultimate coverage, so it's great to wear with sports bras, tight tank tops, and so much more. Make sure to get Dona Jo’s Wildblue Ultimate Skirt!

Bright and Colorful Skirts to Fit Your Striking Personality

Do you love big, bold colors and are also considering switching over to athletic dresses or skirts? Why not make sure to check out and choose from some beautiful and colorful ones! Colored skirts compared to neutral colors can make you look and feel bold and fierce, and they just make your outfit pop too. Make sure to check out some of our favorite colorful athletic dresses and skirts!

Nike Court Slam Dress

$100 | Free Shipping for Nike Members, or $8 for Non-Members

Experience peak athleticism in this Nike Court Slam Dress that is both sporty, yet fashionable! Image courtesy of Nike. 

Looking for a top brand name athletic dress to wear for your next tennis match, golf outing, or even to wear something comfortable while running errands? Get your hands on the Nike Court Slam Dress today for an athletic fit that makes you look slim, fit, and gorgeous!

Made with super soft and flexible fabric, this dress offers a tailored-feel to it, along with a unique color combination that makes it super unique and just you! Anything Nike will help you to feel and perform better no matter what you’re doing, so make sure to order your own Nike Court Slam Dress!

Halara’s In My Feels Everyday Dress

$49.95 | $7.90 Shipping

Purchase Halara’s In My Feels Everyday Dress that is perfect to wear for any workout occasion or sport, and even for everyday wear! Image courtesy of Halara. 

Want to wear a simple, yet beautiful dress that is comfortable and perfect for working out in, but also for wearing on an everyday occasion? Make sure to check out Halara’s In My Feels Everyday Dress that will change how you feel about standard athletic dresses!

The beautiful In My Feels dress by Halara comes in many different colors, such as lavender, olive green, light blue, black, pink, and so much more and it’s sweat-wicking fabric is a life saver when it comes to a hard workout on a hot day. This dress is also squat proof, with shorts underneath that don’t budge and stay in place as you’re doing an intense set of squats. Make sure to pick up your own In My Feels Everyday Dress today! 

A Neutral Color to Match Anything in Your Closet

Are you thinking about just sticking to the neutral colors? We completely understand and definitely won’t blame you for that option. Wearing a neutral-colored athletic dress or skirt can leave you with options to pair it with different colored tops, jackets, shoes, and so much more. Who said that neutral-colored dresses or skirts were boring? Here are some of our favorites!

Dona Jo’s Black Jojo Skirt 2.0

The Jojo Skirt Collection | $59 | Free Shipping Within US

Get the beautiful Black Jojo Skirt 2.0 by Dona Jo today for a fashionable and athletic look even with a neutral color! Image courtesy of Dona Jo. 

Want to get a super cute and comfy black athletic skirt to spruce up your athletic wear? Why not get Dona Jo’s Black Jojo Skirt 2.0 today for a unique look that you will love wearing! With deep pockets in the interior shorts, and the most flattering form-fitting look possible, you won’t want to take these off.

The Dona Jo Black Jojo Skirt 2.0 is made of a light, movable fabric that also offers breathability no matter what kind of sport, or form of exercising that you’re participating in. There are also flat seams for extra comfort and UVB protection that is great if you’re working out in the hot summer heat with the sun shining down on you. Why not get Dona Jo’s Black Jojo Skirt 2.0 today!

Sweaty Betty’s Power Workout Dress

$118 | Free Shipping

The Power Workout Dress by Sweaty Betty is just the dress you need to match almost every jacket or pair of shoes that you own! Image courtesy of Sweaty Betty. 

Do you want an all black athletic dress to wear that is above and beyond with its looks and feel? Get Sweaty Betty’s Power Workout Dress today for one of the best workout dresses with a fun little feature of pockets in the shorts underneath and in the dress itself!

Besides the copious amounts of pockets this athletic dress has, it also is made out of a sweat-wicking, four-way stretch material that is easily breathable no matter if you’re running a marathon, or even just playing a simple game of tennis. Make sure to snag the Sweaty Betty Power Workout Dress ASAP because we know you won’t regret it!

There are an abundant amount of athletic dresses and skirts to purchase. Whether you’re trying to decide on a certain pattern, color, or just want a plain black one, make sure to pick up one of the many athletic dresses or skirts we mentioned, because we know you’ll like them just as much as we do!

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