5 Pieces of Racquetball Gear Every Player Should Have

Only the top gear will allow you to play your best.

July 24, 2021

Everyone who plays racquetball knows that a certain level of strength and stamina are needed to succeed at the sport. However, these talents can only be enhanced by the right gear. We’ve compiled a list of what we deem are the racquetball essentials, so keep reading to see what you need to improve your game!

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1. The Perfect Skirt

A skirt may seem undeserving of this number one spot, but what you wear while you play matters more than you might think.

In one Harper’s Bazaar article, “7 reasons why what you wear in the gym really matters,” Nick Harris, a top human performance expert who created HPE Activewear, shares his advice on how what we wear impacts our workout.

Harris claims that our clothing choices can in fact improve our performance. Clothing made with high quality fabric works with the body to help it perform at its best. Comfort is also key. When you wear clothing designed for a specific workout, you are likely to perform better because you are dressed for the part.

The Dona Jo JoJo Skirt ECO (White) is made with biodegradable nylon, a Brazilian pioneer technology that allows clothing to quickly decompose after disposal in landfills. This lightweight and breathable material is sure to help you succeed on the court. Price: $65 | Free Shipping | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Harris also mentions the psychological phenomenon “enclothed cognition.” This suggests that the clothing a person wears can boost their confidence, and in turn, their performance. So, when you wear clothes you feel you look good in, you are actually setting yourself up for success on the court.

The Dona Jo Shakira Skirt (Black) is designed with flattering ruffles to ensure you look stylish at all times, even when you’re working your butt off on the court. Price: $68 | Free Shipping | Sizes: 1 (S) - 3 (XL)

Lastly, the clothes you wear while you workout can also motivate you. If you are spending the money to buy nice workout gear, you are more likely to put that workout gear to good use to make the purchase seem worthwhile.

In sum, that skirt you’re eyeing up is not a waste of money where racquetball is concerned. Set yourself up for success on the court!

2. The Right Racquet

There are three factors you should consider when searching for the right racquetball racquet. These three factors are the shape, balance, and weight of the racquet. 

The two most common shapes of racquetball racquets are triangular and quadra-form. Your choice of shape affects how large the sweet spot will be, the sweet spot being the point at which all of the strings and the frame of the racquet are designed to hit the ball absolutely perfectly. A quadra-form has a larger sweet spot, while a triangular form has a smaller one.

Quadra-form racquets are best for beginners so that they have a greater chance of hitting the ball, while triangular racquets are used by more advanced players so they can yield greater power with a more precise swing.

Balance is the next factor to consider when looking for a racquet. A racquet can be head light, balanced more towards the handle, or head heavy, balanced more towards the head of the racquet. A head heavy racquet will generate more power than a head light racquet, but a head light racquet will be easier to maneuver than a head heavy racquet.

The last thing to consider is the weight of the racquet. Lighter racquets provide more control and maneuverability, while heavier racquets generate additional power and durability. 165g is a good weight for beginners. If you’re looking for more agility, go lighter. If you want more power, go heavier.

According to the LA Times, the HEAD Liquid Metal 170/180/190 Racquetball Racquet is the best racquetball racquet overall in 2021

The HEAD Liquid Metal 170/180/190 Racquetball Racquet is made with a unique liquid metal atomic structure that does not deform on impact, resulting in the ultimate energy return and creates 29% more power in your shot.

The E-Force Takeover Racquetball Racquet is a close second, while the 2015 Ektelon Textreme Longbody Racquetball Racquet is an honorable mention.

3. The Correct Color Racquetballs

Naturally, racquetballs are next on our list. 

The unique thing about racquetballs is that their bright colors aren’t just for show, they actually indicate how fast the ball tends to travel after bouncing off of different surfaces on the court or being hit by the racquet. The ball colors in order of slowest to fastest are black, blue, green, purple, and red.  

In addition to bounciness, certain colors are also better in certain lighting conditions. For example, red, green, and blue balls work well on outdoor courts because they are made to be seen more easily in the lighting and contrast well with the outdoor court colors. On the other hand, purple, and black balls are designed specifically for indoor use because their color contrasts with the indoor court colors.

Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetballs are recommended for beginners. They are the #1 best selling racquetballs in the world and have a very long life.

Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetballs are the world’s #1 best selling racquetballs.

4. Effective Eye Guards or Goggles

We certainly can’t forget about safety on the court. Since racquetballs come at players in unpredictable ways at high speeds, USA Racquetball requires that each player wear eye guards or goggles specifically designed for racquetball and that meet the current standards for protection. Forgoing protective eyewear can lead to serious injury if you get a ball to the eye at the speed at which a racquetball typically travels.

Although your personal gym may not require you to wear protective eyewear, it is always a good idea to ensure your and your opponent’s safety.

HEAD Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear are one of the best pairs of protective eyewear you can get your hands on. They check all the boxes: they have a lightweight and durable frame, an anti-fog coating, and a comfortable non-slip nose piece. As a plus, they are also scratch resistant and offer UV protection.

HEAD Pro Elite Racquetball Eyewear offer a lightweight and durable frame, an anti-fog coating, and a comfortable non-slip nose piece.

5. Gloves For Grip

Gloves are the last but certainly not least important piece of racquetball gear every player should have. They are not required, but many players prefer to wear them when playing because they allow a player to get a better grip on their racquet and prevent the slipping of one’s grip due to sweating. They also give one better control in striking the ball.

Some things to consider when choosing a pair of gloves are fit, absorption, breathability, material, and stickiness. Gloves are an inexpensive way to improve one’s ability, typically ranging from under $8 to $20.

HEAD Web Extra Grip Leather Racquetball Glove is ranked as the #1 best racquetball glove thanks to its breathable backing, high grip quality, and comfy feel.

HEAD Web Extra Grip Leather Racquetball Glove offers excellent airflow and breathability, high graip quality, and moderate padding. 

Although you only need a racquet and a ball to play racquetball, a truly dedicated player should have a couple more things like eye guards, gloves, and even a cute racquetball skirt to step up their game and help them win their way to the top.

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