The Best Capri Pants for Working Out In The Summer

Summertime is the time to shine in capri pants for working out.

March 28, 2021
8 min read

Are you just getting started with working out, or maybe you’re a seasoned pro looking for the next greatest selection of capri workout leggings to look cute? Whatever your reason may be, we’re here to deliver the best and cutest capris to workout, or even lounge around in.

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Now, before you buy any leggings, there are many things to keep in mind before splurging too much on one pair of leggings. No need to worry if you buy workout capris to lounge in, or you are

beginning your next workout journey -- we have the best and latest styles for you to choose from.

We have split all of the possible cute workout leggings, that you can wear during the Summer, that we could find into categories, just to make your shopping less stressful, and more fun.

Jojo Capri

Capris that are meant to be fun, and also be comfortable in the Summer Heat. Image courtesy of

These capri workout pants from Dona Jo are perfect for the Summer because it has built in quick-dry fabric and UV protection. It also has a hidden waistband key pocket for storing essentials. It is made with lightweight material that gives a form-fitting design as well as makes it easier for sizing.

Less is Best!

Don’t throw away your shot at looking cute while killing it on that treadmill, and staying on budget!

No one says you can’t look cute in nice, budget-friendly workout capris. Especially these Women’s Tek Gear Performance Side-Pocket Capri Leggings from

Capris are not meant to break the bank, so before you go out and spend more money than you need to, especially if you are only wanting one pair to start out with. Workout capris can be expensive, but the best ones we found can be purchased for low prices.

A pair like these Women’s Tek Gear Performance Capri Leggings are the perfect way to not only stay on trend, but will also keep you moving throughout the day. The best parts about these capri leggings are the two side pockets for easy storage, and the mesh material on the sides to help with breathability.

Balance Collection Printed Contender High Waist Mid Calf Capri

You can still be cute while wearing these all Summer long. Image courtesy of

Do you have something fun planned for the Summer, like yoga? These capri leggings are perfect for you, as it is made out of the best light-weight material and it will even help keep the sweat under control, especially if you are going to be outdoors this Summer.

Wear Light Colored Capris, Maybe With A Hint Of Design

Find your true style of workout capri pants by finding ones in lighter colors.

Beat the Summer heat in lightweight and light colored capri pants. Image courtesy of

If you want to avoid the sun beating on you, and causing you to sweat profusely, you might want to switch out the cute black capri pants for something lighter in color, and with plenty of UV protection and made of material that is quick-drying and helps prevent sweat.

This one from Zulily is perfect if you have a morning workout ritual. You will want something light in color, as darker shades tend to make you sweat more. These Black Summer Snake 22” Contender Compression Capri Leggings are a perfect match for you, since they are machine washable and allow you to squats with ease.

Ideology High-Rise Cropped Side-Pocket Leggings

If you do go for darker tones, try a mid-dark color, like malaga or a navy blue. Image courtesy of

These gorgeous capri leggings from Macy’s is a perfect addition to your Summer workout wardrobe. Not only are they easy to move around in, but are a perfect alternative to using dark hued leggings. Even though lighter colors are easier, especially since you won’t be sweating too much, wearing a mid-toned colored capri pants would work best, such as malaga or a navy blue.

Jojo Capri 2.0 -- Wildblue

This Summer might be pretty wild, especially in these capri leggings from Dona Jo.

We believe these leggings are perfect not just for the color, but for the durability it has with sweat-color and good fabric used to help with flexibility and breathability. These capri pants come paired with a high-rise waistband for better coverage and supports.

Skirted Capri-Leggings

Capri pants have found its latest rival: the skirted capris. Image courtesy of

If you still like to look stylish, on and off the workout grind, you might want to try a few of these skirted capris styles for working out. The one above is a perfect ensemble for low-risk sports, and even minimal workouts like jogging and walking your dog.

You will find the best support and styles in skirted capris styles.

Women’s Chlorine Resistant High Waisted Modest Swim Leggins With UPF 50 Sun Protection

Get out on the water with these awesome skirted capri pants from Lands End.

Not only do these leggings have an attached skirt, but they are also chlorine resistant, but it also comes with a much needed generous amount of stretch and is comfortable in and out of the water. You can wear these to cover up your favorite swim bottoms, and also has an easy elastic waistband with a small hidden pocket in the front.

The fabric of the skirt is even recommended by The Skin Care Foundation as an effective way to protect yourself from UV rays.

Cheetah Eco Skirted Capri

The Dona Jo Skirted Capri was made for you to strut it with style and poise.

Even if you are looking for a little more modesty in your clothing for your Summer workout wardrobe, these skirted capris are the perfect addition because it does promote a little more coverage, and it is made with breathable fabric and gives you a form fit.

There are also deep pockets for storage, and they are perfect for UV protection while playing tennis outside, or even running outdoors.

There is still enough time for you to build the best summer workout for yourself to include these amazing capri pants to help amp up your workout this Summer. Don’t be the last one to get yourself prepared, these styles are best sellers and are more than likely going to run low and sell out before you get your hands on them.

Buying capri pants for your Summer workout will be tough, but we think these styles will give you that inspiration to find the right pair for you. Besides, do you want to be the one at the gym later this Summer wearing capri pants that are not built for working out, or let alone prevent you from sweating while working out in the Summer heat? You don’t want to be that person, especially if you are on the market for a pair that has the built in fabric technology to help you reach your workout goals for the Summer. Find your best fit here and get prepared for the best, non-sweaty, and on-trend Summer of your life.

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