Perfect Match: How to Find the Best Fitting Tennis Skirts

Getting the best fit to up your style and tennis game is easier than you think

January 15, 2021
8 min read

Athleisure has been making leaps and bounds in striking a balance between style, comfort, and utility for athletes. Sometimes it feels difficult to make an outfit with this type of clothing, even for a sport like tennis that inspires as many athletic moments as it does fashionable ones. Rocking skirts above knee level makes movement across any tennis court a lot easier, but you also have to consider shape and fit when shopping for tennis wear. Compression shorts underneath the skirt should be secure and snug, but the skirt itself should always give you some wiggle room. 

Tennis players should only be sweating during practice and matches--not while trying to locate athleisure that isn’t too tight or loose-fitting on them. Look no further if you’re worried about finding the best fit for your tennis skirts. Read down below to learn more about securing the best fit and skirt for you, including:

  • A-Line Tennis skirts and adorable brands to shop from
  • Pleated tennis skirts and the perfect brands to choose from

A-Line Style

Fashionable and comfortable A-Line skirt style by @fitness_karla

The A-Line shape is extremely common and fashionable for tennis skirts. The shape is defined by the skirt being more fitted at the hips and gradually getting wider toward the hem--this is identical to the shape of the letter “A.” If you’re worried about avoiding a too-tight or overly loose tennis skirt fit, the A-Line shape can surely flatter you. The fit at the hips can provide security while you move around, and the wider fit toward the bottom ensures comfort and ease when moving your legs around. Check out some of the adorable and chic A-Line tennis skirts that you need in your closet below. 

Dona Jo Ultimate Skirt

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If you prefer a longer tennis skirt with more coverage, Dona Jo’s brand can come to your rescue. You can be bold and elegant while pushing yourself through a tough match, and you can take comfort in knowing that compression shorts beneath your skirt will house your phone safely within deep pockets. The length of the skirt and medium waist can also ensure the best coverage and support for you while running and stretching your way to a win. 

Athleta Match Point Printed Skort

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With this sleek and comfy tennis skirt, it won’t be too much of a challenge to bring some edge to the court. Even beyond the cool design of the skirt, the function and usefulness is considerable with the supportive compression material. The undershorts even have grippers on the hem to ensure a secure fit during the most energetic of matches. The five pockets located in the hidden shorts, skirt, and as a zipped compartment in the back are a few more reasons to snatch this tennis skirt up. 

Outdoor Voices Exercise Skort

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Fans of sporty, lightweight tennis skirts will want to wear the Exercise Skort for every athletic activity they take part in. The skirt is versatile and the breathable Lightspeed fabric will make any tennis match or workout that much easier for you. The built-in shorts liner and phone pocket will also ensure the best coverage for your body and personal essentials during any match or exercise sesh. 

Denise Cronwall Edge Luna Skort

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Athletic wear doesn’t have to be frumpy or serious-looking to be the best fit during a game. You rock a light, feminine tennis skirt style and knock out any opponents with confidence and pride. While the compression undershorts provide comfort and security as you scurry across the court, the adorable peekaboo print adds just an edge of flirty charisma and fun to your look. 

Dona Jo Spin Skirt Eco

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You can dominate a match while saving the environment with this cute, eco-friendly tennis skirt from Dona Jo. The biodegradable nylon material is made with a bright and bold design that also offers UV protection for a long game in the sun. The hidden deep pockets ensure secure storage for all your essentials while the breathable, light fabric makes working up a sweat less strenuous. 

Sweaty Betty Swift Running Skort

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You can kill it on the tennis court or any athletic endeavor with this chic, multifunctional tennis skirt. You’ll get great body coverage from the comfy compression shorts while your sweat-related woes can be relieved by the breathable, sweat-wicking fabric. Get the best support for your personal style and athletic body during any game you’re playing. 

Pleated Style

Chic and classic pleated tennis skirt outfit by @jasminehennis

If you’re conflicted about how to find the best fit for your tennis skirts, you definitely need to check out pleated skirt styles. The pleated style is defined by folds made by doubling the fabric back on itself, and pleats can create an accordion-like effect that’s perfect for giving the legs more freedom for movement. The flattering and secure shape of the A-Line skirt combined with the flexibility of pleats are perfect for athletes who want some added cuteness and movement on the court. Check out the adorable pleated tennis skirts down below if you’re looking to spice up your game and style. 

Dona Jo Flirty Skirt Eco

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Comfort, cuteness, and style can be purchased together with this adorable Dona Jo pleated tennis skirt. The lightweight and breathable fabric is perfect for working up a sweat, and the added pleats make stretching your legs during a match that much easier. And this skirt truly stands out from the rest with its biodegradable nylon material, meaning that the skirt is as environmentally-friendly as it is comfy for sports. The material even has UV protection to keep your skin healthy during outdoor games. Keep your phone and other belongings tucked away safely in the hidden pockets of the waistband and interior short as well. 

Inphorm Pleated Tennis Skirt

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You can run across any tennis court without worries about sweat or moving freely thanks to Inphorm’s cozy pleated skirt. While the fabric wicks away any sweat, the flexible skirt and shorts underneath make moving through a game a breeze. The short’s double function ball pocket also keeps tennis balls within reach for convenience and ease when playing. The gorgeous two-tone color and sleek material are just a couple of the added aesthetic bonuses so you can play in style. 

Crz Yoga Mid-Rise Tennis Skirt

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Check out lightweight and cute tennis skirts if you’re struggling to find a balance between winning a game with comfort or function. With spandex shorts hidden under the stretchy skirt pleats, you can stretch out and move your legs to best beat any tennis game coming up. The hidden drawstring in the waistband also makes it easier to fit the skirt to the perfect tightness and size for you. Pockets located in the front and back are also perfect for any safekeeping and storage no matter how hard you’re playing. 

Athleta A Game Mesh Skort

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You can never go wrong with a classic white tennis skirt if you want to be the best dressed and skilled player on the court. The skirt is as cute as it is functional with its two pockets hidden in the underlying shorts and secure zip pocket in the back. The sweat-wicking fabric is also quick drying to ensure that no sweat is left behind once you’re cooling off. Dominate any game with style and ease with an ideal pleated skirt. 

Tna Modena Skirt

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For those in search of stretchy, comfy tennis skirts, you luckily won’t need to look too much farther. The hidden compression undershorts even add another level of comfort and stretch that’ll come in handy in any tough game on the court. The high-waist and pleats can make coziness and moving come that much easier to you, and being the most stylish in any game is a guarantee. Step up your game and comfort level with the tennis skirt you’ll never want to take off. 

Dona Jo Flirty Skirt Wildblue

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Make a lasting impression on any court with skills and style that are as bold as you are a player. There’s nothing wrong with rocking a breathable and cute skirt to conquer any of your opponents in an upcoming match. The skirt is also as functional as it is fun to look at with the deep pockets hidden in the undershorts and waistband pocket that’s sized for keys, cards, and other essentials. The flirty and cozy pleats, form-fitting fabric, and medium rise waist can promise any tennis player the best stretch, fit, and coverage during a match. 

While bodycon and maxi skirts are best saved for fashion moments off the court, short and midi-levels tennis skirts with just A-line or pleated styles can make dominating a match more of a reality for you.