These Pleated Skirt Tennis Outfits To Be Winter Ready

With These Looks, Pleated Skirts Can Come Out To Play All-Year Round!

January 30, 2021
8 min read

Winter is a time for family, friends, and resetting. The time to pause and curl up is welcomed for some of us. But if you’re a tennis regular, chances are, you’d rather be on the court. 

We often associate the sport with country clubs and the US Open. And what do those things have in common? Summer. With tennis typically relegated to the warmer months, the uniform tends to fit the bill as well--sports bras, crop tops, skirts, and skorts. The looks are to die for, but they don’t exactly lend themselves to playing in the colder months. Because of that, it can be challenging to get out there and serve. 

This isn’t to say tennis in the winter is a complete no-go--plenty of people figure out ways to play. But unfortunately, that typically means sacrificing a central part of the game: fashion. 

Don’t get us wrong--we’re fully on board with bundling up (no one wants to get the sniffles). But what if we were to say you didn’t have to sacrifice fashion for weather protection? Keep reading for how to wear that trademark pleated skirt tennis outfit in the winter!

Layer Up!

What don’t many people know about pleated tennis skirts? They’re the perfect layering piece! Learn how to do it well and wear it all year long. Image courtesy of Lookbook.

What many people don’t think about when picking up a pleated tennis skirt is how versatile it is. Because of the ways we’re used to seeing them in certain contexts, it can be hard to imagine them worn in different ways. 

If you find yourself missing how put-together you feel in that essential piece, look no further than the image above. For a look that’s close to a classic, add a pair of thermal tights underneath that skirt. What’s great about this pairing is that it’s transferable from the court to the street. All it takes is the right top and shoes.

Want to put this into practice? If you’re going out for a wintry game, wear your tights-skirt combo with a pair of classic tennis shoes and your favorite light zip up. There’s no need for a down jacket, as you’ll most definitely be working up a sweat. 

Wearing your pleated tennis skirt on the street is as easy as swapping those sneaks for some platform boots and socks. We love a good transition!

Cover Up In Pieces

Want a fun way to add some warmth to your tennis look without wearing pants? Go for a pleated skirt with a little something extra. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Tights are generally what we go for when looking to add an element of warmth to a skirt or dress.

But when trying to run across the court, they can sometimes be a bit of a hindrance. If you’re not a fan of being all sucked in while playing the game, high socks are a great alternative.

Depending on the weather in your area, you can choose your length and material. An outfit featuring socks rather than tights is perfect if your winter usually feels more like early spring than a sub-freezing zone--we’re talking to you, west coasters. 

Another benefit to wearing high socks with your pleated tennis skirt (aside from looking like Britney Spears circa 1998)--increased mobility. By adding some warmth with separate pieces, you still have the same range of motion that you would by wearing a pleated skirt on its own. And since they’re detachable, you get to be in full control of your body temperature. Getting too warm from working up a sweat? Take them off! You can always put them back on.

A Pleated Skirt That Does It All

If you’re in the mood for a spontaneous game and can’t be bothered to put together an outfit? We’ve all been there. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good. Sometimes winter clothes can make us feel bulky and bland. Luckily, your tennis wear doesn’t have to. 

If you want to sport a classic pleated tennis skirt in the cold, you can. And, you can do it effortlessly. On those days where you’re looking for an outfit that’s thought up for you, make sure to go with some skirted bottoms. 

Not only will you be warm enough to stay out for multiple games, but your comfort level will also be through the roof. At Dona Jo, we make ours with stretch technology and cell phone storage, so you’ll be all set. The feeling is closer to wearing leggings than a tennis skirt. And in the colder months, we’re not mad at that!

Not sure what to pair them with? There are plenty of matching sports bras to go with. Throw on a neutral sweater or sweatshirt on top, and you’re good to go. 

Taking It Outside The Court

These days, we’re all trying to make the most of our wardrobes. Since we’re not going to many places, we’re likely wearing the same outfits just about everywhere. And because of the current situation, fashion ‘rules’ have been more lax. Sweats are all the rage, and wearing the same outfit for days is commonplace. The days where individual pieces are relegated to specific places are gone--not that we need anyone’s permission. But in case you needed a little push to feel put-together, here it is. 

Tennis skirts have been everywhere for the past few years. Both on the court and in street style pics, we’ve seen them dressed up and worn as athletic wear. Some trends aren’t the easiest to wear unless you’re on a runway. The pleated tennis skirt, however, is a breath of fresh air. Typically coming in neutral colors, pairing them is simple.

Need some ideas? We’ve got you. Our first recommendation is to incorporate the looks above into your outfit. Layer with tights, wear a sweater, and throw on your favorite pair of boots. This is a formula that is both foolproof and changeable. 

Need to dress it up? Add a freshly tailored coat and some matching heels. Looking for athleisure? Wear it with a letterman jacket and a clean pair of sneakers. The possibilities here are endless. 

Regardless of whether you’re here for the fashion or the fitspo, we hope you’re making the most out of this winter. For all of you tennis players out there, here’s a gentle reminder that the game doesn’t have to stop with the sun. Playing in the winter is refreshing and rejuvenating. We don’t know about you, but this year, we’re ready to come back to ourselves and spark joy. And for us here at Dona Jo, that means tennis and the outfits that go with it. Care to join us?

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