Dressing to Serve: What To Wear To A Tennis Match

From Pleats and Polos To Leggings and Beyond, Consider This Your One-Stop-Shop For What to Wear to Play Tennis.

November 11, 2021
8 min read

One of our favorite things about tennis is its fashionable and versatile gear. Don’t get us wrong--skill, endurance, and sportsmanship are equally crucial to the game. Still, watching our favorite players slay both their game and their outfit adds an element of thrill.

But keeping that in mind, the aesthetic excellence we see in the US isn’t just for the fans. Studies show that what we wear impacts what we feel and how we perform. So more likely than not, Serena Williams’ elaborate outfit choices are geared towards upping her game.

Women sitting at tenis park
Even if you aren’t about to head off to the Olympics, you can still look your best while on the court. Tennis looks are in a constant state of transformation. With many classic looks returning with a twist, there’s a world of opportunity to make the most out of your tennis match outfits.

Court Outfits: The Athletic Dress

Make your looks easy with a simple tennis dress -- a classic with a modern twist

Women playing tennis
Add your own spin to the dress look by adding a sweatband. Image courtesy of iStock.

On days where it’s so hot you think the court will start melting underfoot, you want an outfit that will keep you cool as you run up and down the court. These looks are all inspirational to look at, and adding a dress to your tennis match wardrobe will make these hot days much better with an easy to wear and style dress.

If you are not really sure which color scheme your outfit should be, opt for something with bright colors. It will help you to not absorb as much heat, allowing you to not sweat as fast. Wearing a brighter color will not only make you look more visible, but the sun’s reflection won’t cause you to become overheated like darker colors will. Try out a new brighter color until you find your right match.

Like tennis skirts, many women wear dresses to help with movement and it even helps with comfort.

Dressing for a Tennis Match Success: Wearing Tops High In Cotton

Even if you aren’t into polos, try out a shirt that is one-hundred percent cotton.

Tennis outfit and racket laid out on table
Find all-cotton shirts on Dona Jo’s website, and see how others paired the looks on the Dona Jo Instagram. You can find the Eco Nature T, as well as other all-cotton shirts like the Dona Jo Court Polo, on their site.

If you aren’t into dresses and skirts, opt for a shirt that is one-hundred percent cotton and a pair of white shorts if you are searching for what to wear to a tennis match. Wearing shirts is a great option if you’re looking for less of a classic feminine look. The tennis court may have a long-standing tradition where women wear skirts and dresses, but not in this day and age -- so take advantage of that freedom!

You will want something that is comfortable and that can move with you during those tough matches of scoring the final point. Luckily, we have the right cotton-based material to help keep you in control of the game and even looking good doing it. Wearing a shirt that is high in cotton count will help you stay dry and cool. It’ll allow you to breathe and even knock off any unwanted sweat from your body. Even if you wear a shirt with a cotton blend, make sure that it has a high amount of cotton and polyester in it, as it can also knock out and absorb sweat while you are playing a tennis match.

Wear A Cute Pair Of Pants, Or Opt For A Matching Set

Feel good, look good, and win well with a good pair of pants or a matching set to your tennis match

Model wearing blue athletic wear
Whether you’re looking for a staple pair of leggings or a matching sports bra-legging combo, Dona Jo’s got you covered. Try out the Running Crop leggings in Navy and style it like our Dona Jo family member above with the Adjustable Bra in Navy.

Maybe you’re trying to achieve a certain look or hope to stand out on the court with your look. With each of these looks, you’ll be seen and heard in these cute, sassy pants and matching sets. With a pop of color and a hint of cheetah print, or any other sort of patterns, your pants will be the envy of the court.

Pants are one clothing item that has been making more of an appearance on the courts recently to help with players to feel more comfortable, cool, and covered up a little extra. Compared to other clothes, pants are customizable, and no matter what winning streak you are in, the pants will definitely be the highlight of your game. If you can’t find a good pair of pants, try a matching set to help show off your confidence on and off the tennis court.

When it comes to matching sets, don’t overthink it. Skirted capris and leggings are a great addition to your wardrobe and can easily be paired with a solid color shirt, or if it is a matching set, you could mix it up and try a new look out. Check out this fitspo from the Dona Jo Instagram and how they styled the skirted legging-t shirt combo for the court:

Two tennis players leaning on tennis net
Twin with these Dona Jo tribe members with any of Dona Jo’s chic skirted leggings and our Court Polo in black and white. Check out more outfit inspiration on the Dona Jo Instagram.

Whatever your heart desires, stick with a look that will make you visible, confident, and even remembered on and off of the court. Mixing up your outfits is a trend that is definitely for the ones that want to be seen while playing a match.

Tennis Shoes Are A Must to Wear to Your Tennis Match

Pair Every Outfit With The Right Pair Of Shoes.

Person tying their shoes
Wear a pair of shoes that are not only comfortable, but will make you stand out.

Tennis is one of those sports that demands shoes to help make your feet stay comfortable while playing the game. Many believe this is only because tennis players are constantly running back and forth on the court, when really it is to help with durability and making the player feel comfortable.

Tennis shoes are important, but a great pair of comfy shoes to wear when you’re heading to and from games is essential for any professional and beginner tennis player. A good pair of slides will help you to and from every game can make a huge difference, and the Dona Jo Linus Sandal is a great option made from recycled material to help make sore feet feel rejuvenated.

Sandals arranged over foliage
Let those puppies breathe after a long game of running up and down the tennis court. Find these sandals in more colors on the Dona Jo website and check out how others are styling  them on the Dona Jo Instagram.

Accessories to Match Cute Tennis Outfits

And We Aren’t Talking About Jewelry Here

Two tennis players posing with tennis rackets
Get matchy-matchy with the Dona Jo So Soft Scrunchy and Glide Skirt in Groovy. Check out more amazing women’s tennis match looks on the Dona Jo Instagram.

Try out your daring and confident looks with the right accessories. We don’t mean jewelry, unless you wear them pre-game and take them off before the game starts. We mean sweatbands, a tennis racket, balls, and any important parts of your tennis wardrobe to get you started.

There are no rules for what you can wear in your hair; many opt for a traditional sweatband that keeps the hair back, while others go for a stylish approach with one of many hairbands that can be worn to and from each tennis match. Headbands today have gotten a much needed update since the advent of the sport. Many are made from softer materials and are created for the player in mind.

Not only that, but if you are trying to avoid getting a sunburn or hope to reduce your exposure to the harmful UV rays, try a sun visor to help shield your face. And when you need additional protection, sunglasses are a helpful asset for your eyes to help you stay focused.

Additionally, if you happen to not have a skirt with pockets, try out a clip to help keep your balls organized and keep track of what is not being used.

Model posing with tennis racket
What you wear to a professional tennis match can play a huge role in your performance and how you’re perceived as a player, so be sure to look sharp! To get the look of our Dona Jo tribe member above, try the Sunshine Polo in Santorini. For more professional tennis match attire, check out the Dona Jo Instagram.

What are you waiting for? Find out the best styles to help you win every game you play. These styles only get better from here, and you will easily learn what to wear to a tennis match will come easier for you.

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