Wear One Of These Cute Outfits To Your Next Tennis Match

From Pleats and Polos To Leggings and Beyond, Consider This Your One-Stop-Stop For Court Outfit Inspo

January 29, 2021
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One of our favorite things about tennis is its emphasis on fashion. Don’t get us wrong--skill, endurance, and sportsmanship are equally crucial to the game. Still, watching our favorite players slay both their game and their outfit adds an element of thrill. But keep in mind, the aesthetic excellence we see in the US isn’t all for the fans. Studies show that what we wear impacts what we feel and how we perform. So more likely than not, Serena Williams’ elaborate outfit choices are geared towards upping her game.

Women sitting at tenis park

Not a pro-tennis star? No problem. Whether you play at a club, at school, or indoors, the same rules apply. Even if you’re simply looking to get a good workout in, you can up your game by channeling the attitude you want to have through the clothing you wear. 

If you’re just getting into tennis culture, this may all be news to you. But not to worry--consider us your trusty guides. For some primo fashion inspo, keep scrolling! The cutest tennis outfits are just ahead.

First, A Classic

women holding a tennis racket
Whether you’re a tennis beginner or a seasoned player, an image like this is likely what comes to mind--and for good reason! Keep reading for a history lesson in the original tennis uniform. Image courtesy of iStock.

The white-on-white skirt-top combo has been the quintessential tennis look for decades. At its inception, this outfit came on the scene to keep players as cool as possible to prevent sweat stains. The color was primarily worn as status and separation of the lower and middle class. 

Thankfully, we no longer hold those values regarding tennis--anyone who wants to can and should play, sporting their chosen colors. Now, a matching white outfit simply serves as a time capsule to a long tradition of the sport. 

If there’s one thing we got right on this one, it’s the look’s polished practicality. Perfect for a tough match on a hot summer’s day, you can expect to get in a rematch or two before sundown end’s the game for you. 

Want to put a modern spin on this classic look? Add a pop of color! Some fun socks or a colored sweater will do just the trick.

If Skirts Aren’t Your Thing

women sitting
If you want to play tennis but don’t love skirts, no big! In fashion, the rules surrounding tennis wear have relaxed and we couldn’t be happier. Image courtesy of Instagram.

If you’re only beginning to get into the game, you may not be ready to invest in a classic skirt-top tennis outfit. Or maybe, skirts don’t make you feel like yourself. Either way, the most important thing is that your court outfit enables you to move like you--which happens when we feel confident. 

Want some alternatives to tennis skirt culture? We’ve got you. For those who want to be comfortable while looking cute, try a matching set! The leggings and sports pairing bra works in almost any context, and the tennis court is no exception. 

What’s great about this look is that it’s easy to layer. Grab a light sweater or pullover, and you’ve got your ultimate warm-to-cold transition. Another play on this cute outfit is the biker short. In swapping your leggings for these, you’ve got yourself the perfect warm-weather look. The great thing about these options? There are no wardrobe malfunctions to be had. To make your tennis outfit work for you, and go with a variation like this, 

To add some pep to your step, wear this cute tennis outfit with some high socks and crisp white trainers. Need an example? The above picture is a perfect example. 

For An Athleisure Look 

We love an outfit that can work anywhere, don’t you? If so, look into the athleisure trend--you’ll never go back to uncomfortable clothes again. Image courtesy of Who What Wear.

Over the past few years, comfort has become as trendy as any runway look, specifically in the form of athletic wear. With athleisure taking the fashion scene by storm, we’ve rejoiced in feeling empowered to wear our gym clothes anywhere from the studio to school--even on a casual first date. 

While we wouldn’t say that the days of beauty equating to discomfort are entirely behind us, there appears to be more wiggle room in terms of what we consider trendy, literally and figuratively. Now, it feels more like a choice regarding what we prioritize when getting dressed in the morning. And with athleisure becoming the ultimate effortless look, we don’t have to choose between the two. 

Because of this fashion paradigm shift, athletic brands everywhere have made a point to provide workout wear that is beautiful and functional. This movement-centered clothing genre has been so consistent that we can now track its trend history. From streetwear sweatsuits to flared yoga pants to biker shorts and leggings, we’ve reached the next frontier in athleisure: tennis outfits.

This past season, the pleated tennis skirt has been everywhere, creating prep-adjacent in addition to purely athletic looks. So much so that brands are beginning to reimagine what a tennis outfit looks like. 

What to give this new athleisure iteration a go? Grab a matching outfit in an alternative material, like the one above. For another option, win your match in a light, casual mini dress with some biker shorts and sneaks. 

When You Want All Eyes On You

two women smling
Are you confident in your game? Don’t be afraid to show in on your sleeve...or dress! Image courtesy of Glamour Magazine.

While tennis wear used to be all about clean lines and solid colors, times have changed. In Wimbledon and local courts alike, tennis wear is a fantastic opportunity to show your opponents who you are. And like many star-studded events, we live to see what creative ensembles players like Monica Seles and Billie Jean King will be wearing. Even if you’re not interested in using your outfit as a weapon, it never hurts to feel cute during your tennis excursion. 

If your personal style is loud, don’t be afraid to bring it to your game. These days, we live for a lively print. Not feeling up to an entire ensemble dedicated to a colorful print? We feel you. 

Start out with a cute printed tennis skirt and solid top combo, then see where it takes you. But for those of you who are keen on standing out, adorn yourself in design from head to toe. Whether you’re into florals, cheetah print, or tie-dye, there’s something out there for you.

With all of the trends floating around, there are so many cute tennis outfits to choose from. If you’re more into the game than the look, there are simple ways to look your best. But, if you love playing around with your look, there is no shortage of skirts, tops, and accessories. Go for something classic or go for something new-agey. In any case, wear something that makes you excited to play--you just might come out on top. Sound good to you? Us too.

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