Can I Wear My Diamond Engagement Ring While Playing Pickleball?

If you still want to don your ring or have it on your person without actually wearing it on your finger, you may also want to keep it on your neck with a chain.

September 18, 2023

Pickleball has become an extremely popular sport and pastime in recent years. Years after the pandemic, people have found new ways to stay fit and socialize, resulting in the pickleball boom. Now, more than 36.5 million players are enjoying the sport in America, with the likes of Tom Brady even investing in professional teams.

If you’re going to enjoy your own session with some friends, it is essential to know what to wear. Ladies should expect to wear some tennis mainstays like polo shirts, sports bras, tank tops, and comfortable athletic shoes. Sporting shorts and skirts will also be essential so you can have a free range of movement and comfort regardless of the weather. If you are engaged and donning a stunning rock on your finger, you may be wondering if this will hamper your activities or clash with your outfit.

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Should You Wear Jewelry When Playing Pickleball?

There are some definite pros and cons when it comes to wearing jewelry while playing pickleball. As a rule, most athletes don’t recommend wearing jewelry when playing sports. This is primarily for safety reasons and the fact that sweat may have an unwanted effect on your bling. Of course, this doesn’t apply to quality pieces. The Gemological Institute of America notes that sweat and chlorine are actually fine for gemstones but may cause a bad reaction for precious metals.  

You also want to be wary of any impact that may ruin your jewels. That said, highly graded diamond engagement rings are unlikely to break or get scratched when playing. Although you should still avoid wearing them if at all possible. However, it is worth noting that even the strongest natural diamond will still have a grain that can fracture if it comes under high impact.  

If anything, the biggest concern you should have when wearing your engagement ring to a pickleball match is the potential danger in it. You can accidentally scratch or puncture yourself or a fellow player if you are not careful. There’s also the possibility that your fingers may swell as a reaction to heat and movement, making it potentially uncomfortable to have your ring on. If you’re mindful of your movements, though, you may be able to get away with wearing your gorgeous engagement ring while playing.

How to Care for a Diamond Engagement Ring While Playing Pickleball

If you’re going to wear your ring while playing pickleball, just make sure that you keep an eye on how much you’re sweating. This way, you can avoid having your ring accidentally slip off your finger. Some players also wear athletic tape around the ring to keep it in place, avoid damage, and prevent any accidental hits to other materials or players. Alternatively, you can slip on a ring guard (not to be confused with the antifungal cream of the same name) to keep it in place while still looking stylish.

If you’re scared of getting an avulsion because of this, don’t worry! These are actually extremely rare, with only around 5% of emergency visits a year being arm and hand injuries. Plus, pickleball is relatively low impact and will not have the same danger of football when it comes to ring-related injuries.

Should you decide to keep the ring off for your matches, make sure to keep it in a safe location that is still within reach. Since your diamond engagement ring will likely be both expensive and sentimental, it may be best to keep a secure container within your gear or at least have a locker to house your ring. Unexpected theft during matches is unfortunately not unheard of, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you still want to don your ring or have it on your person without actually wearing it on your finger, you may also want to keep it on your neck with a chain. A simple short necklace that won’t bounce around too much while you play can be a delightful way to flaunt your engagement, keep your ring safe, and add a little flair to your outfit while playing pickleball.

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