Summer Skirts We LOVE for 2022

Not sure what skirts should be part of your summer wardrobe? We've got some recommendations.

May 27, 2022

When you take a trip down memory lane through pictures, you can always tell what year it was based on your clothing. Animal print tailored mini skirt – definitely the 90s. Low rise mini jean skirt – so 2000s. So, what’s it going to be this year – knitted neutrals or polyester pastel; fitted or flowing; Midi, mini, or long? No matter what style you prefer, the skirt you decide to skip into summer wearing will provide relief from cumbersome jeans and heat-trapping leggings. 

Stick around and you’ll remember 2022 as the summer you had the cutest, most comfortable skirts. You won’t need pictures as a reminder because the skirts we’re about to show you aren’t temporary pieces; they’re here for the long haul. Whatever this year brings and wherever you may find yourself, these skirts can handle it. By the way, in case you had any doubt about skirts in the first place, let us just say that summer skirts are in fact in fashion for 2022. We repeat, skirts are in fashion for summer 2022. And we’re here for it. 

Now for the best part: the introduction of our favorite summer skirts for 2022. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll discuss in this article: 

  • The top summer skirts for 2022
  • Where to buy the summer skirts for 2022
  • How to pair your summer skirt

Vibrant Skirts/Skorts that Fit All Occasions

You might be wondering how to compromise between comfort, functionality, and femininity during summertime activities and festivities. The answer: the skort. In case you’re an adversary of the half skirt, half short - otherwise known as skort - hear us out. All we’re saying is give skorts a chance. 

Whatever skort in your past turned you against the entire clothing type, we’re here to set the facts straight starting with one very important concept--not all skorts are the same. Whatever stereotype of a skort you had in your head, skorts have come a long way from that. Let us show you. 

Dona Jo Soar Skirt in Flore
This summer, head outdoors in flirty floral skirts like the Dona Jo Soar Skirt in Flore. Image courtesy of Irosenav’s Instagram

This Dona Jo skort, with its vibrant pink, red, and blue flowers against a crisp white is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. The ruffles add a bit of spice to an otherwise very sweet pattern. As beautiful as it looks on the beach, this skort looks just as good on a lake, at a park, or on a court. The happy pattern will definitely add some pep to your step on or off the court! The material of the skort is adaptable to many different settings, but also fast-drying for those hotter months where you’re sweating more than usual. 

We bet you couldn’t tell this even was a skort. This is truly a skirt in disguise. It doesn’t look like a skort at all, except when you need it to do its job of concealing. No one should know you are wearing a skort until you need them to know you’re wearing a skort. Once you start wearing them, you may even wonder how you got away with skirts for so long.

Where to Buy: Dona Jo Brand

Price: $76 USD

Available in Sizes S to XL 

How To Wear It

Option 1: Sporty

Sporty outfit with the Dona Jo Soar Skirt in Flore
Pairing this skort with a breathable, sweat wicking top and some cute and comfortable sneaks makes for the perfect active outfit! Images courtesy of Dona Jo, Amazon, and Finish Line

Option 2: Everyday Wear

Everyday outfit with the Dona Jo Soar Skirt in Flore
Skorts are also compatible with your lifestyle, especially this skort which matches any color you pair it with. Images courtesy of Dona Jo, Amazon, and Birkenstock
Dona Jo Split Skirt in Sila
Summer is the perfect time to incorporate pops of color into your wardrobe so stand out in this bold skort which works for all ages and all occasions! Image courtesy of Dona Jo

This split skort in sila from Dona Jo has a super flattering seam across the front and pleats on the side for a feminine touch. It's a very thoughtful combination of hip hugging and flow that compliments every figure. The more you move, the better the skort looks. 

The sila pattern screams summer and gives us strong mermaid vibes. The combination of colors gives you a lot of options for pairing with different tops – white, black, blue, pink, purple, and so on. When wearing such a fun, unique, and cute skort, no one will be able to take their eyes off of you! 

Where to Buy: Dona Jo

Price: $76 USD

Available in Sizes S to XL 

How to Wear It

Option 1: Sporty

Sporty outfit with Dona Jo Split Skort in Sila
This is just one example of how you can wear this skort to play sports or get active, but really any pair of tennis shoes and tank top you have is sure to look adorable! Images courtesy of Dona Jo, Lululemon, Finish Line, and HowToWearFashion

Option 2: Everyday Wear

Everyday outfit with Dona Jo Split Skort in Sila
Pairing this skirt with a ribbed-knit top that has buttons and a pair of sandals really elevates the look of the skirt so you can wear it off the court. Images courtesy of Dona Jo, H&M, and Steve Madden

The Posh Pleated Summer Skirt: Solid Color Edition

Halara pleated skirt
Even though pleated skirts have been around since the 1900s, they are so in style for the summer of 2022! Image courtesy of Halara

Pleated skirts, otherwise known as the classic tennis skirt, are timeless pieces that can be worn for years. The pleated design makes you look elegant and the vertical lines have a slimming effect, bringing more stylish fun to your wardrobe. Pleated skirts look beautiful in a minimalistic color such as the one pictured above. What we especially love about this one by Halara is the versatility. With shorts and pockets built in, you can wear this skirt anywhere you go whether it’s to golf, tennis, dance, hiking, brunch, or a picnic. The skirt is also available in black, white, and blue but we especially love the peach for summer. For more tennis skirt inspiration that is tailored to the tennis player, check out our other article on maximizing the potential of your tennis skirt arsenal. On the other hand, for new ideas on how to style your pleated skirt to fit your everyday lifestyle, look at our 5 ways to dress a pleated skirt that are best by par

Where to Buy: Halara

Price: $32.95 USD

Available in Sizes S to XL

How to Wear It

Option 1: Sporty

laurentpacheco’s Instagram.

Option 2: Everyday Wear

Everyday outfit with Halara pleated skirt
This skirt can easily be dressed up to look classy with a neutral top (bodysuit or blouse), sandals or heels, simple jewelry, and the (optional) black leather blazer.  Images courtesy of Halara, Skims, Abercrombie & Fitch , and Target
Aerie pleated skirt
This pleated skirt in baby blue makes for a simple and tasteful addition to your outfit. Image courtesy of Aerie

Looking to upgrade from biker shorts to something a little more stylish, but not willing to sacrifice your comfort? We’ve got you. Baby blue goes great with a nice summer tan and warm sunshine. Not to mention, solid baby blue can be paired with pretty much anything in your closet. Think of crewnecks, cropped tops, tank tops, and sports bras. You name it, it goes with this skirt. 

And not many baby blue tennis skirts come with shorts that have the slogan “Game Set Match” on the bum – we love it! Pleated skirts are here to stay, whether you play tennis or not. So, you might as well snag yourself one that is not only cute, but made from a stretchy and comfortable material. Hint, hint. 

Where to Buy It: Aerie

Price: $54.95

Available in Sizes XXS to XXL

How to Wear It

Option 1: Sporty

tarabellardini’s Instagram

Option 2: Everyday Wear

Everyday outfit with Aerie pleated skirt
Paired with light cool tones, stripes, and woven straw material, this skirt automatically feels beachy and casual for all of your summer errands and activities. Image courtesy of Aerie

This summer, as you stare into your closet looking for the right fabrics to help you tackle the day, don’t overlook your summer skirts. With so many options for bottoms and a very demanding schedule, it can be easy to dismiss skirts as being nonfunctional, too dressy, or too exposing. But, hopefully after reading this, you’ve seen that this isn’t always the case. 

We showed you just a few out of hundreds of skirts that are built to conform to your shape so you can feel beautiful while you move around. In the summer of 2022, we’re bending the rules a little so skirts can fit your every need no matter where your day might take you. So, have fun mixing and matching tops and accessories, and take some pics so that others might find inspiration and lead by your example!

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