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Starting Pickleball Lessons? Here’s What You Should Wear!

Don’t get stuck wondering what to wear for pickleball. We have laid out the perfect options for you!

December 14, 2022

When you are learning to play a new sport, what you wear is just as important as the lessons you’ll pick up. Wearing the right gear can help your ease of movement as well as your confidence. Think about how great you feel when you wear an outfit that is well put together and stylish. You strut down the streets as if you own the world. Draw out the power of that confidence on the court!

Pickleball players dress the same way that tennis players do. Those short, flared skirts you admire on famous tennis stars should become a staple of your own sporting attire. Skirts are a great choice for physical activity because they are comfortable and airy! While you run around on the court, you can feel the breeze fan your legs rather than feel sweat soaking your leggings

Tank tops and t-shirts are your next essentials. We recommend you choose light, airy tops that add different style elements to your outfit. Choose bright tops that go well with your bottoms. There are loads of colors you can choose from. Mix and match and have fun with it!

This guide will help you find the kind of pickleball gear that will make you feel comfortable while you turn heads on the court.

JoJo Skirt ECO (Navy)

This skirt looks classy and sophisticated. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

Here is Dona Jo’s JoJo Skirt ECO in navy. 

This skirt is stylish and functional and will make you look very put together and fun. It is neutral in color and hugs your body to show off a great silhouette. Any color you wear with it will look amazing. It fans out at the bottom for a cute little detail. It will make you feel so comfortable and cute!

It is made of nylon, a soft, stretchy material that feels great against the skin. You won’t suffer through the fabric rubbing uncomfortably against your skin. The navy-blue color gives it a really polished look. It will make you look both sophisticated and fun while you show off your new skills. 

It has interior pockets that you can store things inside and UV protection that will keep your skin safe during the long hours you’ll spend outside. 

Get this for $65 with free shipping!

Flirty Skirt (Beach POA)

This skirt is super flirty and also functional. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

Dona Jo’s wonderfully flirty skirt has a charming look to it. 

The pleats give it a really feminine look. If you like to look dainty as you move around the court pulverizing your opponents, this is a great fit for you! This skirt is as functional as it is fashionable. You’ll have tons of movement in this stretchy fabric. 

The deep pockets are very convenient for storage. Pocket any small items you’d prefer to hold on to. You can hold onto your lip balm, your phone, or anything else you may need. The interior shorts attached will help to keep you covered while you move around. Feel free to jump around and kick up your feet as much as you want to! We’ve got you covered!

Get it for $62.50 and free shipping!

Shakira Skirt (Wildblue)

This look is exciting! It shows off your wildside while showing off bright summer colors. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

Show off your wild side in this Dona Jo Shakira Skirt! This bright blue color is perfect for summer. You’ll look as vibrant as the sun shining down on your pickleball court. If you’re indoors, you’ll likely be the brightest in the room!

This skirt is sleek and straight in the front, with surprise ruffles in the back. We love the wild cheetah print. It is a bold print that just screams fun!

This skirt is made of 5-way stretch material and its medium rise waistband provides additional coverage. So stretch out as much as you’d like! You won’t have a problem doing it in this skirt. 

Get this style for yourself for $65 plus free shipping! 

Sofibella Women’s UV 13 Tennis Skort

This skirt has a unique and dreamy design. Image courtesy of Sofibella.  

This Women’s UV Tennis Skort from Sofibella is a great option for Pickleball lessons. 

It has an unique eye-catching design that stands out strongly from other more subdued patterns. The double-layered ruffled hem adds flair to this already stunning design. And they take away nothing from its function. This skort is just as stylish as it is useful. 

This skort offers StayDry moisture wicking fabric that will shield your skin from sweat. So don’t hold back on the court! Give it your all and don’t worry about any sweat! You also get a dose of UPF 50 sun protection when you wear these. 

Fila Women’s Tie Breaker Skater Tennis Skort

This skirt is artsy and bright. Perfect for summertime lessons! Image courtesy of Fila

This Tie Breaker Skater Tennis Skort from Fila is a super cute choice for class. 

The subdued pastel tie-dye color gives it an awesome look that will make you stand out. The colors resemble splotches of paint. It gives off a really artsy vibe. This color combination is perfect for summer. 

This skort serves many different functions. It is extremely stretchy. There is COOLMAX lining on the inside so you can stay comfortable in the heat. It also offers UV protection and moisture wicking technology. Sweat and harmful rays don’t stand a chance against these! They even offer protection against odor. 

Lite Tank (Santorini) 

This electric blue is so vibrant! Image courtesy of Dona Jo

This bright blue tank top is pretty and lightweight. It is built for you to move around without constriction. The spaghetti straps leave your shoulders exposed to enough air that you can easily stay cool during a strenuous game. It is made with biodegradable nylon. That means that it is soft and environmentally friendly. 

This tank also offers UV protection so that you can enjoy the sun with no worries! It is also free of toxins that can irritate skin. 

You can get this top in various bright colors and mix and match them with your skirts. The bright colors will give your mood a good boost before you even leave home to conquer the court.

This tank top is $42 plus free shipping!

Smash Tank (Plum) 

This top offers the perfect coverage. Stay cool while you sweat! Image courtesy of Dona Jo

This plum colored tank top from Dona Jo is a comfortable medium weight option. It is made with a light compression material that serves to support your movements. The thick straps hug your shoulders and the tight fit hugs your body and shows off your figure. You’ll feel amazing in this form fitting piece!

Sweat won’t be a big problem for you in this number. You will have perfect ease of movement and will get a lot of air while you wear this top. You can focus fully on your lesson rather than how your clothes make you feel. 

Plum is a great summer color that will brighten up your whole ensemble. You’ll look as pretty as the flowers blooming around you.

spin skirt donajo black poka dot

You can get this one for $39 plus free shipping!

Pickleball lessons will be a breeze once you have the proper outfits prepared. Once you make sure you look and feel good in your clothes, you can comfortably take on the court with no worries!

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