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How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle + All Your Other Gear Questions, Answered

How do you know you have the right gear for pickleball? Well, we've got you covered with the answer to this and all your other pickleball questions!

August 19, 2022

If you’re a pro pickleball player or even if you’re a novice learning the game with friends and just want to wear a cute pickleball outfit, you will at some point have some questions about the game that you’ll want answers to. Luckily for you, we’re here to help! If you’re an avid pickleball player you might just be looking for a refresh on some rules or you might want a second opinion when choosing a new paddle. Or, if you’re new you’re just looking for some advice on this crazy game and what you need to play it. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered so let’s jump in! 

What is Pickleball? 

For all the pickleball newbies, let’s first start with the basics- what exactly is pickleball? Pickleball is a fun game that not many people know about, but is an easy game to pick up. Think of pickleball as a combination of badminton, ping pong, tennis, and basically any other sport where you hit a ball with a paddle or racket. In pickleball you have a paddle that is larger than a table tennis paddle but smaller than a tennis racket. Similar to tennis, you play on a court but unlike tennis, the ball you are hitting back and forth is a plastic ball with holes in it. Essentially, the goal of pickleball is the same as tennis or any other similar sport-score on your opponent by hitting the ball over the net. We won’t go into all of the specific rules of pickleball, but you get the idea. 

How to Pick a Paddle

Picking a paddle is a very important step in pickleball. Photo courtesy of Pickleballvortext.

Now that you know the basics of pickleball, let’s get into the necessities of what you’ll need to play the game. The first and probably most important thing you’ll need for pickleball is a paddle. Choosing a paddle is probably the most important step when beginning to play pickleball. While there’s no “perfect” paddle, there is a perfect paddle for each player. There are many pickleball paddle variations out there, so finding the one that fits your personal preferences for how you play the game is key in making sure you’re able to play at your best each and every game. When looking for the best paddle for your game, keep in mind these 5 aspects of a pickleball paddle to consider: weight, grip length, paddle face, paddle core, and weight balance. 

  1. Weight

While the importance of each paddle characteristic depends on the player, the weight of the paddle is the most noticeable difference you'll see when playing. The heavier the paddle, the more power you’ll have in each swing, but the lighter the paddle the more control you’ll have over your hits. 

  1. Grip Length

Grip length is an important aspect in a pickleball paddle because sometimes you’ll want to put both hands on the paddle for a special swing, especially if you are a pro who wants to do new moves. Or, if you have a smaller hand then a smaller grip length might be better for you. 

  1. Paddle Face 

The face of the paddle is the material on the outside of the paddle on both sides that you can see and feel. The kind of material you choose to be on the face of your paddle can affect aspects of your game and hit.

  1. Paddle Core

The paddle core is what makes up the inside of the paddle. This is an important aspect because the core of the paddle can affect the weight and the control you’ll have over the ball. 

  1. Weight Balance 

Two paddles could weigh exactly the same but if the weight is balanced in a different part of the paddle in each one then the two paddles will have completely different feels to them. 

What to Wear for a Pickleball Game 

Knowing what to wear can help you play at your best. 

We’ve covered the basics of pickleball and how to pick a paddle for the game, but how about what to wear to a pickleball match? Similar to what you might wear to a tennis match, the choice of clothing worn for a pickleball game is really up to the player. But, when thinking about what to wear to your next (or first) pickleball game there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll probably be doing a lot of running back and forth on your side of the court so you’ll want an outfit that allows you the most mobility. If you still want to remain stylish while being able to hit the ball at any angle, we recommend a fun active dress or skirt. If you need some dress inspiration, check out these ones from Dona Jo. Pickleball can be played indoors or outside, so if you’re playing outside when the days are getting a little too cold for a dress or skirt, then a skirted legging option might be your got to! 

Another thing to consider when deciding what to wear to a pickleball match is that you'll be doing a lot of movement with your arms. For this reason it’s important not to wear any clothing top that might restrict your movements so that you can perform your best. If the arena you are playing at inside is warm or you are playing outside in the warmer months, then a tank top might be your best choice. But don’t sacrifice style for functionality. There are plenty of stylish and trendy activewear tank tops on the market. If you need some inspiration for your next look, head over to Dona Jo and look at their tank options.  Not a fan of sleeveless shirts or it’s too cold where you’re playing? No problem! A long sleeved shirt option with a lot of stretch for mobility is great too! Pair it with a fun pair of printed leggings and you’ll not only be the most stylish on the court but you’ll also be the most fashionable. 

Pickleball is a fun sport for everyone involved. 

Pickleball is a sport that prides itself on being fun and accessible to everyone, just remember to have some fun! Pickleball is an easy game to pick up and is even easier to become competitive at, so let your sporty side out with some friends for a friendly game of pickleball. Now that you know the basics of the game, how to pick the best paddle for yourself, and what you should consider wearing for your next match, you’re ready to be on your way to becoming a pro pickleball player in no time. Just remember that finding the right gear for pickleball is all about preference so it might take some trial and error before you have the gear that is the perfect fit for you and your skill level. But don’t give up! Pickleball is fun to play and even more fun to win!

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