Cute Ways to Style a Blazer and Biker Shorts This Spring

An in-depth guide to finding the perfect blazer and biker short pairing

March 22, 2022

In need of blazer and biker shorts fitspo for the spring? We’ve got you covered. The blazer and biker short combination can be a daunting look to experiment with, but with a few tips and tricks, as well as ideas for outfits, you’ll be well on your way to rocking the look. Here are just a few topics we’ll be covering in this guide to the blazer and biker shorts outfit:

  • Accessories to take your outfit to the next level
  • Shoes that make a world of difference
  • Color palettes to coordinate your blazer and biker shorts fit
Woman posing in front of white fence
Get pumped for spring in these Ultimate Shorts in Seabreeze from Dona Jo. Image courtesy of Brandytherunner_’s Instagram.

Accessories Make Everything Better

Statement items to tie your outfit together

In the wise words of Michael Kors, “accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit,” which rings true for the blazer and biker short outfit. Certain accessories can elevate your look and tie together an outfit seamlessly.

One accessory to consider adding to your blazer and biker short look is jewellry. Adding a classic gold hoop or stacked earrings can take any outfit from good to great, and it can go a long way in elevating the biker short and blazer look from casual to business casual. This is especially true if a matching necklace or two are added to tie in the look and make for a more cohesive outfit. If you’re feeling experimental, you can play around with contrasting jewelry like stacked chunky and dainty hoops, or thick chains mixed with thin necklaces, or even by combining silver and gold jewelry in the same look.

To pair with your jewelry, consider adding a subtle or statement belt as the center of your outfit. By wearing the belt over your blazer, you can add some shape to your look and add some extra intrigue to your vibe. Additionally, if you’re not a huge fan of handbags or purses, using a fanny pack or cross-body bag as a belt is a great way to go hands free and get that flattering cinch to your look.

Finally, if you’re looking to accessorize from head to toe, adding a pair of chic sunglasses or a chunky headband can help you look stylish effortlessly. Sunglasses or a headband that coordinates with either your jewelry or other colors in your outfit can be the cherry on top of your biker short and blazer look.

For some more accessorizing and outfit inspiration with blazers and biker shorts, check out these looks from Dona Jo.

Woman posing in front of plants
Patterned biker shorts, like the Dona Jo Active Biker Shorts in Jungle, are a great way to spice up the classic blazer and biker short look. Image courtesy of Adventureswithpollin’s Instagram.

Shoes to Pair with the Blazer and Biker Short Combo

Forget diamonds – shoes are a girl’s best friend

If the shoe fits, style them with your blazer and biker short outfit. Pairing your look with certain types of shoes can completely change the style you give off. A pair of shoes can also go a long way in changing the formality of your outfit, taking it from casual to business casual.

If you’re going for a more laid back look, a pair of platform sneakers looks edgy and gives off a streetwear look. The Converse Run Star Hikes are the perfect pair of platform tennis shoes that can tie together your look and give you some height at the same time. Nike’s Air Force Ones are also a great match with any blazer and biker short outfit if you’re looking for something more colorful or low rise.

For a business casual look, knee-high boots are a chic option that can match with almost any biker short-blazer pairing. Cowboy boots or snakeskin-textured knee-highs add some coverage and height to the outfit and can really lengthen the look of anyone’s legs. If you desire an even more dramatic look, thigh-high boots can help you to turn heads. These boots are also great for cooler weather because they’ll only leave a small gap between where your shorts end and your boots start.

Finally, strappy high heels are elegant if you plan on taking your biker short and blazer combination on a date or out on the town. They add some formality to the outfit while also contrasting with the rest of the outfit. Strappy heels are also a great way to inject some femininity back into this look, but if you want a shoe with less of a heel while still maintaining that feminine look, try a kitten heel.

Woman squatting in front of mirror
Adding a sports bra and a bright biker short can help to make your blazer and biker short outfit stand out in a crowd. To get the look of the Dona Jo tribe member above, try the Jojo Short in Pied. Image courtesy of Corinna_detoni’s Instagram.

Color Coordination is Key

Clashing is easily avoidable with some guidance

Your elementary school art teachers weren’t messing around about the color wheel. By following some simple color theory tips, you’ll be well on your way to forming cohesive and chic outfits that don’t clash.

If you enjoy a brighter look with colorful patterns or tones, try pairing together analogous pieces – colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. An example of this type of outfit would be putting together green and blue or yellow and orange. Tonal colors, which are different tones of the same color, also work well with the blazer and biker short look. An example of this could be a dark beige colored blazer paired with cream shorts, or a gray blazer paired with charcoal shorts. So, the next time you consider a blazer and biker short pairing, consult your color wheel to see if the tones you’re using mesh well together.

When in doubt, a monochromatic look is always in season and in style. A gray or nude blazer always looks phenomenal with a sleek black biker short, but there are a variety of ways to spice up an outfit while keeping the color palette muted. The monochromatic look especially works well if you’re wearing a plaid or patterned blazer with a monochromatic set underneath.

Finally, our best piece of advice when coordinating your blazer and biker short outfit is to make sure that you feel confident in your look. Regardless of the traditional fashion rules and color theory, if you feel comfortable in your outfit then go with it.

If you’re looking for some more biker short and blazer outfit inspiration, then check out these tips and tricks to rocking the look from Dona Jo.

A single-toned top pairs perfectly with bright and patterned biker shorts like the Dona Jo Jojo Short in Esqueleto. Image courtesy of Runs_with_tattoos’ Instagram.

With these tips and tricks for how to pair your blazer and biker short look, start experimenting with different combinations of colors and patterns to find what works best for you. When in doubt, go with your gut and pick an outfit that you feel your best in.

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