10 Tips for Styling Bike Shorts with a Blazer

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October 7, 2021

The definition of a businesswoman has been redefined  regarding the dress code and opportunities that are presented today. Long gone are the days of exclusively formal suits, dress pants, pencil skirts, and tummy tucked shirts. In this day and age, we’ve taken a more relaxed approach to a business casual dress code, which obviously depends on the dress code and culture, varying from company to company. For companies that do have more relaxed dress codes, we adore the classic 80s athleisure staple of the biker short. With its form-fitting silhouette, it is a piece that is flattering for all body shapes across the spectrum. Just because it has a primarily athletic utility doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in the office. All it takes is a little balance. Continue reading to learn how to style biker shorts in the office without fail.

Dona Jo Biker Short

Before we jump into styling this piece for work, we’d like to start off by highlighting the Jojo Biker Short ECO as your go-to biker short staple. The high waistband and flat seams make it easy and flattering to wear with a form-fitting sports top or tucking in your button-up shirt. We can’t forget the side pockets for storing your belongings when you’re on the run! Its medium compression and 4-way stretch material will make every movement feel breathable and comfortable whether you’re going from the gym to a coffee date, or just wearing to run errands. Offered in 5 bold colors, you will want them all.

Biker shorts aren’t just for savvy cyclists--we love the versatility and every day wear for any fashionista or fitness guru that can make this piece sporty or formal. Hot girl summer is now transitioning to fit girl fall, and we adore this Dona Jo Biker Short for your wardrobe! If you need inspiration on how to wear them, continue reading for office-friendly suggestions for a chic look.

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Brazen in Blazers

With the form-fitting nature of the bicycle short, it’s important to offset the tight fit with an oversized shape to balance the look. These could be versatile with most of your office tops that you’d normally wear with jeans or work trousers. The structural fit of a blazer with its formal silhouette in the shoulders will pair with the thigh-hugging fit of the biker short. Especially with black biker shorts, you can pair any blazers both neutral or patterned for a bold outfit. Throw on some mules or heels and you will be looking sharp! 

Image Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

You could either style a pair of solid biker shorts with a patterned blazer or style a pair of pattern shorts with a  solid blazer for a dynamic duo. Top it off with some heels for a dressed up look or keep it sporty with sneakers. Wear a crop top with your biker shorts to layer with the blazer or button your blazer all the way. If the blazer is of thinner fabric, you could tie a belt to emphasize the waist. The blazer itself is an essential one-and-done piece to style with your shorts, or you could use layering to your advantage with the jacket. It’s truly up to your personal tastes - the blazer is a formal way to look chic for work while embracing the comfort of biker shorts to match.

Image Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

Oversized Sweater

If you want to feel lighter on your shoulders, popping on a crew neck sweater or layering a cardigan with biker shorts is a great way to show off your top and shorts all at the same time. Whether it’s a shorter cardigan or a longer cardigan, it’s a flattering outfit to showcase your layering top and use patterns to your advantage. With black shorts, you can wear any neutral colors or lighter colors to make that contrast pop. Wear a darker color for your top and slip on a lighter palette cardigan. Reversing this also brings layering to your advantage for a casual office-friendly look. Slip on some mules or colorful sneakers to personalize your look a bit!

Image Courtesy of The Real Fashionista
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