Workout Skorts We’ll Be Wearing All Fall

Our six top workout skort picks to add to your wardrobe as the weather gets colder!

December 30, 2022

Our six top workout skort picks to add to your wardrobe as the weather gets colder!

As the weather grows colder, you’re going to want some new athletic wear for your fall wardrobe. Whether you’ve got plenty of fall workout gear already or not, it can always be fun to do a bit of shopping as the season changes, and you’ll also want to keep up with current trends!

Currently, skorts are super trendy, both for exercising and just in general. It’s no wonder why, either, as they’re also incredibly convenient, comfortable, and cute! They have the appearance of the cutest skirt, but you no longer have to worry about the wind as they offer the coverage of a pair of shorts— truly the best of both worlds.

If you want to find some new workout skorts for fall, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll be listing some of our absolute favorite picks for this season.

Shakira Skirt/Skort

One of the most popular on our website, and for good reason. The Shakira Skort, modeled here by instagram user physique_eternal, is perfect for a trip to the gym or an at-home workout, as pictured above! 

Here the skort is in the pattern Cheetah, but this skort is available in countless other prints as well, and you can always choose to shop by print on the Dona Jo website so that you can start with a pattern you like and then move onto the specific style!

But as far as style goes, the Shakira Skort doesn’t disappoint. No matter which print you choose, it comes with a ruffled back that is a favorite of our customers. There’s also flat seams, an adjustable drawstring in the waistband, and deep side pockets in the interior compression shorts.

Everything about this skort just screams comfort, and it would be super fun to base an outfit off of!

JoJo Skirt/Skort

A skirt so great we named it after our brand! See how these two women on the playersworld_hhi Instagram rock the JoJo Skort in Mistletoe— a perfect pattern for the fall and winter seasons, and a perfect look for the tennis court.

The 2 pleats on the front of this skort also make it super fashionable, and the lightweight and breathable fabric ensures you’ll be perfectly comfortable while you work out, play a sport, or even go shopping as pictured above!

These two ladies are super matching in their skorts, especially since they both paired the JoJo Skort with long-sleeved Endurance Tops, in Oceano and Sereia respectively. These shirts are lightweight, breathable, and loose-fitting— the perfect fit for fall, and to go with this particular skort.

Ultimate Skort

This skort is a bit on the longer side! Check out how juliarunstheultraworld on Instagram rocks one of our 17” Ultimate Skorts! Though we may no longer be stocking the zebra print, there are plenty of other patterns you can purchase this skort in, including Black Polka Dot— which has the exact same color scheme, only with spots instead of stripes!

This workout skort for fall comes with all the great features of our clothes:

  • 4 way stretch material
  • Deep side pockets
  • Flat seams
  • UVB protection
  • And more!

The Ultimate Skort also has the added bonus of a super flattering A-line shape design! Whether you’re planning to hit the track like Julia or workout some other way, you’re sure to look good doing it.

She also chose to pair her Ultimate Skort with a black tank top, which is definitely a great way to go. You can check out our tips for the best workout tank tops, or better yet check out the tank top selection on our website to exercise in style.

Flirty Skort

The front-pleated panel on our Flirty Skort sets it apart from the rest! Instagram user playersworld_hhi has paired an Endurance Top in Pink Batom with this skort in Esqueleto. Both the long sleeves and the colors of the skort’s pattern make this the perfect look for fall.

In addition to all the great Dona Jo fabric features and the deep side pockets, this skort also includes a smaller pocket at the back of the waistband— the perfect size for storing some money or your keys, so that you don’t have to bring a bag with you to workout! 

As it’s one of the more popular skorts on our site, we currently have 16 prints stocked, but you can also opt for a solid color if you’d prefer to style that way— we sell Flirty Skorts in navy, black, and white. All of these are favorites among our customers, and for good reason!

Skirted Capris

If you’re looking for coverage and comfort in colder weather, why stop at skorts? Instagram user debbiebuckley_pb is ready to hit the pickleball court in her Skirted Capris in Pied and attached black capris.

These skirted capris come with side pockets as well, in addition to some of the other best qualities of our skorts— UVB protection, lightweight and form-fitting fabric, and an adjustable drawstring in the waistband to name a few. The A-line shape also makes this skirt super flattering!

As pictured above, the skirted capris in this pattern pair excellently with our Connect Tank in Pitanga, and the bright orange really says fall! Since pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors, layering can be a great idea when the days grow colder— some skirted capris and one of our many jackets should do the trick!

Skirted Leggings

There’s nothing quite so trendy as a matching set, and susanhu33 on Instagram showcases that perfectly in her Love Skirted Leggings in White Lily and matching Love Bra. This is a gorgeous pattern that works well in any season, whether you’re exercising indoors or out.

These skirted leggings are a great fit for the tennis court, however, as in addition to the deep side pockets that all of our above skorts come with there is also a lower pocket that’s the perfect size for a tennis ball! In addition, the above bra is made with low compression material, and fits women from sizes A-D.

Matching sets may be super in lately, but skirted leggings are trendy right now, too, and they’ll be a perfect purchase for the fall since they’re super versatile workout wear. 

You should definitely consider looking into workout skorts this fall, and Dona Jo is the perfect place to do it!

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