Six Sport Skorts for Serving Up Looks on the Court and Off

With these sport skorts, you can be your best self by looking cute and feeling comfortable!

January 7, 2023

Sport skorts have quickly become a trend in the fashion world, with aesthetic looks involving the coveted style flooding Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and more. These skorts have become a trend for good reason thanks to their combined comfortability and fashionable appeal.

With the popularity rise in sports like pickleball and tennis, the athletic environment these sport skorts are mainly worn in, it has only increased the pace the trend has spread. However, instead of staying confined to the courts, sport skorts have taken over everyday looks as well.

With people wearing the skorts to pickleball/tennis practice, college classes, out to bars, and yes, even to the office, sport skorts have truly become a sensation you do not want to miss.

If you are anything like me, you are dying to get your hands on some of these stand-out sport skorts that you wear to nearly any occasion. Read on to discover some of the best sport skorts on the market today!

Must-Have Sport Skorts

Sport skorts come in varying colors, styles, and lengths, allowing you to customize what look you are going for with just a change of your skort. Additionally, the variety in options contributes to them being one of the most versatile clothing items. There truly is a look to match any event.

In our list of must-have tennis skorts today, we are going to include some of the most popular styles of sport skorts, including:

  • Black sport skorts
  • White sport skorts
  • Ruffled sport skorts
  • Pleated sport skorts

Black Sports Skorts

Black sport skorts have become a signature look in current fashion trends. There are countless options to choose from of this style, including ruffled black skorts, longer black skorts, black skorts/leggings combos, and more.

Ultimate Skirt/Skort (Black) 17"

The Ultimate Skirt/Skort (Black) 17” from Dona Jo is the perfect design for anyone going for a more classic look. This black sport skort is designed to fall straight with a small flare on the sides.

With its elegant look and basic color scheme, it could even be worn at the office if you so desire.

A straight black tennis skirt paired with a black long-sleeve tennis skirt.
The Black Ultimate Tennis Skort from Dona Jo complements any outfit nicely. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Cloudful® Air Comfy High Waisted Crossover 2-in-1 Side Pocket Flare Tennis Skirt

The Cloudful Air Comfy High Waisted Crossover skort by Halara is perfect for a night out on the town or an afternoon on the tennis courts. Its fun and flirty design is absolutely adorable and pairs well with any color workout tank or cropped tee.

A flowy black tennis skirt with a crossover waistband.
This Halara sport skort is super cute and trendy. Image courtesy of Halara.

White Sport Skorts

White sport skorts are a staple for every closet as they can easily brighten up any look. Not only that, but they also add a level of sophistication when worn out and about. Check out one of my favorite white skorts below!

UrKeuf Women's Athletic Tennis Skirts with Pockets 13in Ruffle Golf Running Workout Ice Silk Flowy Skorts with Sports Shorts

This UrKeuf Ice Silk Flowy Skort has an almost princess-reminiscent quality to it with the flowy way the fabric is layered. It has the eye-stopping quality necessary to be worn out on the town, with the functionality needed to play a game of tennis in.

A woman posing while wearing a flowy white tennis skirt and white sports bra.
This white, flowy sport skort by UrKeuf would create great contrast when paired with a black tank. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Ruffled Sport Skorts

Ruffles on sport skorts adds a layer of fun and excitement to any look. Exuberant-designed ruffles are a great way to catch everyone’s attention!

Shakira Skirt/Skort (Water Life) 13.5"

The show-stopping pattern on the Water Life Shakira Skort paired with the ruffled-back make for the most head-turning skort in existence. It’s the epitome of uniqueness and creativity.

If you want the skort to really pop, pairing it with a plain white or black top should do just the trick.

A bright purple sport skort with a ruffled back and patterned blue, pink, and yellow accents.
This super cute and unique sports skort is sure to turn heads. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

A bright purple sport skort with a ruffled back and patterned blue, pink, and yellow accents.

Pleated Sport Skorts

Pleated sport skorts are another trending fashion piece. The pleated look gives the skorts a more preppy feel, therefore allowing one to wear the skorts to fancier events if paired with the right blouse.

On the other hand, when matched with a workout tank these pleated skorts can just as easily be worn to pickleball or tennis.

Lilac Pleated Tennis Skort

With its flattering waistband, pleated fabric, and beautiful lilac coloring, you are sure to love this pleated tennis skort. It can truly bring a pop of color to any neutral top to transform your outfit.

A lilac-colored skort with pleated fabric.
This pleated lilac sport skort is the statement piece your closet needs. Image courtesy of Gold Hinge.

Everyday 2-in-1 Mid Rise Side Pocket Pleated Tennis Skirt

The Everyday Pleated Tennis Skirt by Halara is another pleated tennis skort similar to the one just above, however this one is in turquoise.

The turquoise color brings new depth to the design and completely changes the feel of the skort. While the lilac skort felt fun and summery, the turquoise skort feels mysterious with its ocean-like color palette.

A turquoise pleated tennis skirt.
This turquoise sport skort is striking in its color and bold in its pleated design. Image courtesy of Halara.

Creating Outfits Out of Sport Skorts

So, now we’ve discussed the versatility of sport skorts and listed some of the best skorts out there. However, we are still missing one piece of the puzzle. That piece consists of creating outfits using these sport skorts.

Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered. Follow along for some cute looks you for sure want to take inspiration from.

A Casual Look

First up, we’ve got an Instagram post from @whatslauraeating in which she is sporting a black Dona Jo tennis skort paired with a simple black long sleeved top. Accented using a subtle necklace, this is the perfect lounging-around look.

A Sporty Look

Next we’ve got a sporty look. This is incredibly common with skorts given their propensity to be worn while playing tennis or pickleball. This look below embodies a fashionable and stylish tennis look utilizing a skort.

A woman wearing a white pleated skort paired with a white sports bra and white sneakers.
A look like the one above is the perfect way to stay comfortable and chic during a day at the courts. Image courtesy of Cosmopolitan.

Explore What You Can Do With Sport Skorts

Now that you know some of the best sport skorts out there, along with some common sport skorts outfits, it is time to see what you can do with this new knowledge! Go out and purchase some skorts of your own, construct some outfits, and see what you think!

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