Golf Training Gear You'll Want for the 2022 Season

The ultimate guide to the essentials you'll need to amp up or kick start your golf game this season!

April 15, 2022

With the snow melting and cold days fading away into a distant memory, you may be looking forward to more sunny days spent on the green rolling hills of the golf course. As you brush the dust off of your golf gear and pull it out from retirement, you may find that some of your equipment has seen better days or that your golf wardrobe is totally last season. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get some golf training gear for the first time ever, you may be in desperate need of guidance on picking out the equipment and wardrobe you’ll need to get you going and improve your game. If either of these circumstances resonate with you, stick around.

Among a plethora of options, picking out golf training gear can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you stay on top of trends and find the best options so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style – you can have it all. Here are a few of the topics this guide will go over to help you upgrade (or build up) your gear this season:

  • New and improved clubs 
  • Monitors that are making it big this year
  • Shoes you need for your golf training gear 
  • Apparel that you need to get your hands on

Always make sure to enter the golf course with all of the golf training gear you need to boost your golf game. To get the look above, try out the Dona Jo JoJo Skirt/Skort in Pied. Image courtesy of Katanastrong’s Instagram

Golf Training Gear Trends You’ll Want to Hop In On 

Matte Black Crowns on Drivers

TaylorMade matte black crown stealth driver
According to Tiger Woods, this matte black driver by TaylorMade gives any golfer the ability to hit draws and hit cuts. Image courtesy of PGA

The bar has been raised as more and more golf drivers that have a matte black crown are emerging – and let us tell you, they look good. The matte black creates an ultra-premium look both on the shelf and behind the ball. Not only does the matte black crown give the driver shelf appeal, but newer models featuring this striking aesthetic choice deliver a premium level performance for when you are on the green. 

A great example is the new TaylorMade Stealth Driver which at first glance has the bold combination of a matte black crown and a red face. This club is sure to make you stand out as you hit the driving range to train or the course to perform. This club in particular helps you remain consistent in your ball flight and distance, even on a windy day. So, as you get your golf training gear ready be sure to add a matte black driver to your golf bag. 

Portable launch monitors

Portable launch monitor
Want to transform the way you practice? Get a portable golf launcher! Image courtesy of GolfPass

As you become more serious about golf, you’ll want to track the ball after it comes into contact with your club; you’ll want a launch monitor as part of your golf gear collection. If you’re not familiar with a launch monitor, what it does is gather data on distance, launch angle, location, and other statistics on how the ball is moving after impact. This information can be valuable to obtaining a direct measure of how changes in your stance, positioning, swing, etc., can impact the trajectory of the ball. 

Whether you plan on training at the range or getting in practice from home, this handy monitor works for shooting out into the open as well as into a net. The root of this most recent trend in golf gear came from golfers - like yourself - wanting portable, easy to use golf gadgets at home during the peak of the pandemic in 2020. And boy, did golf companies far and wide deliver. 

While all golf launch monitors work similarly, the accuracy and information provided can vary widely. Distinguishing the good from the bad comes down to what type of sensor is used, how many are included, and how that data is processed afterward.

An excellent and affordable option on the market for 2022 is the PRGR portable launch monitor. Coming in at around $200, the PRGR makes owning a launch monitor much more accessible for many golfers without sacrificing accuracy and consistency. If you are still newer to the sport, the amount of data offered is not overwhelming or difficult to understand. On the other hand, if you're a more experienced golfer looking to have more meaningful, swing-focused training sessions, your best bet is the Blast Golf Swing Analyser. This clever device will help you improve all elements of your swing and ball strike. 

Is it possible to look good, express yourself with style, and feel comfortable while improving your golf game and playing your best? If you’re wearing Dona Jo, the answer is yes. For fun and functional golf gear like the look above, try out the Dona Jo JoJo Skirt/Skort in Navy paired with the Dona Jo Sunshine Polo. Image courtesy of birdiesandbliss' Instagram.

Not-So-Basic Apparel Trends that Look Good While You Play Well

When it comes to golfing, you need to be prepared head-to-toe with gear that makes it easy for you to move, sweat, and walk in while feeling confident. More recently, golfing apparel is designed to look more like clothes you could wear all the time – and we fully support it! However, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll need shoes to grip the green and pivot in, clothes with breathability and flexibility, and headwear to shield your eyes and face. If you’re looking for the perfect golf outfit for 2022, look no further!


Think of the last time you slipped during your swing. Didn’t turn out so well did it? It’s simple science – golf shoes provide traction, stability, and balance. A golf swing is a unique motion, therefore, you need unique shoes. Without the right shoes, you may not get the proper contact with the ball. If you already have a pair of golf shoes but have noticed that you don’t have much traction and are off balance during your swing, it may be time for a replacement. 

So, which shoes should you be getting? In recent years, there has been a dramatic evolution of spikeless golf shoes in the golf world, making them worthy of consideration. While there has been a nearly 50/50 split in the old debate of spiked versus spikeless shoes, the spikeless shoes offer something that the spiked cannot – versatility. They’re great if you want to wear them something besides the golf course, like on the plane or in the car. Wearable on and off the course, they deliver style and functionality. 

And, we expect to be seeing a lot more of them. In years past, they would have been ridiculed by the most serious golfers for providing less grip than the best spiked golf shoes, but thanks to innovation and creativity, this newer generation of spikeless shoes delivers levels of grip and stability comparable to spiked shoes, if not better. Some of our favorite options on the market are as follows:

  • Inesis waterproof
  • Skechers Go Golf Pivot Tropics
  • Adidas EQT SL
  • Puma Ignite Fasten8
  • Puma Tustin Summer
Footjoy FJ Flex XP in mauve
Looking for a shoe you can wear on and off the course and which comes in tons of different colors? Check out Footjoy’s FJ Flex XP! Image courtesy of GolfLocker


This Dona Jo Tribe member is sporting the fun, flirty Dona Jo Shakira Skirt in White, giving her a bit of spice and flair that she can take on or off the course! For more ways to wear the Shakira skirt, check out the Dona Jo Instagram page. Image courtesy of Clairehogle’s Instagram

Despite how many sporty skirts you’ve got sitting in your closet, you may be limited to what you can actually wear on the golf course. If the particular course you plan on playing at has a stricter dress code policy for the length of your skirt, fear not, we’ve got you covered with multiple approved options:

  • The Dona Jo Skirted Legging
Dona Jo skirted legging
This one of many skirted legging options offered by Dona Jo that allows you to be comfortable, modest, and cute as you golf the day away! Click here to check out the other patterns. Image courtesy of Dona Jo
  • The Dona Jo Skirted Capri
Dona Jo skirted capri
With a little more skin showing than the skirted legging, the skirted capri is great for all different sporting activities, especially on days when it might be cooler outside. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

When wearing a skirted legging or skirted capri, not only will you look great while you have some fun in the sun, but you can ease your mind knowing that your skirt won’t ride up. This will give you the freedom to relax and move around in ways that you may otherwise have been hindered by fear of a slip up. Offering comfort, style, and practicality – what more could a girl ask for? It’s no wonder the leggings under skirt look is becoming so popular. 


Now that you’ve found the staple piece for your golf outfit – the golf skirt – you’ll need to style around it to complete your look. Sure, you could go with a classic, cotton short sleeve collared polo that goes down to your hips. But, prepare to work around sweat stains, over-heating, and chafing. You’ll have to bust out all the tricks – the towel, the sneaky body mist, and the shirt-tugging maneuver to get some air flow in the mid-region. 

Or alternatively, you could wear the riverside cropped polo. It’s a fresh trendy take on a golf polo with no sleeves and cutting off around the waist to compliment - and not hide - your skirt. Beyond the visual appeal, this shirt was made to withstand long hours, perspiration, and movement. With anti-odor fabric, four-way stretch, quick-drying material, seams constructed to prevent chafing, and an all-mesh back for breathability. was thoughtfully designed with your performance in mind. This shirt works for you, so all you need to worry about is your swing. 

In 2022, we’re seeing more flexibility than in the past with what you can wear on the course. So if you wish to stray from the traditional polo altogether and forge your own golf style, Dona Jo supports you with options like the Breathe Tank. With the signature Eco light material, this top supports you in all of your activities. The material is made to be lightweight, breathable, and stretchy to move with you everywhere you go – especially on those warmer-than-usual days! 

For all of your activities, the Breathable Tank has you covered and pairs beautifully with the Love Skirted Legging / Capri in Elysian. Image courtesy of Dona Jo

Whether you have a long history with golf or are in the early stages of beginning to love it, don’t let old or outdated equipment, gear, or apparel turn you away from a match made in heaven – you and the sport, of course. The gear we are seeing in 2022 is meant to make training a more insightful experience, hitting a ball more satisfying, and being on the course in general, more enjoyable. What you prefer to have with you when you get out in front of a ball is going to come down to personal preference, but when tee-time comes make sure you feel your most confident and comfortable self in your own skin and in your own clothes.

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