Five Best Dressy Skorts That Fit Nearly Any Occasion

Learn about five of the cutest skorts you can wear to work out in just as easily as you can wear to work!

December 23, 2022

Skorts are quickly taking over current fashion trends. Everywhere you look, you can find numerous individuals donning cute skirts while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of having comfortable shorts underneath. This combination of skirt and short is what creates the coveted skort look everyone is dying to achieve.

With the rise of sports such as pickleball, in which wearing these skorts is often the norm, we have seen an even more dramatic increase in individuals wearing these styles outside the court. One of the main reasons being the convenience of being able to wear the same thing to work out in as to work out in.

Not only are these skorts moveable enough to play sport in, they are also elegant enough to wear out and about. Skorts are just as eye-catching as they are functional, making them a truly unique piece of clothing.

Read on to learn of five of the best dressy skorts to wear anytime, anywhere!

Five Best Dressy Skorts

A woman wearing a white pleated tennis skirt paired with a graphic tea and brown purse.
Skorts can be styled several different ways depending on the look you’re going for. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Are you going out on the tennis courts with friends and looking for the perfect outfit? Maybe you’re having lunch with family but need to rush back to work afterwards. A skort may be just the perfect solution to the aforementioned fashion dilemmas.

Skorts are extremely versatile because they can be dressed up or dressed down simply depending on what you pair them with. For example, a day out on the courts may require a basic skort and tank combo.

However, let’s say you have work after this court date with friends. No problem! Just trade out your tank for a professional blouse and your tennis shoes for heels, and voila! You’re all set!

Having a stash of clothing that can be worn for working out and working at the office can be a true lifesaver. It saves the time and energy it would take to rush home and select a whole new outfit. Additionally, the convenience and style of these skorts can be a great way to motivate yourself to work out.

We have picked out the best suited dressy skorts you’re sure to love for these occasions.

JoJo Skirt/Skort (Black Polka Dot) 14.5"

The black polka dot JoJo Skirt/Skort is a signature style that can be worn for multiple different occasions. The skirt is just dressy enough to pair with a crisp white collared blouse in the office. At the same time, it is just as easy to pair with a white tee for a workout. Other times it can be worn include:

  • A dinner with friends when paired with a simple, bright top.
  • On an evening run with a cropped tank or sports bra
  • A night out on the town when matched to a fitted black top
A black skort with white polka dots.
This skort is perfect for a night out, a day in the office, or a day on the courts! Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Shakira Skirt/Skort (Black) 13.5"

The black Shakira skort is a playful piece of clothing that can add a bit of flair to any outfit. With its cute ruffles in the back, the skort has an element of youthfulness that can balance out a professional business-wear top. The playful ruffles would also compliment a workout top nicely.

While the Shakira skort has ruffles in the back, the front of the skort remains simple with smoothed out fabric. The plain front adds a layer of sophistication to the skirt, allowing it to fit right in at the workplace.

A black skort with a ruffled back.
This black ruffled skort is the perfect addition to your closet. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Spin Skirt/Skort (White Lily) 14.5"

Another great dressy skort for your wardrobe is the White Lily Spin Skort. This skort has a beautiful floral-influenced pattern. Its design would go nicely with a plain white top of nearly any style.

The floral accents in the skirt are wonderful to look at and can be dressed casually with some sneakers and a tank, or can be dressed up using a pair of black heels and a white frilly top.

Check out @haley.lives post above to see how she wears the White Lily Spin Skort with a super cute black crossed-back workout tank.

A black skirt with a white floral pattern overlay.
The White Lily Spin Skort compliments an in-the-office or an at-the-courts outfit perfectly. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Classic Skirt/Skort (Black) 19"

The classic black skort is one of the most versatile pieces on this list because its simplicity allows it to be paired with almost anything. Black skorts, such as this one, go with any color or any patterned top. This allows you endless opportunities when dressing for both work or the gym.

When paired with a long sleeve button up white blouse, It is the perfect dressy skort to wear in the office. On the other hand, pair this black skort with a fuschia tank top and you have the quintessential trendy workout outfit.  

Additionally, the extra length on this skirt even makes it appropriate for events like holidays with family.

A knee-length black skort with a bright white tank and white tennis shoes.
This longer black skort is super versatile to pair with multiple different tops and shoes. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Birdie Skirt/Skort (White) 17"

This White Birdie Skort is a great dressy skort to brighten up any outfit! Paired with a black quarter-zip, this white skort is sure to elevate your game on the court. The same can be said for the office when worn with a black, sophisticated top.

A plain white tennis skirt.
This white skort is sure to be an eye-catching addition in any setting. Image courtesy of Dona Jo.

Create Stunning Outfits For Any Occasion

With the dressy skorts featured above, you are sure to be able to put together the most spectacular outfits for work, working out, or any other occasion you can think of! If you are looking for more:

Then be sure to check out Dona Jo! They have something for everyone and you are sure to discover multiple fashion pieces in which you absolutely love.

In the meantime, don’t be scared to experiment with some of the outfit combinations we talked about. Maybe even venture out and create your own! You never know when you’ll discover your next, go-to outfit!

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