Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Plus Size Soft Leggings In 2021

Leggings So Soft, You’ll Never Want To Take Them Off

January 25, 2021
8 min read

These days, leggings are essential in any wardrobe. With all of the happenings (and non-happenings) of 2020, loungewear has become the most popular choice of outfit. When homebound, there’s no need to dress to the nines--you have no one to impress but yourself. And even if you do happen to have a work-related Zoom meeting on the books, there’s still room for comfort!

Women running

Looking for the perfect pair of jeans, your go-to dress, and even your everyday white tee can take some searching, and leggings are no exception. Like any other piece of clothing, there are leggings that’ll serve you for years and leggings that’ll last for a season, if you’re lucky. 

If you have some curves, the search for that perfect pair has some extra hurdles. Finding brands that place emphasis on providing sizing for all bodies hasn’t always been for the faint of heart. Thankfully, the state of fashion is beginning to change. Where it’s still difficult to find extended sizing when it comes to clothes for work and school, things tend to be a bit easier when it comes to active and loungewear. 

Looking to go into 2021 with comfort in the form of clothing? Look no further. Keep reading for your ultimate guide for soft plus size leggings in any context!

The Ultimate Everyday Pair

Overweight women walking with her dog
Before you do anything else, treat yourself to a pair of leggings that works no matter where you wear them. You’ll be glad to have them when in a pinch!  Image courtesy of Sam Lion via Pexels.

With all of the unpredictability that’s taken over 2020, we could all use something to rely on. What better than a trusty pair of leggings? 

Sometimes, we just can’t be bothered. But whether you’re on a video call, going for a walk, or just lounging around, a good pair of soft leggings will work for every occasion. And matter how high or low stakes, comfort should always be priority number one. To make sure you’ve found the right ones for you, make sure to look for some quality fabric and a fit that makes you feel supported. For peak versatility, we recommend investing in a soft black pair. 

Want to look put together for your next meeting? Match yours with a tailored white button-down and a pair of matching boots. Not your look? Go for an oversized sweater. 

On the flip, if you need something to match with a top you’re stumped on, go ahead and match it with your everyday pair. 

For Your Next Workout

Overweight women
Want to get your sweat on? The first step to a good workout is some quality gear. Make sure you love everything you’ve got on--it’ll make all the difference! Image courtesy of Vadym Petrochenko via iStock.

Sometimes, a good workout is all we need to feel brand new. With 2020 keeping us indoors, an extra boost of endorphins can sometimes be the only thing keeping us from descending into a stir-crazy-induced fit. 

If you’re looking to go into 2021 with some new priorities, you’re not alone. Lots of us have taken this strange time as an opportunity to make movement a part of our lives. Does that sound like you? Consider taking the new year as an incentive to get the proper gear!

A good pair of leggings can be the difference between an outfit-focused workout and a feeling-centered sweat session. For plus size women, the wrong ones could result in chafing, falling, and a general lack of support. So when looking for the right pair for you, consider something as supportive as it is cute. To get the most out of your movement, prioritize the make and model of your gear.

For a fool-proof fit, go for a high waist. For fabric that’ll stand the test of time and feel like a second skin, cotton is the way to go--bonus points if it’s made with swear-nicking technology.  Whether you do daily HIIT workouts or consider yourself a mat queen, you’ll thank yourself for finding that perfect pair.

For When You Want Your Leggings To Be As Chic As You Are

Women walking
Not sure how to make your leggings work outside the gym or the privacy of your bedroom? Take a page out of Ashley Graham’s book--this woman knows how to do this comfortable piece the right way. Image courtesy of Express Digest.

We all love a chic fashion moment. We also love to feel free to move as we please. Who says the two have to be mutually exclusive? If you want to take your leggings out on the town, you totally can--it’s all about creating the right angles and silhouettes. 

Depending on the pair you get, different looks will work. Say you’ve got the perfect smoothing pair that supports just as well. Channel your inner Ashley Graham and go with that crop top you’ve been eyeing! If it happens to be a bit cold for that wear you live, no worries. Go for a layered look with a cute cardi and your favorite pair of boots or trainers. 

And speaking of trainers, the perfect pair of leggings combined are the essential building blocks for any athleisure look. Add your favorite tee, and you’re all set.

When You Want Your Leggings To Speak For You

fat woman doing gymnastics
Want to slay your workout and your outfit? Show the world your style with a pair of leggings that are as loud as you are. Image courtesy of Pexels.

The great thing about fashion--it’s one of the best ways to tell the world who you are and how you feel without saying a word. While it is advisable for everyone to have a good set of neutrals in their arsenal, there’s also a time and place to throw caution to the wind and do you! 

Colors, prints, and cutouts are the perfect way to show yourself some love and embrace who you are. If we’re telling you something you already know, go off! But in case you need a little extra push--here it is. 

If you’re looking to go all out for your workout, try a quality set in your favorite color or print. Want to take your look out on the town? Try your hand at color blocking! Dabbling in the loud-legging look? All good. This is where neutrals come in handy. 

As the reigning chief of fashion, Anna Wintour says, “Create your own style...let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” 

The queen has spoken.

Whether your intention for this year is to get moving, slow down, or express yourself, we love to hear it. The most important thing to carry into 2021 is yourself. We know making it here hasn’t been easy, so while you’re at it, take something clothing that’s sure to make you feel comfortable and secure. And for that, soft leggings are a great choice! For home and for venturing out, prints or solids, we only ask that you set your standards where they should be. So go on and go shopping for the pair you can wear anywhere you please. You’ll be happy you did!

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