Workout Right In These Cute Dona Jo Workout (Mini) Skirts

There’s no limit to looking this good while working out.

April 15, 2021
8 min read

Go from fabulous and fit, to flirty and confident in one of these cute mini skirts. If you are heading straight from the office to the gym, you will not have to worry about changing your clothes to workout. We know the struggle is real to find the best mini skirt that not only fits your style, but also one that looks flattering and accentuates your best features. And plus, you look like a confident woman before and after your workout.

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Check out these seven gorgeous styles below to find the best fit and style for your next workout.

Navy Ultimate Skirt

Okay, not only is this skirt ready to be your go-to from day to night, it’ll also become your next favorite.

Get the best, and most adorable, styles from Dona Jo.

    Price: $68 + Shipping: FREE + Sizes: Size 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20)

Come and find your best style and fit with the Ultimate Skirt, in the color navy. This skirt comes with a nicely made light-weighted stretch material that is so breathable, you will forget you’re even wearing a skirt. Lucky bonus: there is a small hidden key pocket for easy storage of your phone and other small things.

Sizing is 1-3, equivalent to a size XS to an XXL.

Bloom High Rise Side Pocket Pleated Skirt by Halara

Feel cute and sporty all day, and decide on posting photos to your Instagram later with this adorable pleated skirt from Halara.

    Price: $34.95 + Free Shipping on orders over $49 + Sizes: XS-L

Even if you aren’t looking for an excuse to look cute while working out, this skirt will surely give the intention of looking confident while walking on the treadmill or lifting weights. Get in the ready with this adorable pleated skirt from Halara.

This pleated skirt comes in eight different colors as well as four different sizes. This skirt is a comfortable and casual fit that is easy to even dress up or down. An added bonus: it comes with an inside pocket.

Dona Jo Artsy Ultimate Skirt

For you, or the artsy friend in your life.

Keep your personality loud and proud with the Artsy Ultimate Skirt from Dona Jo.

    Price: $65 + Shipping: FREE + Sizes: 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20)

Tell your friends that you have found the ultimate skirt today. This artsy ultimate skirt will be the talk of the gym, with its easy access to your phone and other smaller things, to having the best workouts this year.

This skirt comes with a light-weighted material that is breathable as well form-fitting. In case you need extra coverage, there is a mid-rise wide waistband that helps with expanding coverage while wearing the skirt. The sizing for this skirt comes in Size 1, which translates to XS-M, a size 2, a M-L, and size 3, an XL-XXL.

Women’s 2 in 1 Athletic Skort Running Skirt by Light in the Box

If you are looking for a little more coverage, like shorts, this skort will be perfect from Light in the Box.

    Price: $13.64 + Shipping: $6.10-$21.27 + Sizes: S-XL

Even if you are only going to be walking around the track at your school or a local park, this mini skort is the perfect pairing for your next workout. It’s fun, casual, and on sale! Originally $37.78 at Light in the Box, the skort is built with a stretchy material that will allow your skin to breathe, as well as fight off that unwanted sweat.

The skort comes in three separate colors and four different sizes. Sizes available are Small to XL.

Dona Jo Black Birdie ECO Skirt

Get a style that not only boosts your confidence while working out, but also helps save the earth.

Unclear your mind with this simple, and flexible, mini skirt from Dona Jo.

    Price: $68 + Shipping: FREE + Sizes: Size 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20)

You won’t want to miss this fun, confident, and eco-friendly mini skirt. Not only will it protect you from harmful UV rays, but it will take you to the most intense workouts of your life. Even if you are wearing it to look fashionable, it is still a perfect skirt for tennis and golf players, or those who enjoy intense workouts.

This mini-skirt comes packed with eco-friendly lightweight material, embellished with flat seams for comfort. There is an outside pocket for easy storage of keys, a golf tee, or other small essentials. There are additional deeper pockets on the interior.

Sizes for the Black Birdie ECO Skirt are Size 1, a XS-M, Size 2, a M-L, and Size 3, an XL-XXL.

Contrast Tape Bodycon Mini Skirt

Get lost in the music with this contrasting bodycon mini skirt from Shein.

    Price: $9.00 + Shipping: Free over $49 + Sizes: XS-L

You won’t need a dance floor to show this skirt off. All you need is your workout equipment, an attitude, and your fitness goals for the week. You will love this mini skirt, as it can also be worn at night as well.

This dress is made with a mix blend fabric of polyester, cotton, and spandex. There is not much flexibility to the material, but is perfect for those who are looking for a more casual workout look. The skirt comes in sizes Small to XL.

Dona Jo Flirty ECO Cheetah Print Skirt

Yes, even you can look good while walking on the treadmill.

Be the envy of the gym with this cute and flirty cheetah print skirt from Dona Jo.

    Price: $65 + Shipping: FREE + Sizes: Size 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20)

Who knew that walking on a treadmill in this cute eco-friendly cheetah print mini skirt would be the equivalent of walking Fashion Week’s runway, workout edition? Even you can be the envy of the gym in this easy to breathe-in material mini skirt. 

This mini skirt is not only perfect from day to night, but it comes with the ultimate protection from UV rays, especially if you are a runner or tennis player. Sizes are: Size 1, (XS-M), Size 2 (M-L) Size 3, (XL-XXL).

Dona Jo Flirty Artsy ECO Skirt

Another gorgeous skirt that is perfect for all things sports from Dona Jo.

    Price: $65 + Shipping: FREE + Sizes: Size 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20)

Honey, you have found the skirt of your dreams! Coming in different sizes, ranging from XS to XXL, you will find that this gorgeous mini skirt is perfect for just about any sport. With lightweight material, it comes paired with a waistband with extra coverage and interior side pockets for easy storage of your phone and other small essentials.

This skirt is perfect for day to night, and pairs perfect with a bralette for an easy night-out outfit. Sizes include: Size 1 (XS-M), Size 2 (M-L), Size 3 (XL-XXL).

Dona Jo JoJo Skirt 2.0 in Selva

Here’s to the ultimate going out and active skirt to keep you going all day and night long from Dona Jo.

    Price: $62.50 + Shipping: FREE + Sizes: Size 1, (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20)

This multi-colored cheetah skirt is the ultimate one that will keep your confidence afloat while working out, and even going out with friends. With an easy to use interior pocket for safe storage, you won’t need to do much else to get yourself ready to look good while working out.

This skirt is made with easy and flexible lightweight 5-way material that expands with your waistline. This skirt comes in three different sizes. Sizes range from, Size 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), and Size 3 (16-20). You won’t want to miss your chance at snagging this gorgeous skirt.

Pace Rival Mid Rise Skirt by LuluLemon

Don’t ever let money be an issue to help yourself stay active. Invest in a good quality mini skirt from LuluLemon.

    Price: $68 + Shipping: Free + Sizes: 0-14

Not only are we obsessed with the color choices for this skirt, but we also like the style and are so thrilled to talk a little bit about the material it is made out of. This skirt is the perfect companion for your next hiking trip. Take the world by storm in this adorable skirt that can be worn anytime of day.

The skirt is made with a swift lightweight material that is both breathable and comfortable to wear. There are also deep interior pockets, and the skirt comes in sizes 0-14, XS-XL.  

Dona Jo JoJo Cheetah Print ECO Skirt

Come out in style with this gorgeous, and an easy confidence booster, mini skirt.

You won’t want to miss strutting your confidence on the workout floor, or even the dance floor, in this gorgeous cheetah print skirt from Dona Jo.

    Price: $65 + Shipping: FREE + Sizes: Size 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20)

Fall right into a gorgeous workout look with the JoJo 2.0 Cheetah Printed Eco Friendly Skirt from Dona Jo. You won’t want to miss the comfortable fit from the lightweight 5-way stretch material that it’s made from. It also comes with pockets for easy storage -- one on the outside, and two on the inside.

The skirt will protect you from UV Rays while out running or playing tennis, and also comes in three different sizes. Size 1 (0-8), Size 2 (10-14), Size 3 (16-20).

Find your best styled mini skirt for your workout routine, and one that is preferably easy to wear and shift into the night. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity of strutting your next treadmill walk with one of these seven amazing mini skirts. Get your workout on right, and with confidence, with one of these easy to wear and style Dona Jo mini skirts.

All sizes vary, and prices are fantastic, did we also mention you get free shipping on your order? Get to shopping for your next workout mini skirt!

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