How to Style Floral Print Leggings to Stand Out From the Crowd

Do you want to get more floral print leggings, but not sure how to style them? Have no fear, because we’re here to help you find the best ones around!

January 28, 2021
8 min read

Styling leggings can be difficult, especially if you’re deciding to go with funky colors, patterns, and so much more. From having difficulty styling them properly with color coordination, or even just not going too drastic with the amount of patterns you have going on, it can be stressful. Fashion is a stressful thing at that, and one thing that you shouldn’t do is let how you dress your leggings stress you out. 

Women wearing floral print regging
Main image courtesy of DHGate.

Floral print leggings are in and have been in for many years now. They offer unique floral patterns, colors, and so much more, and they definitely make a statement whenever you wear them out and about. Whether you’re looking for the best floral leggings to wear while lounging around the house, running errands, or even something to wear while working out, make sure you stay tuned for the best floral leggings and how to wear them!

Floral Leggings for Everyday Wear

Leggings are something that are easy to wear no matter what you’re doing. Running errands, cleaning the house, or even just having a day off from doing anything at all, leggings can be some of the most comfortable things to wear. We know that even if you are home that you still want to look good, so what about floral leggings? The question is though, how can you dress them? Check out these great everyday wear leggings with unique floral patterns!

Dona Jo’s Digiflow Lite Leggings

Dona Jo Lite Leggings Collection

Floral print regging
Check out Dona Jo’s Digiflow Lite Leggings today for a unique and colorful floral pattern that you can pair with anything! Image courtesy of Dona Jo. 

If you’re looking for some ultra light leggings with just the right amount of coverage, then you need to get the Dona Jo Digiflow Lite Leggings today! These Digiflow leggings feature a unique floral pattern full of blues, purples, oranges, greens, and so much more that provide so many different ways to customize your look to make it totally unique to you.

These leggings are made from a five-way stretch material to provide the ultimate comfort and breathability that you want in leggings with quick dry fabric and 50+ UV protection. We think that you should customize these leggings and wear brightly colored tops with them, or even neutral colors, such as white or black to make the leggings pop and stand out more. Why not get a pair of Dona Jo Digiflow Lite Leggings today!

Dona Jo Fern/Black Jojo Crop ECO Leggings

Jojo Crop ECO Leggings Collection

Floral print regging
Get comfy with these Dona Jo Jojo Crop ECO Leggings that provide multiple ways to style them today! Image courtesy of Dona Jo. 

We know you probably want something that isn’t super in-your-face when it comes to floral print leggings. If that’s the case, then you need to try out these Dona Jo Jojo Crop ECO Leggings today for their unique pink and black fern print that also adds some solid black in there to make them not as floral-y. Not only would these leggings be comfortable for everyday wear, but they would also be perfect because when you’re on the go, you have a back pocket to store your phone right in the waistband!

Since there is a lot of black in these leggings, wearing all neutral colors, whether it be black, gray, or white would be perfect to pair to make the ultimate outfit. These leggings feature a mid-rise waistband and are even made with Dona Jo’s sustainable Eco Soul Light five-way stretch material for the best form-fitting leggings you’ll ever have. Purchase a pair of Dona Jo’s Jojo Crop ECO Leggings today!

The Best Floral Leggings For the Active Woman

There’s nothing wrong with being stylish and fashionable while at the gym. Sometimes trying to wear color-coordinating outfits, or even brand new leggings can boost our self-confidence, which is one of the best feelings in the world! Floral patterned leggings are perfect for any occasion, which means they are perfect for working out in! If you’re looking for the best leggings to wear while working out, have no fear, because we’re here to save the day!

Stronger’s Tribeca Tights

La Belle Epoque Collection

Floral print regging
If you’re working out, why not get Stronger’s Tribeca Tights that feature an elegant and beautiful floral pattern for workout leggings! Image courtesy of Stronger. 

Are you looking for some leggings that look strong and elegant on the outside, and on the inside they make you feel beautiful? Well, if this is how you want to feel, then you need to purchase a pair of Stronger’s Tribeca Tights from their La Belle Epoque Collection today! These leggings come in many different patterns, but their floral pattern has to be the best because they are beautiful leggings that can easily be paired with other black, navy blue, pink, or white tops!

The Tribeca Tights feature Stronger’s signature stripes on the left pant leg, along with an elastic waist to prevent them from falling down, a flexible, quick-drying fabric, and a four-way stretch material. These leggings are super comfortable to wear, and they are very cute as well. They will make you look stunning at the gym, or even running, so pick up a pair today!

RBX’s Midnight Floral Ultra Hold Legging

Floral print regging
There’s nothing better than pockets right? Of course! Get RBX’s Midnight floral Ultra Hold Legging today! Image courtesy of RBX. 

We know what is in nowadays, and that is side pockets with leggings! Everyone is dying to get a pair of RBX’s Midnight Floral Ultra Hold Leggings not only because of their awesome side pockets, but also for their unique purple and blue floral pattern that is perfect to wear to the gym. These leggings are perfect while working out at the gym because you can put your phone or keys right in the pockets, and they also make a fashion statement as well.

RBX’s Midnight Floral Ultra Hold Leggings provide the ultimate protection when it comes to doing any kind of physical activity that involves bending, squatting, stretching, and just moving around in general. These leggings also feature a fast-drying material when you’re excessively working out at the gym too. Pair these leggings with a black, white, purple, or blue top and get the RBX Midnight Floral Ultra Hold Leggings today!

Unique Floral Patterns For Any Occasion

Sometimes you just want something different, and that’s totally understandable. Sometimes a floral pattern can consist of ferns, or a mixture of flowers and other patterns, and so much more to make the leggings unique and more you, if you’re not so into the floral patterns. While there are lots of floral leggings that you can easily style for any occasion, here are some other unique pairs of floral leggings that we found to wear whenever and wherever!

Net-A-Porter Beach Riot Leggings

Piper Printed Stretch Leggings Collection

Floral print regging
Ferns are close to floral right? Why not get the Net-A-Porter Beach Riot Leggings today! Image courtesy of Net-A-Porter. 

Ferns can be considered floral, right? Well, we think so, and with that being said, we think that you have to get these Net-A-Porter Beach Riot Leggings today! The Net-A-Porter Beach Riot Leggings are perfect to wear for everyday looks, and they’re even great to workout in, based on high-rise waistband and stretchy fabric.

The Net-A-Porter Beach Riot Leggings go very well with light colored tops and shoes. From white, light pink, or even dark green to match the ferns, these leggings are great to match almost anything with. The secret thing is, their multicolored stretch-polyester material is what makes them comfortable and very breathable to wear, to the point where you will want to live in them! Make sure to get a pair of the Net-A-Porter Beach Riot Leggings today!

Tree Tribe Cherry Blossom Leggings

Floral print regging
Get these beautiful cherry blossom leggings made by Tree Tribe to really make a statement with your leggings! Image courtesy of Tree Tribe.

Do you want leggings that make the ultimate fashion statement? If you’re looking for a gorgeous pair of leggings that go perfectly with a pink, white, black, or even brown top and shoes, then you need to get the Tree Tribe Cherry Blossom Leggings! These leggings are made right in the United States and they are also made from quality fabric from upcycled polyester for a comfortable fit.

Another great reason why you need to get these leggings is because every purchase that you make through Tree Tribe, a new tree is planted to help save the earth. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t purchase these leggings because they make you look super fashionable and stylish, but they also help to save the planet, and there’s no better reason than that to support them with your purchase. Make sure to buy a pair of Tree Tribe’s Cherry Blossom Leggings today!

Finding the best pair of floral leggings can be a definite struggle, especially the kinds that would be easiest to style. We know that you want to find the best floral leggings possible and with the list we created, we feel that you can find the pair that works best for you! 

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