How to sneak leggings into your professional wear

So you can pack a little extra comfort into your day.

January 14, 2021
8 min read

When you think of business clothes what comes first to mind? Suits, blazers, khakis, dress pants, and even hosiery? While this is currently the standard in work outfits, a new trend is on the rise which is wearing leggings. This may astonish some, but for others it makes complete sense since leggings have worked their way into everyone’s heart as being the ultimate source of comfort-- but unfortunately leggings haven’t taken the business world by storm quite yet. That does not mean they cannot, it just takes a little know how to work the style! With just a few tricks up your sleeves you can fit leggings into your work clothes rotation in no time. 

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Get a quality fabric

The kind of fabric can make or break how you wear your leggings to work! 

Invest in a sturdy set of leggings. Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong getting a deal on a nice pair of leggings, there are a few problems with wearing non-quality fabrics to work. One is that the cheaper leggings tend to lose their shape faster, losing the sleek element of businessware. Another factor that comes into play with cheaper level leggings is the issue of transparency. Sometimes when stretched a little to fit around the waist or hit in certain light you can see your undergarments. This certainly is not ideal when trying to look professional. 

Plus when you get yourself a sturdier fabric for your leggings the wear and tear tends to be less. This means you can wear them for longer periods of time without having to worry about fabric strings coming undone and popping out. Again there is 100% nothing wrong with wearing those leggings in your spare time. It’s just not professional at work. 

Beware of color and pattern

The safest color option to go into work is the classic black! A little splash of color is fine, but it can get tricky the crazier you get with the color options. However, if you want to stray from the simplicity of black here are a few recommended colors: white, navy blue, dark brown, beige, gray, light brown, and earthy shades of green. These colors will help give you a bold and classy look for the office! 

Diving into patterns is even trickier. Normally it’s best to stick to solid colors, but if you are bold enough to trudge the path for everyone else try out these basic patterns. Remember it works better if the pattern color scheme first the aforementioned colors. 

  • A simple plaid- for the plaid look make sure the lines aren’t too thick and bulky. Thinner will make the design more elegant. 
  • Knit leggings- they are like little sweaters, but for your legs! Worn with the right top will be absolutely gorgeous. 
  • A tasteful two tone blend- A subtle two tone blend will be a great way to spice up your wardrobe. 

The loose shirt and legging combo 

Leggings tend to hug our curves which normally one of the many pros of leggings, but in the workplace it’s better to keep things more professional. A nice loose top is a great trick to help keep everything work friendly. Something like an oversized cardigan, a longer button down shirt, a big cozy sweater, or anything that will help keep you covered. Be sure that the oversized shirt goes down to at least mid thigh to conceal your figure.  Besides all the extra room will only add to the comfort of rockin your leggings to work! 


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Since leggings aren’t considered to be at the peak of the professional clothing game try upping your dresswear! A tasteful belt or a well placed broach could make the world of difference in your appearances. If you are lacking inspiration you can draw from a few of these suggestions

  • Scarfs- perfect to stay warm on a chilly day.
  • Shawls- honestly they are underrated. Nothing says sophisticated and beautiful quite like a shawl. Gives an extra bit of warmth if your office is a little cold.
  • Jewelry- A necklace, a ring, and maybe even a simple pair of earrings can add a touch of class to any outfit 
  • A purse- carrying around the right kind of clutch or or strappy bag can really pull together an outfit. 

Wear a jacket

Another way to keep it classy while wearing leggings to work is putting a tasteful jacket. A jacket is easy to accessorize and help cover up the accentuated curves! A beautiful top coat or a gorgeous linen jacket will work wonders in upping your professionalism while wearing leggings to work. Not to mention layering is in and it’ll keep you cozy in the winter time.

Consider a dress or a skirt 

Another way to say professionally dressed is by wearing something over the leggings like skirts and dresses. This is perhaps the smartest way to wear leggings, because it covers up your silhouette. This will help keep your outfit work focused and add an extra flare to your fashion. Dresses will work seamlessly with leggings. Not to mention skirts will add a certain flare to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to rock a little more color with your dress, because in this instance leggings are akin to tights.

Be shoe focused

Pairing your leggings with the right shoe is the perfect way to elevate your leggings to work outfit! 

Although the ambience factor does not need to stop there try elevating your look with shoes! Either a sleek pair of heels or some simple black flats will help elevate your work look. Both are  great options, but what really takes leggings up a notch is a great superfluous pair of boots. Leggings tuck into the boot seamlessly making the look effortless. Additionally, it beats trying to struggle it out with fragile hosiery into your boot or for the less fashion inclined something radical like putting a dress pants in boots, yikes!

Reasons to wear leggings to work over the traditional style

If we haven’t convinced you yet, these are the top  three reasons to put on a pair of leggings to work.

One, the comfort is unmatched. There is a reason people workout in leggings. They are cozy, flexible, and are made with a soft fabric. Your range of motion will no longer be limited by zippers, buttons, and the inflexible seems in other garments. Seriously! Listen to a friend's testimonial if you are a jean loving skeptic about the power of leggings.

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Two, if you wear leggings to work it’s easier to transition from work clothes to party clothes or your street clothes. If you and some friends or a date are meeting up after work you just slip off the shirt or dress and pop on a different top. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Also if you had a long day at work you can just throw on a big shirt when you get home and pass out for bed. No muss, no fuss.

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Three, leggings are stylish. There is a reason that leggings have been on trend since they came about! Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get them in every size, color, pattern, and price. Thankfully the manufacturing process has given leggings to the masses for a purpose other than making the big bucks. 

So there you have it how and why to wear leggings to work! Take a walk on the wild side and put them into your work clothing rotation. You might be surprised how the quality of your outfits go up.